Ready For Duty

Good morning!

This is Pirouette, a new recruit to the NPIA, and I am prepared to report now for active duty, volunteering for whichever work is currently deemed appropriate for my station.
I will be working alone today, without the assistance of my operator, however I am, nevertheless, capable of taking good care of myself if need be.

-Pirouette, Internal Affairs

Great to hear from you so soon. There's always work for someone with a get-up and get-em attitude like that.

In this case, I'd like you to join me in wrapping up an internal investigation in the department. Some of our fellas in public outreach seem to be handing out unsanctioned missions for the department, so we're cracking down on that. This kind of thing normally requires two, so we're up, newbie! Let me know if you're available to help me out.

Of course,

Send me the details and I shall attend at once.
Sure thing! Tossing some coordinates your way. I'll put on some coffee and we'll hash out the final details. Of course, the couple of us will be compensated for our work like always, but this one's practically a freebie. Easy work doesn't have to be boring, though... You'll get it when I run through it.


[Topic to open shortly in NetPolice HQ.]
Pirouette, thank you for your assistance. There isn't much to say in closeout, but in summary: I'll be recommending Late for the promotion. She's requested some time off, which I'll be granting... Ordinarily, that'd be a bold request in the face of a promotion review, but under the circumstances, it's understandable. I'll be picking up the deficit myself until she's back. TrailingMan will remain in our custody for further questioning.


(Pirouette GET:
12 Faction Points
19 Late FXP
2 WedgeMan FXP
3 TrailingMan FXP
2 Syne FXP)
Good Morning!

This is Pirouette, reporting for more duties. My operator will be to hand in cases of need, but will not be available to travel to locations.

-Pirouette, Internal Affairs.
Officer Pirouette-

It is good to hear from you again. You've demonstrated shrewdness as an agent of Internal Affairs before and I have another issue that seems to be a perfect fit for your prudent nature.

One of our Internal Affairs offers, named Disappearance, was pulled by NightMan, a senior member of the Investigations department, to handle the interrogation of one AppraisalMan. From what she has told me, the mission is of a confidential nature, but I can tell you that at the very least, the man is suspected of bankrolling many Mafia operations. According to her, however, the interrogation has taken weeks already with all-day visits and little progress.

At some point, she seemed to fear for her safety, so I permitted Officer HoundMan to accompany her. The situation has not improved, however... or I assume it hasn't, considering both remain on the same assignment and AppraisalMan remains in holding.

I can't second guess NightMan on this and from what I hear, Disappearance's direct superior, Bank, has been very strict that she not go around him- even having notified me could be seen as a breach of proper channels. My hands are tied, as far as clearing up the whole affair. I am, however, permitted to assign further personnel to the issue who will report directly to me. I'd like you to handle the investigation.

Let me be clear: the current situation is at minimum a huge waste of department resources, but at worst, it could also involve Mafia involvement and personal danger. Please execute caution.

If you're wondering if you can speak to NightMan directly, it would seem not; his out of office is on. I won't be able to join you either. That said, Disappearance and HoundMan will give you a full briefing as well as recommending options when you jack in. You will not be "in command" in an official sense, but I still trust you to take the reins on this situation. HoundMan is an officer with proven loyalty and Disappearance, while more used to the financial side of things, has been a model employee for Internal Affairs. I don't suspect you'll have any issues dealing with their particular quirks, given the abilities you demonstrated in your earlier officer review.

This is quite acceptable. Let me know where I must be and I will ensure the matter is resolved more efficiently.
Officer Pirouette-

Thank you for taking on this mission. Please report to the holding cell at the attached link. I'll leave the rest of the briefing to those more in the know. With any luck, you'll quickly sort out the bottleneck here and return these two officers to productive service. When you've finished, you may either contact me again for your reward, or ask for it to be transferred through Disappearance, whichever is easier for you.


*Coordinates.DAT attached*

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