Squirrely Busting

In a beam of light, yet another Navi entered the Net. Unlike some, however, he simply rolled his head as he started walking. "Hmph...been a while since I've been in a regular Net. Of course, if SOMEONE would actually spend a little cash on upgrades, I wouldn't have to."

"You know my policy. Any money you get from battling goes only towards upgrading you. And only that money. I can't just up and make you full strength right away, you know. That wouldn't be fun!"

"...Clearly, you know nothing about battle. But that'll change soon enough..." And there was only one real way to learn about it; by actually battling repeatedly. The thought of that made SharpMan grin. "Heh heh heh...I'm starting to feel the rush! Pretty soon, I'll be able to sink my blades into some prey...perfect!"

"You really do need to calm down a little. Do you see me walking around wanting to stab people?"

"And this is completely different from that. Get ready to have that ingrained in your head!" The Navi's pace suddenly quickened, as he decided that talk was pointless for the time being, and only by finding viruses would everything fall into place. Or at least, that's what he wanted to happen.

(Searching for Battle #1...in Normal Net, without SplashMan. Seriously, what the expletive?)
Sharpman sharpened his blades as he went around itching for a fight.

Fortunately he found one.

Before him stood three metools with sunglasses, the middle one having what seemed like a twig in its... mouth? Somewhere in that region anyway. All of them raised their mattocks dangerously at Sharpman as the navi prepared to fight.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

100% Normal (Are you crazy?)

SharpMan.EXE: 150 HP

Sunglasses. Not even closest to the weirdest thing he'd ever seen on a Mettaur. They were, however, rather stylish. Not so stylish as to distract him, however. "Ha! You think those pickaxes scare me? Lemme show you some real metal!" Four simultaneous 'ching' noises could be heard, as four very impressive blades made themselves much more apparent on his arms. "Who knows how many Mettaur these have ripped to pieces...but I'm always happy to add 3 to that total! Dawn, orders! Now!"

"Well, I really hate to burst your bubble, but I really feel like using this chip. Prepare for Shotgun!" And that was...not the green cannon, or the gigantic claw. So that meant she needed to insert the one that wasn't either of those, that appropriately enough featured a Mettaur getting shot by a gun. Which, admittedly, was part of the reason she wanted to use it.

"Hang on a sec!" SharpMan's right arm's blades retracted into his limb, as a blue buster-like gun with a black stripe dividing it in two took the place of his right hand. An action that did not especially please the recipient. "First off, when you give me a chip, you say, 'Battlechip, Whatever Chip You're Sending! Slot in!', so I'll be ready for what you're giving me. None of that 'Prepare for Whatever Chip You're Sending Me' garbage. And second, you realize that has absolutely nothing to do with ripping Mettaur into pieces, right?"

"Absolutely. But I want you to use Shotgun, and that's that."

"...Grr." While visably unhappy at the development, the razored Navi raised his regretably projectile based weapon, trying to get a good shot at the Mettaur group. ...From where he stood, however, there was absolutely no way he could get two in one shot. And if he was going to shoot things instead of dicing them, he wanted to do it right. Thus, he took a moment to dash towards the side of the group, in an attempt to get his foes into a vertically straight line.

...Having to employ actual strategy against a Mettaur. This was insulting.

Nevertheless, without his usual array of techniques at his disposal, and with his operator refusing to cough up a measly two or three million zenny to get him back to true form, he had little say in the matter. All right, this spot should do. Now, he just had to figure out the angle to fire his blasted weapon...and that should be it. Releasing the internal firing mechanism, he finally got around to releasing a single energy bullet, which, upon contact, would explode and hit whatever was directly behind it. Which, if he did things properly, would contact that first Mettaur, then reach around with its explosion and hit the second one. Though admittedly, since guns weren't his specialty, he couldn't guarantee anything concerning the blasting of things. "Any other brilliant ideas?"

