Mission: Climate Change

In the far corner of the ACDC network, gray clouds loom over the area as its ready to pour down some rains and lightning down at any moment. But no more than 100 yards forward through the clouds, sun is shining brighter than it ever did, almost to the point that its scorching the grounds with the heat. The strange weather patterns are constantly changing from one extreme to the other and not a single navi is in sight, not risking to enter this chaotic land...
A dark grey beam of light, surrounded by a wind vortex fell from the sky onto the net's surface. Upon impact, the twister expanded and vanished, revealing Nimbus, levitating an inch above the ground in her Boosters.

She had landed in the section with the grey clouds, naturally. After all, she tended to teleport to areas stormier than the surrounding area. The stormier the better. She was used to it - no, she enjoyed it thoroughly. While at first it seemed to have been just programming, it eventually became quite real. Clouds, rain, it didn't matter. Given a choice, she'd probably just leave the clouds be and work on the oppressive heat.

She looked up at the clouds as Noah analyzed the data. "Could be a virus, if so, it's probably an Aqua-type causing those clouds up there."

"Yeah, either that or someone messed up this area's weather system. If that's the case, it shouldn't be too hard to fix. It'd likely just need a good smack."


"Oh come on, most weather control systems are virtually indestructible. It'd take more than one Navi to break one, and half the viruses in this area."

"All right, all right. Be on the look out, though. We don't know what's out there yet. Keep analyzing."

"Selvfølgelig." She started float/walking about, staying under the clouds for now. They were producing a lot of data, after all, data that would likely be useful.
As Nimbus floated towards the area covered by clouds, an unknown figure was standing before her...No, actually, this one was floating as well.

"Greetings!" It suddenly welcomed the navi with a cheerful voice. Upon closer inspection, it was nothing more than a simple Mr. Prog with its signature smile always on its face. "You must be Nimbus.EXE. I've been assigned to aid you with your mission by the G.N.A., so lets do our best!" The green being continued on while hopping up and down in excitement. "Before we continue on with the investigation, please make sure to install the WtherVne NaviCust Program that was provided to you!" Mr. Prog rambled on as if it was some tour guide, and it even went far as to lead the way into the cloud-filled area without the navi's protection.

"Let us find out who's behind all this! Lets go!"
Nimbus huffed audibly. Wonderful. A Prog. I'm going to have to babysit this thing all day, aren't I? Or did they suddenly make Progs capable of self-defense?

"Of course. Let's go."
She started floating after the Prog, catching up to him fairly easily. Progs were really slow. Like, unbearably slow. She then remembered that she had forgot to install WthrVne. So, coincidentally, did Noah.

"Oh, right. The NaviCust." He loaded it into Nimbus's programming. There was no external changes to her appearance, just a flash of light expanding from her, which didn't travel very far.

"Feel anything different, Nimbus?" The navi didn't move for a few seconds. She then made a strange face and sneezed. "Gesundheit. Other than that, feeling anything different?"

"A little. I think my sensors got a boost." She looked around, apparently having detected something. "This way!"
Nimbus and the jolly Mr. Prog decided to head towards the clouded area without thinking twice about the possible outcome entering such an unstable part of the network. And as one would've guessed, the clouds broke into raining cats and dog complete with lightning and thunder as soon as the two got under. The sunny area ahead of them kept on shining brightly, as if it was a completely different world of its own...But suddenly, one half of the area suddenly turned darker, as if someone simply turned the lights off, and thick mists enveloped the area in an instant! "J-Jeepers!" Mr. Prog shouted as it jumped up and down. "The weather is changing much more drastically than I thought! We really need to sort this thing out!" The brave critter rushed forward once more, only to be stopped by a lightning strike that missed by an inch. "Ahh!" It quickly ran to hide behind Nimbus, and it had every reason to do so when the source of the lightning was from a virus!

A dark, gray Cloudy virus loomed just over Nimbus while carrying a pair of Twisty viruses on top of it. While they may be lacking in numbers, the viruses had powerful attacks and they were going to stop anything on its track!

