Marry's day trip.

As the dust settles (metaphorically), Maribel rises from a crouch and scans the area. After assessing the situation and taking in her surroundings, she decides that any direction is just as good as the next. Picking her rifle from her shoulder, she sets it on its butt and lets go. The rifle drops, pointing northeast of her. Nodding in satisfaction, she picks up her rifle and places it back on her shoulder. She flounders about for a bit before heading off in the direction that was chosen.

"Bubbles! Can you believe it! He calls me bubbles - Hmph! That's why I hate heating coils. They all have personality disorders. But I got him this time~ I rewrote his 555 chip. Next time Russie pushes the lever, there's no telling when it'll come back up...

Frowning, she looks off to the side and furrows her brow.

"Well....yeah, I know it might burst into flames. I took care of that. I don't want Russie being hurt and all. But~ I do want to get rid of that toaster! Bubbles! Bah, what a jerk."

"Who you talking to Marry? Make a new friend already?" Russel says, a hopeful note in his voice.

Marry conjures up her most "loving" tone. "Hmm~ you say something Russie?"

"Never mind, glad to see nothing has gotten you just yet."

Russel sighs a bit, wondering where on Earth he could take her to get repaired. She talks to herself from time to time. Which isn't too strange on its own, except the level and depth of the conversations are strange.

'Last time I take a gift from a convention on military ethics. This ones all kinds of screwy.'

"No, nothing yet, as you say. At least, I don't think so."

Maribel stares off into the distance, adjusting her beret. 'Such friendly people around here,' she mumbles to herself.

[[b]Ready for battle 1, if you wish game master[/b]]
[edited for color, again]
Unfortunately, the people inside the net looked no friendlier, if one could even call them people. A group of three metools approached Maribel like thugs, brandishing their pickaxes threateningly and taunting her to start something. They couldn't be extorting her; viruses have no use for money, so far as the average person knows. Whatever the case, the viruses were clearly intending to use their axes to harm her and, judging by the condition of the area around, had already been using those weapons to mess with the system.

Metool A: 40 HP
Metool B: 40 HP
Metool C: 40 HP

Maribel: 150 HP

Terrain: 75% normal, 25% cracked

"Russie, I'm gonna go play with the miners in here."

Russel looks up at the screen for a sec, still in a daze from reading for awhile. "Ok....Wait, what miners?"

Watching as the miners encroach on her and waving their picks, Marry lets a quiet "Hohoho." She raises a leg, curves her back and sticks out her hand in a small salute. She makes a quick leap back from this position and reaches for her rifle. With a practices motion, she pulls the rifle from her shoulder with one hand while a blue-tipped bullet appears in the other. She slams the bullet into the breach of her buster rifle and fires quickly at the first of the Metools.

"Russie, could you give me one of them chip thingers? The ShotGun one would be best, I think."

"Eh, the what one? Oh yes, the ShotGun. Err...Uhhh..." Russel panics and starts fiddling with the chips.

"Times an issue dearie."

Russel fumbles the ShotGun chip into his pet, dropping the other 2 in the process. As the chip uploads into the PET, a large cartridge appears in Marry's hand. The breach and barrel of her buster rifle expands to fit the larger ShotGun cartridge as she slams it in.

She shoulders the rifle and aims in the direction of the 2nd Metool and whispers a small peptalk to the buster.

"Now, I won't be disappointed, but it'd be nice if you could hit 2 of these guys for me. I know you can do it!"

With that, she fires.

[Action 1: Tactical Movement to put ground between Marry and the Metools]
[Action 2: Aqua Cartridge - 40 Aqua damage to MetoolA]
[Action 3: Shotgun - 50 Spread damage to MetoolB and maybe it hits something else?]
As Maribel tried to cover distance between herself and the virus, one brave Metool took th lead and followed her with it's pickaxe ready. However, it's decision proved to be more foolish than courageous when the Aqua-bullet dug a hole in between it's eye, immediately prompting the virus body to disintegrate. The small preptalk Maribel gave to her inanimate rifle had aBdefinite improvement as the slugs ripped through a metool...But the last virus was lucky enough (or scared enough) to pull down it's helmet in the last second and negate the attack completely.

Metool C: 40 HP (Hidden)

Maribel: 150 HP

Terrain: 75% Normal, 25% Cracked
As Maribel watched the last Metool pull it's helmet down to negate the ShotGun blast, she ran her fingers around the base of her beret and gave an impressed whistle.

"Wowie, that's kinda cool. Wish my hat did that."

Maribel stood, considering the situation. In the mean time, Russel had picked up the chips he dropped. Dismayed at the still living virus, he opened his mouth to ask Maribel if she needed anything, but was interrupted by the awkward navi herself.