"I'm not a fan of that tone, but since you asked..." Hmm. Well, she should probably indulge him a little bit, considering he was a good trooper about using Shotgun. Mostly. "All right, I'll let you handle that last one yourself. Tornado Blade, please!"

"Now that's more like it!" SharpMan wasted zero time is dissolving the gun on his hand, then extending a single blade on his right arm. He reared the arm back, preparing for the imminent strike, and then swung it forward...causing the edge to detach from the limb, spinning rapidly as its trajectory curved towards its intended target, and preferably slowing for a moment as it repeatedly struck its target with slashes. Either way, it eventually made its back to its owner, who simply raised his arm to allow it to reclaim what it had lost. After all, he wasn't about to lower his blade total if he could help it.

Now, to see if any of the viruses managed to withstand his assault. Preferably, the answer was no. He had better things to do than waste time with a few Mettaur.

[Order of Turn:
1-Line up MetoolA and MetoolB
2-Shotgun chip attack on MetoolA (50, Spread 1)
3-Tornado Blade sig attack on MetoolC (20, Slashing, hits 3 times)]
Grumbling over the lack of sharp things to maul his enemies with, SharpMan got to work with a simple tried-and-true weapon, the Shotgun, which took care of the Metool viruses well. The last remaining one took it to itself to hurl its pickaxe at its adversary before being sliced to bits. Unfortunately for the blade-wielding Navi, the pickaxe's throw was more than accurate enough for the blunt side to hit him square in the forehead, giving him a bruise both on his head and his ego. (10) The mattock whirled around in the air for a bit before landing on the floor with a noisy clang.


100% Normal (Are you crazy? -- Maybe.)

SharpMan.EXE: 140 HP

-- BATTLE 01, VICTORY!! --


[ShockWave] Battlechip
180 Zenny
"And who would've guessed...three Mettaur were zero match for me. Seriously, I'm shocked." SharpMan walked over to the remaining pickax, and picked up, watching as it transformed into a battlechip. "ShockWave...meh, better than nothing, I guess."

"Zero match? You do realize you got whacked on the head, don't you?"

"I did?...Well, come to think of it, I do have a small headache for some reason...ugh, one of those punks managed to hit me. I must be losing my edge without all my awesome moves..."

"And yet I'm still not giving you any zenny you don't earn. Now, why would that be?"

"Bah...I get the point already! If you're not giving me anything, then I'm getting it back myself! Whether you like it or not!"

"So long as you don't do anything incredibly stupid, I think I'll be fine with that. I mean, you don't seem truly happy unless you're destroying something."

"Looks like we're finally on the same page!" The sword Navi looked down, realizing he still had chip data in his hand...and a small amount of money on the floor in front of him. "...Right. I'm sending this data over to you. And since I'm pretty sure you've never seen ShockWave in action before, I'm giving you a quick lesson on it!" The data that formerly consisted of three Mettaur suddenly vanished, as it left the Net. "ShockWave creates a pickax like a Mettaur uses, which is normally then driven into the ground in front of them. That creates a ground-based wave of energy that shoots forward. It can hit more than one enemy, but it can't hit anything too far off the ground. It's not especially accurate, since the wave isn't exactly blazing fast. ...And that's what you need to know about it."

"Hmm...sounds like it can turn the tide in our favor pretty quick if we use it at the right time. But the Mettaur picture on it is so cute...how could I not use it first thing?"

"You...have got serious priority issues, lady..." ShockWave was 'cute'? The very thought of that being a good enough reason to use constantly made him cringe...he really hoped she was just messing with him or something. With a shake of his head, SharpMan proceeded deeper into the Net, not bothering telling his operator he was doing so. Overall, Dawn was a bright individual, so she should be able to figure it out...at least, she SHOULD be able to.

(Searching for battle #2)
Shuffling along through the network, SharpMan finds his next set of prey; a ragtag group of viruses seemed to be playing around amongst themselves. A Cacty was in the middle, its head bobbing around as it should, while a Bunny and Powie leapt around gloriously in jubilant behavior and whatnot. Sadly, this was interrupted when the big scary Navi came up, and they turned aggressive.