Cloudy: 80 HP
TwistyA: 80 HP [Riding on Cloudy]
TwistyB: 80 HP [Riding on Cloudy]

60% Sea

Nimbus.EXE: 150 HP
Mr. Prog: 75 HP [Behind Nimbus.EXE]

Did he just say 'Jeepers'?

Nimbus lifted her arms hanging down, looking somewhat disappointedly at the Prog. As she had predicted, it wasn't going to be much help, if any, in this battle. At the most it could take maybe a hit or two from the Cloudy. But those Twistys would cause some serious damage to her, being an Aqua type Navi.

"Uhh, Mr. Prog, unless you're going to help, I'd suggest you find a spot out of the way, unless you want to get deleted or something."

Can Progs even be suicidal?

"Anyways, Noah, I think some more high-powered gun chips are in order."

"All right then. Which ones are you thinking of?"

"Let's start with Cannon and Shotgun first. I want to take out that Cloudy quickly and easily, using something that can actually hit it."

"On their way."

Nimbus raised her arms and her hands were replaced with a Cannon and Shotgun on her left and right arms, respectively.

"Weapons hot, I guess."

She didn't waste time firing her guns. She aimed them both at the Cloudy and fired first the Shotgun, then the Cannon as rapidly as she could. She was fairly close to them, so the Shotgun should have done maximum damage. Not like it had much spread before it hit something.

She jumped back using Gust to well out of melee range but not quite to the edge of the battlefield, then began charging her buster.

"And that should be that for the Cloudy."

Weather Report:
1- Shotgun => Cloudy [50 DMG | Spread 1]
2- Cannon => Cloudy [40 DMG | Knockback]
3- Buster Charge (Gyrojet)
4*- Tactical Movement to Medium Range [Gust]
Nimbus reacted coolly to the situation, assessing it carefully and suggesting the distressed Mr. Prog find shelter. "What?! Well, alright!" the diminutive entity managed to say, taking off in the opposite direction from the oncoming viruses. While it did so, Nimbus acted to thin out the competition with a volley of gunfire. She pointed the Shotgun at the aerial attackers and fired, peppering their transportation with a spray of damaging energy. As the Cloudy faltered in the air, Nimbus' followup Cannon shot made a direct hit and finished it off. The Twistys fell to the ground, evidently having braced themselves for the fall. Upon landing, one of the Twistys launched its RemoteBit to retaliate against its aggressor, but said aggressor swiftly propelled herself back enough for the lightning to miss by a wide margin and merely break the panel in question.

TwistyA: 80 HP [Sea]
TwistyB: 80 HP [Sea]

60% Sea
39% Normal
1% Broken (Near Sea)

Nimbus.EXE: 150 HP [Normal, one action from melee range]
Mr. Prog: 75 HP [Normal, one action away from battle]
Well so much for that theory.

Nimbus seemed to relax a bit, now that she had successfully dodged the Elec attack.

"All right. Now would likely be a good time to try out that new chip."

She moved closer, to melee distance.

"Sending it now. I assume you'll be wanting RageClaw next?"

"Unless Guard can point up now, yeah." A small, rat-like bomb formed in her hand. She wound up the key and set it on the ground, facing the stationary Twisty virus body. Twistys didn't move on their own, so it was practically a guaranteed hit. It scurried away through the Sea, making a beeline towards the Twisty.

A set of three razor-sharp claws of pure energy extended from between her metacarpals.

"All right then, let's go."

She charged at the Twisty she had launched the Ratton at, staying a bit to one side as she slashed up at it with her claws. Then she jumped back to full distance.

Weather Report:
1- Tactical Movement to Melee Range
2- Ratton 1 => TwistyA [40 DMG | Blast1 | Ground Attack]
3- RageClaw1 => TwistyA [40 DMG | Slashing]
4*- Tactical Movement to Max Range
With the safe assurance that the Twisty virus wouldn't dodge her attack, Nimbus unleashed her ratton and her rageclaw on the virus with ease and deleted it on the spot. However, even as she jumped away from where she was, the last remaining Twisty had carefully positioned its RemoteBit and landed a thunderous blow on the navi!!

"Ahh! A-Are you alright!!" Mr. Prog screamed in panic. "Don't push yourself too hard! Slow and steady, slow and steady!!"

