"Look over there!" SoccerGirl exclaimed. She had been running all the way from where she left LightningMan behind and entered a completely different section of ACDCNet, so far from before she couldn't even see anything remotely similar. She pointed into the distance where she spotted an open field, the type of location ideal for constructing a building. But then she realized she was pointing forwards with the hand she had grabbed LightningMan with. "Ehm..."

"You left him behind," Micaella commented, not wanting to stop her Navi's sugar rush.

The Navi looked over her shoulder before turning around. "Oh no, did I drop him!?" she exclaimed and started to run back.

"You didn't even grab him," Micaella said and sighed. But it was OK like this, SoccerGirl had to learn to fight by herself anyway. Although it was a strange idea as a soccer team never consisted of just 1 person.

SoccerGirl stopped and looked around, but there was really no sight of LightningMan anywhere. "OK, so..." she started, still looking around, "Where do I go?" At that question she looked back at the location she pointed at and got a bright idea. "If I keep looking for these locations... Maybe I'll encounter him again!" she remarked brightly. She raised her hand in a beckoning motion while running at the open field she had discovered. "Come on, Mike!"

Micaella shrugged. "At least you're delightfully active," she said and turned to look at the soccer match still going on in the real world while SoccerGirl was continuing her trip.

Requesting Battle 1
Having outstripped her previous busting companion with an excessive amount of adrenalin-fuelled enthusiasm, SoccerGirl found herself in an unrelated part of the ACDC net. The large, open field was ringed on two sides by quaint trees, and continued on for quite a distance to the right.

As she rushed in to explore, there was a rustle in the grass, and four multi-segmented cacti rose up to look at her, swaying from side to side slowly. With a sudden flick one of them sent its head rolling towards her across the ground, but it didn't quite reach her before retracting back suddenly to rest back atop its body.

-=Park Plants=-

CactyA: 70Hp [Grass]
CactyB: 70Hp [Grass]
CactyC: 70Hp [Grass]
CactyD: 70Hp [Grass]

Cacty form a rough, broad arc in front of SG, and are about a movement away.

-=Soccer Enthusiasts=-

SoccerGirl: 100Hp [Grass]


100% Grass

Battle 1, Start!