Cacty: 70 HP
Bunny: 50 HP
Powie: 50 HP

SharpMan.EXE: 140 HP

100% Normal (Still crazy.)

A nice, diverse group of things to cut apart. ...Or at least, he WOULD cut them apart, but that required being able to cut multiple things. And that was an ability he embarrassingly didn't have at the moment. Oh well, just deleting them would suffice. For now. "Yes, that's right! Act like you're not terrified of me for wrecking your little play date!"

"Listen, SharpMan...no offense, but you need work on your creative insults."

And just like that, the bladed Navi's evil grin was gone. "...You think you could do better?"

"Hmm...well, how about this?" Dawn took a moment to clear her throat, and plot how to smack talk semi-sentient data. "'Oh, aren't you viruses all cute with your playing around? Too bad you're about to get a lot uglier after I'm done with you!'...How was that?"

"Eh..." SharpMan gave his operator a so-so motion, before refocusing his attention on the viruses. "But enough small talk. I'm not the only conscious being here, and that's going to change! And since I know you're sending THAT over..." Thanks to his operator's incredible predictability, he started racing to the viruses' collective side, trying to get them all into a single line. And...that should do it. They looked lined up to him.

Almost as soon as her Navi had stopped, the Whazzapian woman started the process of transferring chip data from her PET to the Net. Fortunately, this was made easier by the fact she hadn't bothered sticking it in with the other chips yet. "You're right, I really want to see what it does. Battlechip, ShockWave! Slot in!"

A rod appeared in the bladed Navi's hand, which expanded into two incredibly sharp picks at the ungrasped edge. After raising it above his head for a moment, he slammed the mattock into the ground, creating a pulse of energy that began rapidly shifting forward. Unfortunately, 'rapidly shifting' didn't mean 'blink and you'll miss the attack'. It was slow enough that he could be the one that wound up missing with it. Aside from the Cacty, anyway. He was pretty sure he could pencil that in as a hit. Unless his aim was worse than he thought, in which case even it might have nothing to fear.

...When did he ever think this much during a battle? Usually he just let his instincts take over while Hector gave him killing directions. Dawn was clearly rubbing off on him. And it wasn't in a good way, either.

Bah, he could think later. For now, he was going to focus entirely on dodging any viral counterattack, and nothing his operator could say or do could change that.

[Order of Turn:
1-Line up viruses in single file
2-ShockWave chip attack on Powie, Bunny, and Cacty (40, Ground Attack, Piercing, Line Attack)
Lining up the viruses was a simple task for SharpMan, who quickly took to launching a shockwave towards the trio of viruses. He clocked the Cacty and Bunny nicely in the face, but the Powie managed to avoid the attack by leaping up into the air. The Bunny launched its electrical ring as the Powie transformed into a huge weight-like creature and fell down. Sadly for the Powie, its aim was a bit off that day, and it hit a panel adjacent to SharpMan's. The Bunny's electrical ring was dodged most easily as well. Then, the Cacty threw its head forward, but also missed for some inexplicable reason.

Cacty: 30 HP
Bunny: 10 HP
Powie: 50 HP

SharpMan.EXE: 140 HP

100% Normal (Still crazy.)
Despite every single virus trying to inflict physical harm on him, SharpMan found himself without so much as a scratch...or shock, or flattening. Clearly, he was just that good. "Ha ha! Who would've guessed that every virus would try to attack me...and fail miserably? Try wearing glasses next time!"

"You know, SharpMan, provoking them probably isn't a very good idea. Since, you know, it just makes them mad and such."

"Who cares? They're about to be junk data, anyway! What difference does it make if they're angry when they expire?"

"...Do I really need to answer that? I would think you, of all Navis, would've had a situation like that before."

