Melodic Discord

Adagio had found himself in ACDC's Net district. It was a familiar place for him; great starting places to shake off that rust that has been slowly starting to eat at his exterior. He was jonesing for some busting. Metallic like eyes flashed around as he was looking for some prospect targets. Kordello would question him every so often about seeing any viruses that looked suitable enough for some smashing, yet nothing has showed up. Adagio continued to cautiously examine the area as he slowly walked. He turned his head and narrowed his eyes slightly...there was an air of uncertainty here, his spirit was clawing at him to get free...there was a sudden surge to just fire off at anything that moved at him.

"How is it, Adagio...anything yet?"

There was silence, Adagio didn't even respond back to his Operator. Kordello hated it when he was like this; sure he listened to commands but only when he found himself in a pinch. Otherwise Adagio would go off on his own way and do whatever he wanted. He would even question Kordello's intelligence with certain chip combinations. It was slightly disheartening when he hears him back talk like that, but it was a growing experience for Kordello. Though he was somewhat slow, when times called for it...Well, even Adagio is surprised time from time.

"Alright...I had just about enough of this nonsense!" Adagio exclaimed.

:::Battle 1-Ready:::
:::Adagio.exe [150 HP]:::
[Your max HP in the Navi tab is still 100, by the way. Might want to fix that.]

Adagio's trek through the ACDC networks were not uninterrupted for long, as he heard the unmistakable squeaks of viral calls. Soon enough, he came into a group of Metools, which seemed out of breath, as if they were running away from something. Two of the hard-hatted black viruses cowered back slightly, but one stepped forward and shrieked in its own indecipherable "Meep!" of rage. The other Metools seemed empowered by their leader's call, but it seemed more cute than enraged to Adagio.

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Adagio.EXE: 150HP

[Thank you for catching that. ^^;]

Adagio turned his attention to the three metools. He scoffed at the viral brats and narrowed his eyes. Kordello was trying to reach Adagio, but he wasn't listening to the nonsense that he was spouting. He was going to take these three down without so much as a wear on his data.

Adagio slid one foot in front of another. His metal fists balled up tightly and his eyes focused greatly on the one metool that seemed to be full of life. Adagio snorted, " least one of you has the sand to take me on, huh? No matter, the ones behind you will meet the same fate soon enough. Time for a melodic beat down!"

"Alright! Slotting in three chips! Time to put on the pres—"

"Enough of the rambling, Kordello. There is no need to get over dramatic about this...they'll fall soon enough..."

Kordello gave a sigh, the best thing he could do was just slot in some chips and hope for the best. He had faith in his NetNavi, even though he was a little cold at times.

Adagio narrowed his eyes once more; he could feel the data from the chips pouring into his system. A surge of power seemed to escape his fists as a cannon materialized. Adagio hated long distance attack chips. They were almost useless for his type, but he could do little about it. If his NetOp would actually take cases instead of reading a bunch of paper work, he might actually get paid for his time. Kordello was a smart man...but he was a lazy bum too.

Adagio straightened his right arm, eyes narrowing down at the oncoming hero metool. He pressed the trigger, though he hated distance shots...the power and slight recoil was somewhat...intense.Bang! The cannon shot could possibly force the metool back, thanks to the impressive side effect the cannon chip had and subsequently it could knock it into another metool, though luck was finicky with Adagio. It would be something like a bowling pin being struck.

The dark toned NetNavi sighed, was this all the challenge he would get from these metools? Sad to say, it was. Adagio was then given his second battle chip, the shotgun. He stepped a little closer to the buggers with a serious look on his face.

He pulled back his right hand; his fist seemed to light up with energy and then thrust it forward, causing a barrage of hail that might engulf his opponents. "Shotgun!" The bullet spread would hopefully cross two of the metools, slight 'meeping' occurred as they seemed to scatter about. Adagio shook his head...there had to be more desire than just this. Metools were weak, but they had their fare share of brutality. Narrowed eyes looked to one that seemed to scream, "Delete me!" Adagio found that his right arm had grown into somewhat of a bear claw. It was the Rageclaw1 chip, it was a close combat type chip and that made this all the more enjoyable for Adagio.

Slowly he stepped forward; the metool seemed to have wide eyes as it stared at the towering NetNavi. "Meep?"

"Oh yes, little one...Deletion time!"

Adagio roared, his right fist seemed to come from below and push upwards with a massive strike which would hopefully force the metool to rise from beneath and due to gravity taking effect, be flung skyward. It was more like an uppercut than anything else...however the intense feeling from melee combat didn't subside...nor did that one attack sedate him at all...Adagio was growing more and more restless...he was tired of this internet trash. He looked behind him as the metool rocketed downward. He scoffed...

1)Cannon [40] -> MetoolB [Knockback into MetoolA]
2)Shotgun [50] -> MetoolC [Spread to MetoolA]
3)Rageclaw1 [20: Impact] -> MetoolA [Launched skyward/Fall Dmg?]- [5/6 uses]
[You imply something upon the enemy, that is godmoding. Like, its talk, or rocketing downwards when you don't even know the result. I believe you already know this, just a reminder.]