TwistyB: 80 HP [Sea]

60% Sea
39% Normal
2% Broken (Near Sea)

Nimbus.EXE: 130 HP [Normal, one action from melee range]
Mr. Prog: 75 HP [Normal, one action away from battle]
Nimbus screamed as she was zapped by the Elec attack. That hurt, after all.

...though apparently not as bad as she had expected.

She quickly stood back up, grinning.

"I'm fine. Better than I expected, actually."

"Need any more Chips for this battle?" Noah asked, with a small amount of sarcasm.

"Why, you get a Recover20 chip without me finding out?"

"Of course not."

"Good boy. One Twisty sushi, coming up."

Her next moves were predictable as they were quick. She Gusted straight for the next Twisty, then slashed twice at it from either side. She then dodged to the side, just in case it tried to let out a dying revenge attack.

Weather Report:
1*- Tactical Movement to Melee Range
2- RageClaw1 => TwistyB [40 DMG | Slashing]
3- RageClaw1 => TwistyB [40 DMG | Slashing]
4- Dodge Left
[bump, requesting possible mod change]
[bump again]
[Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I'm your friendly hostile takeover moderator, and I'll be your host for this mission.]

With only one virus left on the field, Nimbus wasted no time in exploding towards it with readied claws, and sliced it into bits before its remote destroyer satellite could catch up. The Twisty separated into several thin slices before they disintegrated into junk data. The data then coalesced into a glowing reward data!


60% Sea
39% Normal
2% Broken (Near Sea)

Nimbus.EXE: 130 HP [Normal, one action from melee range]
Mr. Prog: 75 HP [Normal, one action away from battle]

>> Battle 01, Victory!! <<
Rewards: [RemoteBit1] Battlechip, 200z

Soon after, the Mr. Prog returned to Nimbus' side, visibly shaken. "W-What a fright! I think that shaved off a few maintenance cycles off my lifespan," it commented. It then surveyed the area, and nodded, as much as a Prog could, anyhow. "Looks like a good area to activate the program! Please wait for a moment while I send the necessary signal."

Suddenly, a ping sounded above Nimbus' head. Should she look up, a projection of an old-style weather vane would appear, complete with rooster on top. It spun around wildly before settling on a direction further into the dark cloudy areas. "I believe the Vane is working properly. Onwards, hey!" the Prog exclaimed, sounding a little indecisive with what style of speech it wanted.
"Awesome. An Elec chip. Now to hope for a Wood one."

"Don't get your hopes up, it's rather unlikely we'll be up against any Wood-type viruses. This is a mission to deal with weather, after all."

Nimbus stuck out her tongue, pouting. "I've heard of Wood-type weather-related chips. It could happen."

"Yes, but in ACDC?"

No response.

"I wonder if the pay will be enough for Float Shoes..."

With the guiding Weather Vane program, Nimbus noticed a blustery wind picking up, though she didn't quite feel very much, thanks to her affinity to it. It started to get a little ridiculous, though; even the off-white paneling was appearing to roll up into odd piles and waves. Oddly enough, the Mr. Prog didn't appear to be affected much by it, with its antenna still beaming the activation signal to her Weather Vane program. Nimbus then encountered some viruses along her path; a duo of Typhoon viruses had a couple of Metools hanging on for dear life on top of them. They actually looked kind of comical, but one of the Metools hurling its pickaxe at her and barely missing said otherwise.

"Eep!" the Mr. Prog squeaked, having the mattock barely skirt its head as well. It swiveled about to hide behind Nimbus quickly.

>> Enemies
Typhoon A: 100 HP
Typhoon B: 100 HP
Metool A: 40 HP (on Typhoon A)
Metool B: 40 HP (on Typhoon B)

>> Allies
Nimbus.EXE: 130 HP (WtherVne: Negating direct Weather effects.)
Mr. Prog: 75 HP (Hiding behind Nimbus) (WtherVne: Negating direct Weather effects.)

>> Terrain
100% Normal
(Terrain: Folded up by excessive wind and slightly difficult to traverse. -10% to all Dodge rolls.)
(Weather: A powerful gale makes it hard to land anything. -10% to all Accuracy rolls.)