"...What's that supposed to mean?! And why haven't I gotten anything to make this a moot argument yet?"

Sheesh, her Navi could be a pain when he wanted to. And sometimes when he didn't want to. Which was the scary part. But alas, he did need weapons to eliminate the various threats to his being, and it was her job to send him the proper ones. Hmm...well, he liked sword-based chips, but she had never sent him that particular chip in a meaningful battle. Now was probably as good a time as any to give it to him. "Fine, here. Battlechip, RageClaw! Slot in!"

As soon as 'RageClaw' was uttered, the sword Navi tightened his hands into fists. Almost immediately, the knuckles at the base of his fingers started to glow, signaling the arrival of large, razor sharp claws extending from them. He pointed the 2-foot long blades of metal towards the viruses, as if to say, 'Hope you're ready to become ribbons!', then bent his knees slightly...and, without further warning, rushed the enemy group. Deciding that the pink foe was the one he wanted to tear apart first, he stepped over to the rodent virus, and delivered a slash that could barely even be seen due to its incredible speed. He couldn't say with absolutely certainty that the attack connected, though; the claws were so sharp, and the cut was so quick, that he could have sliced through the Bunny without feeling a thing.

Tearing things apart without even personally feeling said thing being torn apart wasn't something you could do once and call it good, however. To truly enjoy it, you needed to do it multiple times, so that the combined strikes would collectively feel like shredding something. Or so was SharpMan's philosophy on the matter. With a graceful sidestep, he approached the plant virus, raising the same claw that had been used to try to mince its electrical counterpart...but instead, simply swiped with the opposite hand. After all, faking out the enemy as you cut them apart was even better than just cutting them apart.

From the second strike, the bladed Navi spun around to a different location, with such speed that it would be rather difficult to hit him for its duration. It was quick enough to seem as though he hadn't consciously done it, and was performed simply out of instinct. Considering he looked around for a moment after coming to a stop, such might have been the case. "RageClaw...you'd really think something with a name like that would be super strong. But nope, it's one of the weakest chips of its kind...couldn't you have gotten a Sword or something instead of it?!"

"Sure I could've. But if I did, we'd probably only use that one chip. And that would be boring for me."

Despite wanting to, SharpMan wisely decided to avoid arguing with his operator over the matter. "...Meh, whatever. Now how about something to end this battle with?"

"Of course. Battlechip, Shotgun! Slot in!"

The right hand's claws faded into oblivion, followed by the hand itself, as the blue gun from before once more took shape on the Navi, and was accompanied by a small amount of grumbling. Still, it was certainly capable of doing what he asked, so he couldn't complain openly. Unlike the previously slashings, he simply stood still as he trained the blaster in the direction of the virus that was definitely still around, and released a single shot from it, capable of hitting anything directly behind the Powie if needed. Which, hopefully, was just a case of an unnecessary explosion. Not that explosions were ever unnecessary. ...Well, they might if it was possible to just cut things into pieces instead of making them explode. Then it might be uncalled for. And yet, he couldn't really call that flat out unnecessary...

...Ugh. There he was, thinking about things he could think about later during battle. He really needed to stop that before it became a habit.

[Order of Turn:
1-RageClaw1 chip attack on Bunny (40, Slashing)
2-RageClaw1 chip attack on Cacty (40, Slashing)
2a-Swordplay subtype ability (free dodge)
3-Shotgun chip attack on Powie (50, Spread 1)]
Given leave to go wild with his RageClaw, SharpMan launched himself at the viruses and tore through the Bunny like lightning. Casually approaching the Cacty afterward, he made a strike with his other claw and wiped out the plant virus just as quickly. Finally, SharpMan's operator sent him a Shotgun to end the battle.

With a little less flair, he fired the shot and the Powie went powie.


100% Normal (Still crazy.)

Battle 2 Complete!

