Virus Cleaning: Internet

As Condor jacked in, the link.dat guided him to the infected storage drive. However, his arival beam was a little bit odd this time around: Two small beams extenened from the main beam.

Condor spoke. "I'm in." Then as he looked around, he said: "But where is.....uh..Rayner?

"He's not here yet. Well, lets wait!"

(Just waiting on Sketi. And can Navis unleash combo attacks?)
Electricity crackled across the ground to a particular spot not too far from Condor. Oddly enough, it almost seemed to be dragging patches of shadow with it. Bit by bit the clump of electricity and shadows grew larger. Luckily this happened at a rather quick pace for Condor, and Rayner was soon shaking off the clinging bits of shadow as if it were patches of dust. He took careful care with the ruff of fur around his neck, grumbling all the while. A little pop-up window appeared next to his shoulder and then abruptly disappeared as Joan quickly set her video sharing to off. Rayner chuckled at that, and then glanced up and around.

"Ah, hello there!" He gave a very robotic and slightly creaky wave with his right arm, the eyes on his mask closing for a moment into happy arches. "I'm Rayner, I'm guessing you must be Condor." He seemed to look over the other Navi for a moment, tapping a foot on the ground. "I have to say the feathers are a nice touch. They look awfully soft..."

"Ahem." Joan cleared her throat rather loudly and caused Rayner to straighten up. His mask gave the distinct impression of eye rolling as Joan continued to talk. "Please excuse Rayner's behavior. He has a ...preoccupation with studying other Navis' designs lately." Rayner sighed and waved his good arm in the air.

"Alright alright, no need to get into that topic right now." He sounded just a bit peeved at where the topic had been heading. "I'm looking forward to kicking some viruses into next week with you. Any sign of our employer yet?" He held shaded his mask and proceeded to peer about the area in hopes of spotting some sign of either the person they were contacting or more about the mission itself.

Condor was a bit surprised at Rayner's entrance, but quickly regained his edge.

"Well, that was a flashy entrance. And yes, I am Condor. Pleased to meet you."

"And I'm Matt, his Netop! Nice to meet both of you!"

When Rayner asked if they had seen their employer, Condor responded.
"No, I have not heard from our employer yet."

Matt, on the other hand, was thinking about Rayner. The Netnavi had a personality that contradicted his looks. He was also an Elec type Netnavi, which might be a problem.
The thought disturbed him,but only a little bit.


Wait, who is the mod for this one?
[Lurch created the mission post that you accepted. So Lurch will conduct the mission. This message will self-delete when the mission starts.]
((Apologies for the delay, having way too much fun in Vegas))

The homepage was rather... plain, with a handful of links to other areas of the net scattered about. The two Navis logged in without issue, and appeared to be alone. They asked about their employer, as Pyre.EXE appeared to be absent. As if on cue, a smoothly feminine voice emanated behind the Navis, "Condor and Rayner, I presume?" The origin of the voice slowly became apparent as a Navi came into view. Her flowing robes became less and less transparent, revealing their standard pale blue and magenta cloth. The Navi's long sleeves reached up to her head, pulling away a rapidly disappearing hood and revealing her long, slightly wavy silvery blonde hair. Most of her pale skin was covered, as well as the left half of her face completely covered by her bangs. She appeared to be in her mid to late 20s, with a thin, although quite feminine body. It wasn't entirely apparent how tall she truly was, as she was floating a good half foot above the ground.

The Navi smiled as she glanced over at the two Navis with her single exposed emerald colored eye. She bowed politely as she introduced herself, "I'm Pyre.EXE, it's a pleasure to meet you both."
(You are in Vegas!? OH MA GIBLETS!)

"It is a pleasure to meet you as well, Miss Prye.EXE. We will clean up your Virus problem."

"My Navi is a bit short on words, Ok? Anyway, I'm his operator, Matt. Pleased to meet you too!"

"Matt, why would you say that?!"

"Well, that's the truth!"
Joan thought she heard a quiet, admiring whistle come from under Rayner's mask. Her eyes narrowed but she kept quiet. No point drawing attention to it from the others who were currently introducing themselves. She decided to be quiet and let him do the talking.

"I am Rayner.EXE! My oh-so quiet operator is Joan. It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Pyre." Rayner tipped his skull head in the mission giver's direction. "That was an excellent entrance! Very well done." Joan sighed and put a hand on her face. Apparently that was all he had been whistling about it. She frowned, considering a moment. Did Navigators even care about relationships...?

While Joan was contemplating AI Love, Rayner was continuing to speak. "So where did you want us to start with the virus busting? I don't see any around at the moment."

(Enjoy Vegas, beware pricey drinks.)
The pair introduced themselves and their NetOps, prompting a polite smile from the previously unseen Navi. Before she responded, a window opened next to her, revealing a woman in what appeared to be her late 20s with slightly curled almond brown hair, and very pale blue, almost gray eyes behind a pair of plain rectangular glasses. Her expression appeared noticeably colder than her Navi, maybe she was still annoyed with the breach? "This is my NetOp, Joanna Grímsson," the Navi said, gesturing towards the window with one hand.

["Nice to meet you all. We managed to isolate the infection to the drive, which is linked just behind Pyre. You should be able to access it without allowing additional viruses in or out,"] Joanna responded calmly. That explained the general lack of viral activity, and it made sense to meet up in a "safe" area, as opposed to the center of an infected data space. Pyre spoke up again, giving further details of their mission. "There should only be a few pockets of viral infection left, they tend to gather in groups, which should make it easier for us to find them. The drive isn't very large, otherwise this would be too much of an undertaking even for the three of us. Are you all ready to go?"

Joanna's window closed and disappeared as Pyre gestured over towards a link pad. She floated over towards it, prompting the link to light up, activating and priming itself for transfer. She floated over the link as a long, dark brown spear began to materialize in her right hand, tipped with a silver diamond-shaped spearhead. She then disappeared in a flash of white light, logging into the infected drive.

((For non battle interaction, Condor earns 2FXP (Rayner) and 1FXP (Pyre); Rayner earns 2FXP (Condor) and 2FXP (Pyre).))