The First Page.

A light green beam struck down from the sky from which Persephone emerged as soon as it reached the surface. Standing on the ground of the ACDC Net, she turned her head around curiously and walked around a bit. "I've got to admit it's weird to be connected to these again," Persephone said and reached for the audio receivers on her ears, but more specifically paid attention to the emblem.

"I hope you like the image, Persephone," Letitia said, who had already finished the chocolate she had begun eating.

Persephone remained quiet for a moment, then shrugged. "It's not like I can see it," she said as blunt as possible. With her book underneath her arm, she gave it a pat with her free hand and nodded. "Are you ready, guys?"

Within Persephone's programming, ten eyes were opened at the Navi's question. "Always, Persephone," a male voice told her within her mind, his voice only heard by her, "It's not like we've got anywhere to go."

"And you'd better remember it!" Persephone shouted, then proceeded on her path, "Let's smash some things that hopefully are pink!"
And so Persephone sought out something pink to smash, and did find something pink to smash. Three somethings, in fact, as some weirdass Metools wearing frilly pink hats instead of their usual yellow helmets. They seemed to be talking to each other in high-pitched shrilly voices, though God knows what they were talking about. One bumped into Persephone and bent its hat slightly, causing it to be very, very miffed. Pulling out its mattock, it urged its mates to do the same as well!

Metool A: 40 HP
Metool B: 40 HP
Metool C: 40 HP

Persephone.EXE: 150 HP

100% Normal

"Ah, it's like your voice called them out!" Letitia remarked happily as she saw the Metools in pink attire. It was a pretty awkward sight for the girl, only just now realizing that Metools could actually change their headwear. "I wonder what else they can change about themselves..." Letitia wondered, but then glanced at Persephone who had brought her book to the front.

The book opened and Persephone's hand against the spine, she quickly sent a command into the book and written symbols became visible as the pages kept turning to a new one. After a few pages, the next pages remained empty while cracks became visible along the pages and the spine, eventually bursting open and revealing a light purple 'dimension' behind it with a shadowed figure standing near it.

"Ah," Letitia uttered, realizing that she should've sent chips to Persephone.

"Come on, we're not here for a party!" Persephone shouted at Letitia, "I don't care if they wear pink or yellow with green dots! Enemies are enemies!" The figure in Persephone's book came closer to the crack and brought her arms out, gripping the sides of the book. The skin was of a pale grey and the black gauntlets the figure was wearing were bulky and had a large light purple jewel on the back. "Celsius, go and attack already! You're not getting some magic spell from me," Persephone went, just waiting for her companion to attack.

Celsius' head became visible, light blue hair and a large visor adorning her face. But as she tried to pull herself out of the crack, she glanced over her shoulder at Persephone and frowned. "I'm stuck," she bluntly remarked, her large breasts bumping against the border of the crack, "Can't you enlarge this hole?"

An expression of annoyance crawled over Persephone's face like a shadow, although largely obscured by her blindfold and hood. "Get out already!" Persephone screamed as she let go of the book, then proceeded to swiftly kick its spine to kick Celsius out.

"Ah!" Celsius shrieked, her body pressing against the border with each of Persephone's kicks. Eventually, however, Celsius managed to get out of it in one piece and gracefully landed on the ground, easily being taller than Persephone. She was wearing a bodysuit in the style of a one-piece bathing suit with shorts attached to them. Her boots were similar as her gauntlets, black with a light blue jewel by her lower leg. "What's this?" Celsius commented as she looked at the enemies, "Why are they wearing pink?"

"Because I told them to," Persephone replied, making her voice as annoyed as possible, "Do I need to show you how to kick them or something!?"

"Keep your panties on," Celsius said and sighed, then made a quick dash at the enemies. It wasn't much she could do in the limited time she had outside of the book as Persephone's processing data was still minimal at best. As such she simply snapped at one of the Metools with a swift kick, an icy trail following its path. With her job completed, her body started to shimmer and eventually faded away in a trail of snow.

"I'll keep my panties exactly where they are, thank you very much!" Persephone yelled at the fading Celsius, then turned her head to Letitia after feeling the chip data she had received. Putting her hand back at the spine of her book, making it levitate in front of her, she initiated the command for the following attack which caused the book to generate pages filled with symbols again. Eventually another crack was opened and, as it bursted open, immediately a dark bullet was fired from the book. "Now to see how this goes," Persephone said, ripping a page from her book after taking it to her chest.

With the hope of the enemies being distracted by the attack, Persephone dropped the page onto the ground. A spiral of cloned pages flew from the location of the page and Persephone herself, eventually obscuring the two from sight. It only took a small moment as shortly after that, the pages fell to the ground and two Persephones emerged from the mess. "I will distract them with hijinx, Persephone!" the clone shouted and randomly ran around, waving around its own book, "By my pride, I will not let them think you are the real one!"

Sensing the 'fiery' data from the clone, she figured which of her internal programs had taken the mind of the clone. She had less issues with bringing them into the world if they took Persephone's form entirely, although it wasn't entirely non-taxing on her. "Idiot. It'll be hard for them not to realize I'm the real one," Persephone uttered, looking at the clone run around, "But I suppose it'll do for the first attempt." But it wasn't a bad idea. Taking her book back under her arm, she dashed away from the clone although without acting like an idiot.

1. Celsius - Flash Frost Kick [40 AQUA; 1 Target; 2 TCD] @ MetoolA
2. Shotgun [50 DMG; Spread; A Accuracy; Ranged] @ MetoolB(/C?)
F. Decoy - Run Around
3. Dodge - Run Around
Celsius' frosty kick sent an icy trail towards the Metool in question, but passed by the virus as it nimbly dodged the attack. However, the attack later did hit one of them, but not the other, due to it not being in a straight line with the other. As the Metools raised their mattocks, Persephone then split her image into two, with the other image possessed by a rather dumb personality. Fortunately, the Metools weren't all that smart either, and were utterly confused as to which to hit. Lastly, they resorted to simply attempting to hit either of them, throwing their pickaxes in the Persephones' paths. It failed rather miserably as the mattocks whizzed far away from their opponents.

Metool A: 40 HP
Metool C: 40 HP

Persephone.EXE: 150 HP [Decoy]

100% Normal