SharpMan.EXE: 140 HP

Rewards: ZapRing1, 300z
Yep, those were some deleted viruses. If they were any more deleted, that reward data in front of him wouldn't even exist. "Sheesh, regular viruses are a piece of cake. Oh well, deleting things is deleting things!" Now, to see what he got. Chip options weren't exactly what he wanted, but at the moment, he probably shouldn't be that picky. And...a ZapRing to go with that cash. "ZapRing, eh...guess that's not terrible. All right Dawn, listen up! ZapRing shoots a-"

"You do realize there's an entire chip database dedicated to telling me all of this, right?"

"...Are you TRYING to wreck the fun in this for me?"

It was difficult to hear, but if the Navi listened carefully, he could faintly hear suppressed giggling. "What? I thought you'd rather tear apart more viruses than explain non-sword chips to me."

"...You have a point. All right, read up on ZapRing while I look for more prey!" With a wave of his arm, the chip and cash data was transferred from the Net to his associated PET. At this point, one would expect SharpMan to quickly move along, and search for more viruses to get shredded. Fortunately for one, he proved to be predictable in this instance, wasting no time in looking around for another fight.

(Searching for Battle #3)
SharpMan continued on with his...sharpening or shredding the viruses apart. Like a chance given by the Heavens, two Shrubby viruses appeared in front of the navi, with all its grassy furs just BEGGING to be shaved...or shred, either way. However, another set of viruses, Champus to be specific, came by the Shrubby's side to aid and protect the helpless viruses!

ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP
ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

SharpMan: 140 HP

Oh, Shrubby. How many of them had he 'trimmed' over the course of his existance? Some ridiculously high number, he was sure. And it looked like he got to add 2 to whatever that number was. "Heh...looks like those Shrubby got lucky. I can't just walk up to them and play gardener with them thanks to the Champy!"

"Mm-hmm...speaking of which, I bet a few more bushes around the house would liven things up a bit. Maybe I should call the gardener tonight and discuss that with him..."

"...Not even close to the kind of gardening I'm talking about." Not that his operator didn't know that. She might've gone off on a tangent, but she certainly wasn't just daydreaming. And now, he needed to come up with some kind of strategy for the battle. Dawn was hardly a help at this point, after all. "Hrm...aha!" At the same time as his exclamation, the four blades on his arms extended, each of which experienced the joys of being used in several slashing motions in the direction of the plant viruses. Not directly at them, of course; he wasn't strong enough to just do that. It was, however, designed to look extremely threatening. "Hey, Shrubbies! Which one of you wants to become mulch first?!"

Regardless of whether the Wood viruses were intimidated, he succeeded in slightly surprising his operator. "...Didn't we go over this already? If you keep taunting the viruses like that, you're going to get-"

"Shush! Hurry and send me Shotgun!"

"...Shotgun? Are you sure you're SharpMan? But, if you really want it..." Locating Shotgun wasn't hard; after all, it was the only chip she owned that had more than just a picture of a virus on it. "Battlechip, Shotgun! Slot in!"

The razors on the Navi's right arm suddenly retracted, as the increasingly familiar blue gun formed over his hand. Unlike previous times, however, there were no angry thoughts at the sender, as the Navi simply turned towards the fiery boxing viruses, raised his new weapon towards one of them, and released a single shot in its direction. And if he had gotten the Shrubby into proper position...well, he'd worry about that later. For now, the edged Navi needed to focus entirely on evading whatever punches or logs came his way. After all, neither of those sounded very pleasant for a Navi to experience. Especially since he knew from experience that they didn't.

[Order of Turn:
1-Frighten Shrubby into hiding
2-Shotgun chip attack on ChampuA (50, Spread 1)
Intimidation tactics were a forte of SharpMan, as, well, it's not hard to be afraid of a guy with really sharp things for armor. They both hid behind their respective Champu, and in return got a faceful of Shotgun buckshot along with its boxing partner. Needless to say, viruses got mad when you hit them, and the two Champu were no exception. Warping up to the Navi, they delivered sicknasty bruising action-- which were easily evaded. Well, most of them. One punch got through, socking him on his right jaw. Didn't really matter much. (10) Oh, wait, there was a Shrubby, too. It threw this weird log thing that rolled across and hit him in the gut shortly afterward. (10) Then it went back to hiding behind one of the fighters. What a loser.