"Russie, now that you've picked up the ones you dropped, could you send me the claw one - I have an idea..." Maribel cocks her head, then nods in approval at her own thoughts.

"Err, you sure? I think the Cannon might be a better choice -"

Maribel heaves a small sigh. In a slightly petulant tone, she says "You missed the part where things bounced off, didn't you? I'm the one paying attention here, how about letting me decide?"

"Fine fine, no point being snippy. Hope you have a good idea. If you can't shoot it then I don't see what good stabbing it will do."

As Russel began uploading the chip, Maribel charged at the littleMe tool. She pointed her rifle downwards and into her charge. The bayonet on the end glowed and grew into a vicious looking razer sharp claw that curved slightly upwards.

Her plan was simple - charge in, flip over the Metool with the claw shaped bayonet and then drive it straight into its softer underbelly.

As she reached the end of her charge, she angled the tip of her weapon almost flush to the ground, sparks shooting off from the attached blade, and attempted to slide it underneath the little virus.


[Action 1: charge like a beast towards the remaining Metool]
[Action 2: RageClaw attempt to flip the Metool]
[Action 3: Not sure if I should do a turn splice or have this be "If successful, she attempts to stab the little guy"]

[I'll assume you turnsplice.]

Maribel headed straight for the last Metool hiding under its helmet, and tried to stick a bayonet under its helmet to try and flip it. Unfortunately for her, the Metool seemed really, really adamant that it was not going anywhere at all, and stayed fast to the ground.

Metool C: 40 HP (Hidden)

Maribel: 150 HP [1 Action Left]

Terrain: 75% Normal, 25% Cracked
[Ok, resuming turn]

Maribel stumbled as she hit the base of the Metool and bounced back a bit, gapping in disbelief.

"That should have worked! I mean...come on! I did the...I ran..and with the claw thing....OOOO!"

She turned around, puffed her cheeks out and began marching away from the en-sheltered Metool, making little 'Hmph' sounds here and there. She dug her feet around in the ground and swung her arms like she was stretching.

Russel furrowed his brow in a worried manner. He had seen these actions before, and it never went well. "Umm, Marry? You alright?", he said in a cooing tone, trying to calm the pouting navi.

"I'm fine"
'She's in a huff,' Russel thought.

"You sure? I could send you anoth-"
'She gets like this when the toaster calls her bubbles.'

"I could jack you ou-"
'She's getting petulant again.'

"Well, what should-"
"NOTHING. I'm done. I'm going back to my walk. This little guy wants to sit under his hat? FINE."
'...Poor little Metool....Hell hath no fury...' Russel watched as his navi meandered around the Metool, turning her back to it, but never really losing track of it. 'She's generally sweet, although not the easiest navi to get along with. And if ever anyone says or does something wrong...Oh, it is bad. Really bad. I've already had the toaster repaired 3 times this month.'

As Maribel continued her slow stroll away, there was the faintest sign of a smile on her face...


[Action 3: Pout. (note, this is not an escape action)]

As Maribel made her little show and promptly stormed off in a huff, the Metool lifted its helmet ever so slightly, looking at her until it was sure she had gone. Then, it opened up its helmet with a sigh of relief.

We all know what's going to happen next.

Metool C: 40 HP

Maribel: 150 HP

Terrain: 75% Normal, 25% Cracked
When Maribel had moved just out of sight of the Metool, she turned around and dropped quietly to one knee. She placed a blue tipped round into her rifle, slid the breach shut and brought it up to her shoulder and aimed at the little metool. She quickly lined it up in her sights, and waited for the moment when it looked completely at ease.

"Looks like this is almost over", Russel whispered into the PET.

She gave a slight shrug, stuck her tongue out to the side in an in an effort to concentrate and pulled the trigger.


[Action 1: Crouch/Take Aim]
[Action 2: Aqua Cartridge - Ranged 40 Aqua Damage]
[Action 3: Wait and see]

Edited for Clarity. -Oz


Maribel: 150 HP

Terrain: 75% Normal, 25% Cracked


Rewards: [Shockwave] Battlechip, 180z
Marry stood up, a bright and cheery look on her face. She brushed off her legs and scanned the area, making sure she hadn't left any of the Metools standing. Satisfied that she had done a good job, she started looking for a new path to walk down. Setting her rifle on its stock, she let it fall and started heading north (no where near where the rifle had been pointing when it landed).

"And that's why I don't like heating coils," she said as if explaining everything that just took place.