>> Battle 02, Ready? Start!! <<

[I'll let it slide for now, but try putting some walking into that between-battle post? Thanks.]

Nimbus attempted [And very nearly failed] to resist the urge to facepalm at the Prog's pathetic display.

You're truly pathetic, you know that? Truly, incredibly pathetic.

"This one will be much easier."

"Sending in a few chips right now. They should be more than enough to take out those Typhoons."

Her Buster faded and was quickly replaced with a Shotgun. She then quickly gusted forward to melee range, apparently only slightly affected by the wind, if at all.


From point-blank range, she fired at the nearest Typhoon. The Shotgun faded, quickly being replaced with RageClaws. These she used to grab the same Typhoon and throw it at the second.

Finally, she came at the first Typhoon from the side and slashed at it using her right arm instead of her left.

That should finish it off... and do a fair amount of damage to the other Typhoon. Good thing it can't attack.

Weather Report:
1* - Tactical Movement to Melee Range [with Gust]
2- Shotgun => TyphoonA [50 DMG | Spread1]
3- RageClaw1 => TyphoonA throwTO TyphoonB [20 DMG | Impacting]
4- RageClaw1 => TyphoonA [40 DMG | Slashing]
With the wind blowing hard, it was difficult for both parties to get a hold of what was going on, though Nimbus was less affected than the viruses. The earlier Metool had another mattock in its... okay, it wasn't holding it in any conceivable manner, but it was there. Nimbus flew forward, let loose her Shotgun attack. Through some blasted shade of luck, the Metool's mattock blocked her shot when it swung the weapon forward. The Metool didn't expect the reversal, and received a full-on strike from its own weapon, knocking it off its perch. Nimbus could only watch the Metool tumble off into wherever the wind carried it.

The Navi then switched to melee weaponry, with a RageClaw lifting the Typhoon virus and tossing it towards its ally. Both were knocked around a bit, the first one more than the second. The latter was upright enough to respond with a tiny spinning tornado that whipped towards her. As she approached, the typhoon cut at her slightly (10), and she dealt a bit more damage to the first one, which was now on its side. The Metool accompanying the upturned wind-machine virus whacked at the ground to create a shockwave, but missed slightly towards the side.

While all this was happening, the Mr. Prog was watching with equal parts admiration and fear, rooted right where it was.

>> Enemies
Typhoon A: 40 HP [upturned]
Typhoon B: 80 HP
Metool A: 40 HP [tumbling off someplace]
Metool B: 40 HP [somehow still on Typhoon B]

>> Allies
Nimbus.EXE: 130 HP (WtherVne: Negating direct Weather effects.)
Mr. Prog: 75 HP (Hiding behind Nimbus) (WtherVne: Negating direct Weather effects.)

>> Terrain
100% Normal
(Terrain: Folded up by excessive wind and slightly difficult to traverse. -10% to all Dodge rolls.)
(Weather: A powerful gale makes it hard to land anything. -10% to all Accuracy rolls.)
"Well that didn't go as planned."

Firstly, the Shotgun attack had failed, thus preventing the first Typhoon from being deleted.

Which meant Nimbus now had to get up close and personal with the three remaining viruses. And possibly the Met that was currently tumbling away, possibly out of the battle zone.

Oh well. She still had a fair amount of juice left in her RageClaws.

She was still in melee range, so she didn't really have to move too much. She slashed at the upturned Typhoon, aiming for its more vulnerable front, and hoping not to stick her fingers in too far - she'd probably lose one entirely that way.

Next was the still-upright Typhoon. It was only lightly damaged, but her RageClaw should still have been enough.

I wonder what the next viruses will be, she thought as she slashed first from the left, then from the right, with her claws at the other Typhoon. Hopefully a Wood-type or two.

"That's probably enough..." Feeling satisfied, she jumped back to mid-range distance with Gust. Good thing that WtherVane was there, otherwise she might have risked being blown all the way to the back, or even out of the battle.

Weather Report:
1- RageClaw1 => TyphoonA [40 DMG | Slashing]
2- RageClaw1 => TyphoonB [40 DMG | Slashing]
3- RageClaw1 => TyphoonB [40 DMG | Slashing]
4* - Tactical Movement to Melee Range [with Gust]