ShrubbyB: 50 HP
ChampuA: 10 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

SharpMan: 120 HP
His plan worked flawlessly. Perfect. Now he just had to figure out-


The right side of SharpMan's face suddenly experienced a sharp increase in pain. Not pleased with that, he started to-


The bladed Navi's abdomen joined in aching from the effects of an attack. Ow. "Oh, those things are SO dead..."

"I guess we should add 'dodging attacks' to the list of things you're not an expert at. Or is that just because you're not at full power?"

"Grr! Can it!"

"Oh, relax, I'm just playing. Now, I take it those Champy should be our next targets, since the Shrubby is too busy hiding behind them?"

"Shrubby's too much of a pansy to worry about it while it's hiding. So yeah...wait a sec. Don't tell me you have a plan this time."

"And if I do?"

"...I'm NOT excited about this. But whatever. I guess you won't be anything better than chip slotting eye candy if you don't learn about this." Stupid lack of experience. Couldn't Dawn have been obsessed with NetBattling when she was younger, like a normal kid? Then they wouldn't have this problem. "...Fine. Orders, now!"

"Okay, this is what I've pieced together. One of the Champy is weakened. That means we should go ahead and delete it. To do that, we should use an attack with high accuracy, with power not being a major factor. Of course, since all of our remaining chips have the same attack power, that's a moot point. Now, with that said, we should keep our distance, since as demonstrated, Champy utilizes a close range punch. So with a long range attack, it can't counter you before it fades into nothing. Which means of all our remaining options, Cannon is probably the best choice. Agreed?"

SharpMan stood there for a second, not appearing to do anything aside from standing there, slightly wide eyed. "...Yeah, that's actually about right. Send it over." Wow, she nailed it. Always good to know your operator had brains. Brains she actually used, no less.

"What, you didn't think I couldn't do it, did you?" The Whazzapian lady cracked a smile, glad that she was able to impress her Navi for once, before grabbing her battlechip containing a green cannon and placing it into the slot atop her PET. Since otherwise it would've all been for naught. "Battlechip, Cannon! Slot in!"

A different kind of projectile weapon formed on the bladed Navi's right hand. This time, a green cannon appeared. That might've been why it was called Cannon. While hardly his preferred chip, he did his best to aim the weapon towards the weakened Champy, activating the internal trigger once he felt he had achieved that, and releasing a yellow blast of energy from his attached artillery. An exceptionally ordinary blast, that caused whatever it hit to ordinarily get knocked back a couple of feet or so. How ordinary. Definitely not awesome like a sword based chip, but it'd get the job done this time. ...This time.

"And now, we've got that other Champy. None of our chips could defeat it in a single attack."

"Yep, you can do basic math in your head. Good job."

"If you want more chips, don't interrupt. Got it? Now, the key word in what I had said was 'chips'. While no battlechips in my possession can delete a Champy in one hit, you can still do it. Your own attack should be enough. It's long range, too, so it should keep you out of harm's way."

"I'm going out on a limb and guessing you mean Tornado Blade. Very well." The cannon chip data thankfully faded, allowing his ordinary hand to once more become visible to the world. More importantly, it also let him control his arm blades once again, something very important for what was to come. He allowed the side edge to fully extend, and powerfully slashed the air in front of him with it. But while his arm came to a stop, the razor sharp metal didn't, spinning forward rapidly. It didn't take too long for it to reach where the boxing virus preferably still was, where it appeared to stop for the sole purpose of blending the fiery foe for a few moments. It couldn't remain there forever, though, and quickly returned to the limb from whence it came.