"Uh-huh. Would you like to come out?...That was a little more than I was thinking would happen. I guess this is the virus busting that Destin spoke of?" Russel was worried, but impressed at how well the little navi handled herself. He honestly didn't expect her to do so well. It seemed she was well adapted to this kind of lifestyle, even though (as far as he knew) she had only played around with household items before.

" I'm having fun here. I wanna poke around a bit more! You're not getting too tired out there are you? It's still daylight and all. Besides, it looks like I have something new to play with..." The little navi's voice trailed off as she spotted a path a little ways ahead of her. She floundered around a bit, looking to see if anything seemed more interesting. Seeing nothing better, she headed off down the path.

[requesting round two]
Edited for clarity/spelling. -Oz
Marry head quickly down the path, looking for anything that might spike her interest. Fortunately or perhaps unfortunately, depending on her mood for a fight, she quickly came upon a pink, long-eared bunny virus hopping around some shrubbery. Because the whole rest of the area was devoid of any greenery, however, she quickly deduced that the shrubs themselves were viruses. This theory was validated as they spun around, showing their silly looking faces. Silly looking or not, Maribel knew that the viruses would attack her if she was not quick to act.

Bunny: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP
ShrubbyC: 50 HP

Maribel: 150 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Maribel held for a second as she eyed the bunny virus, merely taking note of the Shrubbies and their silly faces. She and the bunny stared at one another intently. Either she feared the bunny or saw it as a valid foe. Or maybe she didn't like pink bunnies, the world may never know. After that brief second, a smile cracked along her face and she pointed wildly in the direction of the shrubbies

She shouted (or laughed), "You're goofy looking!"

Then, without missing a beat, pulled her rifle to the ready as she made a quick dash away from them, eying the bunny the whole time.

"Russie, ShotGun. Bunny gotta go~"

Russel, who had gone back to reading, was jarred back to reality. He fed her the chip without much trouble.

"Shotgun? Bunny? I like bunnies..." His voice left him as he noticed the bunny and shrubs moving in on Marry. They looked a little tougher than the ones she had fought before.

"Marry, these guys look a bit more serious than the Metools. You should probably be a bit more defensive."

She placed the freshly downloaded ShotGun round into her rifle, pointed it towards the bunny and fired. At that point, she reached up to one of the various pockets on her vest, opened the bottom of it and let a small pull chord pop out. She tugged on the chord; The space around her shimmered as she was enveloped in her flack jacket barrier.

"I had that idea from the start!"


[Action 1: Dodge]
[Action 2: ShotGun chip to Bunny]
[Action 3: Flack Jacket - 20 HP barrier]

Flack Jacket - 1 Turn
[Remember to always include damage and effects on your attacks.]

A quick dash to the side, and Maribel managed to evade a speeding ring of electricity, fired by a hopping-mad Bunny. The Shrubby seemed really scared of the new intrusion of this Navi for some reason, and huddled together in a bunch, while the Bunny hopped about. However, the Bunny's life ended rather quickly when a Shotgun shell blasted it in the face and deleted it.

The Shrubby continued to cower.

ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP
ShrubbyC: 50 HP

Maribel: 150 HP [20HP Barrier]

Terrain: 100% Normal
[Oops. I was good about that the first few times ><. I'll pay more attention to that.]

ShotGun got the job done and one less pink bunny inhabited the net. Maribel bounces for a bit and claps her hands. After calming down a bit, she turns her attention to the cowering Shrubby.

"The bunny's gone Russie, now I get to play the part of a shrubber! Hmmm~" She pointed her rifle into the ground and angled towards the huddled group. "For this bit I'd like that new one we got. That shockwave one?"

Russel sent the new chip to her, but was left speechless at the adeptness of his bubble headed navi. 'I really should look into this at some point. I still have some more of the documentation to read over, but she's not the Marry she is at home.'

Placing the large and strangely shaped (like an explosive with a shaped charge) cartridge into her rifle, Marry fires it into the net's earth. The ground swells shoots off towards the group of Shrubby. Quickly bringing the rifle up to her shoulder, she placed a blue tipped cartridge into the chamber shoots a blast of concentrated water along the path that the shockwave was heading - this one was meant for a ShrubbyA (ostensibly the one closest to her).

"Now she needs the cannon, Russie." The water navi was gushing.

"Cannon. Right." Russel sent the chip as fast as he could. Marry already had the breach of her rifle open. She held out her hand as a large, round shell appeared. Jamming it into her rifle, the barrel expanded to accept the cannonball shaped bullet and aimed at different Shrubby.

The roar of her rifle firing the cannon shot swept throughout the field, mixing with the raging of the shockwave and aqua bullet. Happy at the cluster of attacks she had sent, she smiled - a bright and shining smile that could melt anyones heart.

