Circus busting?!

Jester appeared in ACDC's network, looking around, he saw nothing and breathed a sigh of relief, no viruses yet, but if worse came to worse, he'd entertain as well as was in his programing after all. Sighing, Jester proceeded to walk through the network, looking for some sort of dropped piles of zenny...god knew he'd get yelled at for returning to his PET empty handed.

(Battle 1, 150HP)
As Jester wandered through the Net, he came across his first audience. Three Metool were standing in a row, watching him with keen interest in their eyes. They didn't seem to be armed with their usual mattocks, but they couldn't be far away.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40

Jester: 150

Terrain: 100% Normal

Battle 1 - Fight!
Watching the Metools that had appeared before him, Jester smiled quite widely and sincerely as he had gotten his first audience in the network...though audience was quite stretching it as he would be forced to delete the poor buggers.

He! An audience! What luck! Jester blared out happily, it also had seemed they were non-violent, easy prey to a navi looking to delete them immediately, but to Jester it was different, his first real showing in the net...until Amanda interrupted him and his thoughts. Sorry to burst your bubble, Jester, but that's no audience, those are viruses and they're going to delete you if you don't fight. Amanda chimed in as she pulled out her battle chips, choosing which one for her navi to use.

But Amanda! They don't have weapons! It would be unfair to- Jester began, pleading to his netop to not fight...but it was too late as a chip was slot in, transferring to Jester's core. Dog eat dog world, Jester. Amanda put bluntly for her pacifist navi, before continuing. Delete them before they delete you. If they don't equip their weapons, take advantage of it. You know what to do. Amanda said as she watched Jester turn to the viruses, a saddened look on his face as he sighed.

Sorry, guys. the clown navi said, apologizing in advance as he accessed the data in his body, transferring the Cannon battlechip data to his arm as he raised his hand into the air and summoned a small weapon in his hand. The weapon looked to be a balloon in the shape of a knife as he held it tightly in his hand, he brought his arm down and took aim at the virus before bringing his arm across his chest, continuing to aim at the Metool before making a swift motion with his arm, sending the balloon knife at the foe. Hearing another click from the PET, Jester quickly moved from his current position, expecting a counter attack from the remaining Metools as he began to run around the group in an attempt to avoid their attacks, rolling as he tripped himself up on accident before quickly standing on his feet.

Silently steeling himself for the battle, Jester quietly accessed the data in his body, summoning a small cannon in front of himself as he attempted to move it to aim at the viruses as he grabbed the small cord in the back of the cannon and quickly pulling it, sending a small spiked cannonball at the metools in an attempt to delete the two before they could get a hit on him.

1: Cannon--->MetoolC (40+impact)
2: Dodge
3: Shotgun--->MetoolB&A (50+spread1)
Despite Jester's pleas for pacifism, Amanda forcefully sent in battlechips for the clown navi to use to delete the viruses with.

Sighing, Jester put on a tearful face as he quickly eradicated the first metool, surprising the others as they pulled out their mattocks.

Strafing around, the pierrot threw a spiked cannonball at the two Metools, one noticing and ducking under its helmet, while the other reacted too late and was banished from the network.

MetoolC: 40 (Under Helmet)

Jester: 150

Terrain: 100% Normal
Good work Jester. Just one left. Amanda said as she looked at the hiding Metool, under it's hat, desperately trying to avoid deletion. Now delete it and move on. Don't forget to pick up any data it leaves behind though. She said, examining the data as the watched Jester look at the Metool.

But. How can I get through this? Jester said, poking the Metool's helm, no obvious point to attack at. Flip it up you fool. Amanda said fiercely at Jester's stupid question. Honestly, do I have to do everything? She asked herself out loud, Jester looked to her. I don't have the nails to, he, flip it and it looks heavy. Jester said, defending himself as Amanda sighed at his excuses as she slotted in the last chip they had. This should be good enough. Now delete it. She said in a bored tone of voice.

Receiving the data, Jester was all but forced to access it lest he be bombarded by his Netop. Strangely, nothing happened immediately. Jester lust looked down at his hands before feeling a slight rumble in his arms as he wisely turned his fingers away as two large pairs of claws protruded from his fingers, looking almost like scissor blades with elongated and sharp points. Wiggling his new blade-like fingers to confirm that he had full control, Jester walked up to the Metool.

Slowly shaking his head and sighing, Jester attempted to wedge the blades under the Metool helm, attempting to gain some leverage and flip the poor little virus on it's "back" of sorts as he attempted to lift the helm up and toss the virus on it's back. Quickly following up with the flipping of the Metool, Jester shed a tear for the poor thing as he bundled his clawed fingers up, nearly cutting his own skin, before lunging at the virus with the blades as he turned his head and hoped to put the poor thing out of it's misery with a swift blow.

1: Equip Rageclaw (AKA. Filler action)
2: Flip MetoolC
3: Rageclaw MetoolC (40+slashing)
Equipping some sharp claws to his hands, Jester reluctantly bent down to get some leverage on the grounded helmet. The Metool flipped over quite easily with a startled "Eep!" as Jester prepared for the last blow. Stabbing into the weak underbelly of the flailing virus, a sickening squelching sound could faintly be heard under the disintegrating data. The pickaxe that the Metool wielded stood all by its lonesome after its user disappeared into the great big network in the sky.


Jester: 150

Terrain: 100% Normal

-- BATTLE 01, VICTORY!! --


[Shockwave] Battlechip
140 Zenny
Walking over to the pickaxe and grabbing it with his free hand, he quickly analyzed it to find it was compatable with the battle chip system of his PET. He quickly sent it to Amanda which she quickly changed it into a battle chip called Shockwave, her bank account also gained a slight increase in funds. Jester got the signal from Amanda to continue his trek in the network.

(battle 2)
Continuing his travels through the ACDC network, Jester found a troupe of viruses trekking through the network as well. A jet-black Melody hopped alongside two Bunny in tow, chattering with a harmonic viral tone of some sort. Then, the Melody realized the clown Navi's presence, and immediately turned hostile along with its mates, growling in a low tone. The Bunnies' ears began to flare with electricity as well as they prepared for battle.

Melody: 80 HP
Bunny A: 50 HP
Bunny B: 50 HP

Jester.EXE: 150 HP

100% Normal