Ideally, this left only a single bush left for elimination. But that provided a problem of its own. "Dawn! I'm cutting class short! Send me RageClaw, and make it snappy!"

"...I'm sure you have your reasons." RageClaw, RageClaw...there it was. It was nice when the chip pictures looked exactly like what it was called. "Battlechip, RageClaw! Slot in!"

With all of his blades retracted, SharpMan bolted for the remaining Shrubby virus, hoping to reach it before it could so much as think about running from spot to spot with annoying speed. As he drew near, his fingers appeared to dramatically grow from their usual length; however, considering they were now as sharp as any other edge on his body, it was more likely that RageClaw had simply formed. With his extra reach, he attempted to grab the Wood virus, preventing it from any form of movement. And with proper positioning, it wouldn't be able to spit any logs at him, either. But he could worry about that once he had possession of the enemy.

[Order of Turn:
1-Cannon chip attack on ChampuA (40, Knockback)
2-Tornado Blade sig attack on ChampuB (20, Slashing, hits 3 times)
3-Pick up ShrubbyB with RageClaw1]
Irritated that the attacks had gotten to him, SharpMan produced a Cannon, courtesy of his operator's planning, and fired. With its highly accurate attack, the Champu had its face pelted with an energy shot, deleting it. The others took this signal to begin attacking, but of course, SharpMan had his Tornado Blade thingy which basically turned the next Champu into a pile of mush. After that, he lunged for the Shrubby before it could spit any more logs at him. Alas, luck was not with him, as the bush was faster, and the wooden log clocked him in the face once again. (10) It did seem rather frightened after doing that, though. Perhaps it was learning its lesson?

ShrubbyB: 50 HP [Scared!]

Terrain: 100% Normal

SharpMan: 110 HP
For all the battles he had been through in his lifetime, SharpMan didn't recall Shrubby ever being so annoying. Then again, he usually had better sword chips than a RageClaw. And more of them. Lots more. "Hold still, dang it!...Grr! I'm getting sick of you!" The feeling was probably mutual, but in the Navi's case, he didn't have to fear imminent deletion at the hands of his adversary.

"So, you want the virus to stop moving? Easily done." And it was easily done, as Dawn's casual chip insertion proved. And she didn't even have to stop and look through them all for the right chip this time...mainly because she had all of one option at this point. Fortunately, it was a very convenient option. "Battlechip, ZapRing! Slot in!"

This time, it was the bladed Navi's left hand that was altered by the chip data, as the clawed hand vanished, making room for...some kind of pink thing, with two curved wires resembling Bunny ears sticking forward from it. He took a quick look at it, and grinned. "Ha, perfect timing! Now we'll get to see how you like being paralyzed with fear!" Though it was slightly harder for him to aim left-handed, it was still fairly easy for the Navi to get the unorthodox weapon trained towards the remaining Shrubby, and activated the trigger mechanism inside. The wires crackled as an electrical field formed between them, which quickly went from a near perfect sphere into a flatter, yet still circular form. Without warning, the now ring shaped electricity sprang forward, speedily reaching its destination. And if he did his job, that destination was full of Wood-elemental virus.

In the long run, however, it had no major bearing on his subsequent tactics. His buster attacks were weak, Dawn was out of chips to send over, and using Tornado Blade again so quickly would surely result in a backfire. But luckily, even though his left arm was now completely normal, the fingers on his right hand still had razor sharp claws extending from them. Which meant he could do...THIS.

Once again he found himself racing towards the enemy, claws raised, then lowering his hand towards the face of his intended target. With any luck, this time he would get the satisfaction of feeling his appendage be forcefully yet only slightly slowed down, as leaves feebly attempted to prevent his motion from being completed. But since this time he only had one arm with HP reducing bladery, he couldn't make it a one-two clawing. Instead, once his arm made its way to the opposite side, he immediately slashed with it again, producing a razor sharp backhand that would hopefully humiliate the virus as it became junk data. After all, no virus ever showed up the great SharpMan and got away with it.