And face...


[Action 1: Shockwave - 40 Null damage, piercing, line attack, ground attack into the group]
[Action 2: Aqua Cartridge - Ranged 40 aqua damage to ShrubbyA]
[Action 3: Cannon - 40 Null damage, knock back to ShrubbyB]

Aqua Cartridge - 1
Flack Jacket - 0
As soon as the Shockwave hit, the Shrubby started to scatter about, trying to escape the battle. Two escaped Marry's assault, while one got slugged in the back by a nice water-bullet.

ShrubbyB: 10 HP [Fled!]
ShrubbyC: 10 HP [Fled!]

Maribel: 150 HP [20HP Barrier]

Terrain: 100% Normal


Rewards: 200z
As Maribel wandered around after the Shrubbies fled, the minutes felt like days - months even. Her head was filled with daydreams of random blonde guys moving to new cities and working like crazy at silly tasks and even getting a teaching credential. For some reason, everyone one the blonde guy met in this new city was missing teeth and spoke like joke TV characters.

What little time had passed had also felt like months to Russel. Sitting in the park, he began to develop a theory that all prime numbers could be divided by pi naturally as long as one counted on their toes.

They both snapped out of their delusions and without a word spoken between them, they continued to do what they were doing before: one wandering and one reading.

[Been awhile. Battle 3?]
The aquatic sniper strode along the network pathways, continuing her small walk for a bit of exercise.

Of course, as always, her actions drew viruses to her. Smirking, Maribel set up her battle routines. The group this time appeared to be a bunch of close-range fighters, but it looked like they could close-in fast.

Let's rumble.

SwordyN-A: 60 HP
ChampuA: 60 HP
Spooky: 30 HP
SwordyN-B: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP

100% Normal
Notes: Inclined like a small hill. Combatants are 2 actions from melee range. Maribel is at the top of the hill.

Maribel.EXE: 150 HP


Eyeing the group from her hiltop vantage point, Maribel lets out the faintest giggle. Picking off targets from above is what a sniper does.

"Hehe, I see you too, big boys~ and...ghost...thingy...whatever," she shouts. With a last quizzical look at the Spooky, she shrugs and begins to shoulder her weapon. With nimble fingers and practiced ease, she slips a blue cartridge into her rifle and lines up her sights on the first Champu. "This one looks thirsty," she whispers quietly to herself and pulls the trigger.

The sound of the shot jars Russel from his reading.

"No, not 'Hu-wha?'Dork. I want the shotgun! Now, now, gimmie gimmie!" Like a child asking for candy, Marry bounces around impatiently for a couple of seconds before the shotgun slug manifests in her hand and she slides it into her rifle. The barrel expands a bit to accommodate the new, larger shell and studied the angry viruses as they moved, driven by their desire to pummel the little sniper girl. All except the Spooky; No one knows what it wants, but it probably isn't nice. Which is why Marry picks it as her next target.

Shouldering her rifle once more, she aims at the Spooky.
"Hi there~"
She pulls the trigger and grits her teeth against the kickback.
"Bye there!"

A growl that for some reason came across louder than the booming of her weapon. Using the recoil of her gun as a push in the right direction, she makes a mad dash to her rear in an attempt to put more distance between herself and the encroaching foes.

"I already did!", she shouts as she runs. Russel looks on, slightly confused, slightly worried, but mostly indifferent at this point. He knew something was up with this strange little Navi, but now was neither the time nor the place to figure out what.


[Action 1: Aqua Cartridge - Ranged 40 Aqua damage to ChampuA]
[Action 2: Shotgun - 50 damage, spread 1 to Spooky and someone else unfortunate (maybe) enough to be close to him.]
[Action 3: Tactical movement along the hiltop to put distance between her and the virus group.]


[Aqua Cartridge - 1]
Aiming first for the Champu, Marry slotted in a blue slug, and pulled the trigger. However, as soon as the Champu heard the shot, it suddenly disappeared, and rematerialized in front of her! She managed to get a Shotgun load to her rifle and blew the Champu back along with the Spooky she aimed for. Now, the viruses had heard her and her cover was blown, so she naturally started to retreat. The Swordy teleported up to the hill and swept their swords about, catching Marry by one before she managed to get away! (20) The other Champu warped up as well, but didn't get to the top fast enough as the sniper was already on her feet.

SwordyN-A: 60 HP
ChampuA: 10 HP
SwordyN-B: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP

100% Normal
Notes: All combatants are at top of hill. Viruses 1 move away from melee.

Maribel.EXE: 130 HP