Unless the Shrubby proved to have quicker feet than anyone anticipated. In which case it could yet live to tell the tale...

[Order of Turn:
1-ZapRing1 chip attack on ShrubbyB (40, Elec, Stun)
2-RageClaw1 chip attack on ShrubbyB (40, Slashing)
3-RageClaw1 chip attack on ShrubbyB (40, Slashing)]
Stunning the Shrubby in its tracks with a ZapRing, SharpMan then proceeded to trim it down to size.


Terrain: 100% Normal

SharpMan: 110 HP



As soon as the Shrubby was less a shrub and more a pile of mulch, SharpMan retracted the claws, and shook his entire body, presumably to get rid of the pain of the various blunt force trauma he was forced to withstand. "Yeah, I'm rusty. There's no way I should get hit three times in one battle by the likes of that."

"Can you self-reflect in a moment? I'm interested in what reward data we've acquired."

"Hmph...well, if you insist." And since an 'I do' was undoubtedly coming up-

"I do."

...With that firmly established, SharpMan waved his arm to access the data. "Good news and bad news. The good news is, we didn't get a chip. The bad news, we didn't get a chip."

"Hmm? How's that both good AND bad news?"

"It's good news because logs and punches aren't my style. At all. The bad news is that we might've been able to trade one of those chips for something less terrible. But whatever, my zenny total doubled. I'm not complaining!"

"Well, it is all yours. Feel like spending some of it yet, or do you want to keep going?"

"You think I can get anything worth buying with that much?! You of all people should know that Navi related technology doesn't come cheap!"

"I suppose so. But since part of the reason we're busting to begin with is because I wanted to get that out of my mind, let's not go into that, all right?"

"Whatever. I'm moving on, so make sure all of my chips are in order for the next battle!" And so he did move on. He moved on roughly forward, perhaps 5 degrees to the right.

"...Yes, Boss."

"Hmm...I like the sound of that. I mean, there aren't enough people who obey my every command. You know, I oughta get some subordinates. Then they'd have to do what I say, or else enjoy a sickle blade to the head. After all, any good assassin oughta have some minions to do some of the grunt work. Never got why Hector never hired any. But yeah, having other Navis that obey my every whim...I'd be unstoppable! Mwahahahaha!!!"

The operator patiently listened to the entire ramble, deciding that it would far better for everyone to not interrupt. "SharpMan?"

"Now what? I'm searching here!"

"I just want to make sure you knew you were thinking aloud just then."

"Of course I-wait, what?!" The bladed Navi stopped dead in his tracks at this apparently new information. "Gah! You're wearing off on me! And that's not a good thing!"

Dawn couldn't help but laugh at the fact anyone could spout off that long without even realizing it. "Hahahaha! You're turning redder than Mother's lava sauce!"

"You heard nothing, got it?! NOTHING. As far as you know, I just exhaled. For a really long time. Yeah. Whatever you think you heard was a lie!" Ugh, way to embarrass himself. He needed to hurry up and find some enemies to thrash before things got even more awkward. And so he did.

(Searching for Battle #4)
After a while of walking through the ACDC network, SharpMan found himself walking through a valley flanked with sloping hills. Of course, this was prime location for an ambush... and what do you know, he did get an ambush. From the hills came two Swordy, each from either side. A howl from the front revealed a charging Spikey with another Swordy on its back. And... should he choose to turn around, he would find a Spooky had been trailing him into the place. Whoo.

Swordy-N A: 60 HP (Approaching from left slope)
Swordy-N B: 60 HP (Approaching from right slope)
Swordy-N C: 60 HP (Approaching from front, riding Spikey)
Spikey: 90 HP (Front)
Spooky: 30 HP (Flanking back)

SharpMan.EXE: 110 HP

100% Normal
-- 60% 30°-45° slopes on either side
-- 30% valley
-- 10% tops of hills lining valley