Blasting the first Metool with a Cannon shot was a piece of cake, as the hardhat exploded, no match against the raw blast of power. Then, as he turned targets, the other Metool figured it would be a good idea to not stay still, and ducked under its helmet out of harm's way, just as the Shotgun crackled forth. The helmet was surprisingly strong when it covered the entirety of the virus, the bullet spray merely pinged harmlessly on its shiny yellow surface.

The last one felt the sudden grip of Adagio's claws, and squeaked in surprise. Throwing up the Metool, the poor thing landed smack on its underside. It was obviously not happy about this, and launched a shockwave towards Adagio, smacking him for a small amount of damage, yet it was not that negligible. (10)

MetoolA: 20HP
MetoolC: 40HP [Under Helmet]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Adagio.EXE: 140HP
Kordello could only help contain the laughter over his PET device while a metool had shown Adagio a thing or two in proper battle etiquette. Adagio took the shockwave respectively however it did not harm much of his outside appearance as it did bruise his ego slightly.

"Ready to let me give out some commands? Kordello asked mockingly.

Adagio gave out a soft audible growl, if he wanted to take out the rest of the metools, he surely would have to go with Kordello's plans. He nodded but said no word to him and raised both his hands, his metal fingers balling up to take down the rest of this weak internet trash.

"We still have five more uses for our Rageclaw, make them count here and now! Adagio! Initiate Harpsichord Pattern 2!"

Adagio growled forth, his steps were almost hypnotic as his foot slammed hard against the panels beneath him. His rageclaw was burning with ferocity as he motioned towards the metool who seemed to be hiding under its helmet. He gave a loud menacing roar to see if it would come out of its hardhat then he would aim both claws directly over head in attempt to slash it to pieces. He looked to his left and instinctively attacked the other metool, both arms where stretched out in front of him as he dove forward to execute the last part of the pattern, hopefully the forward momentum along with the powerful rageclaw combined would be enough to take out this metool.

1) Strategic Movement
2) Rageclaw [40 Slashing] -> MetoolC
3) Rageclaw [40 Slashing] -> MetoolA [3/6]
Adagio rushed forward brandishing his RageClaw at the Metools. Once he arrived within melee range, he gave an intimidating roar that caused the hiding Met to stumble back in surprise. He took the opportunity to slice the virus in two before it could escape. Once the hiding Metool was taken care of, it was a simple matter to bring down the claw on the other weakened Met and end the battle.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Battle 1 Complete!

Adagio.EXE: 140HP

Rewards: Guard1, 150z
[[OOC: Do battle chips restart at the start of each new battle?]]

Kordello was going to do his happy dance when Adagio had already foreseen the possible event and told him to stop acting so childish. Kordello gave out a heavy sigh and was defeated by his own NetNavi. Curse his bad luck today with conversation! Kordello gave an epic smile as he looked over the rewards. Though modest as it was he was very pleased with what he was granted. The new battle chip would digitize on his PET as the Guard1 emblem appeared.

"Looks like we got a new chip, Adagio. Good work!"

Adagio made no remark towards the trivial battle chip. It was as useless as the long distance chips, what he needed were some melee chips...not something to protect him. He shrugged his shoulders and gave a sigh.

"Well the first batch has been taken care of, though I would have liked to see a better reward. You can use that money to upgrade me, Kordello...don't even try to use that for anything else."

Kordello gave a blank stare at his screen with a 'you got to be kidding me,' look. How in the world did he end up with such a difficult NetNavi? He shook his fast mightily towards the sky as if he were being damned by the righteous man upstairs.

"In any case, we should continue, Adagio."

Adagio agreed, of course. The battle surged through his circuitry and the zenith of battle had yet to be reached. He wanted to crave fear and despair; he wanted to be pitted with something so dreadful it would glitch his soul. It is the heat of battle where Adagio loses himself to something beyond...he wanted to unlock that part of himself to show exactly what he can do. His eyes narrowed as he continued through the area. Eyes were soaked with contagion, fists dripping with malice. Adagio took a right handed turn, a smirk crossed his face.

Initiate Battle 2!
Adagio.exe [140 HP]
(Yes, battlechips refresh before each battle.)
Adagio managed to find his next victims a short time later. Two Spikeys were chasing each other around in a large circle somewhat playfully. When Adagio moved closer, the two stopped, growled and positioned themselves a number of yards away. It was only then that Adagio noticed the terrain the viruses had been running on had now collapsed, creating a mostly isolated platform in the battlefield.

SpikeyA: 90HP
SpikeyB: 90HP

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Broken (in a circle around Adagio and Spikeys, multiple small panel bridges lead off central platform)

Adagio.EXE: 140HP

Battle 2 Start!
[Thanks for the help[Darkstar] and update [Corrupted Child]]

Adagio had stopped in the mist looking over two Spikeys. Eyes set aflame as his circuitry seemed to spark with life and interest, the feeling of not coming alive out of battle was probably the most exhilarating form of tension one could possibly have. He watched as the Spikeys had collapsed the floors, the terrain had changed slightly and Adagio could not help but mutter a cynical laugh.

Kordello scratched his head, his ember eyes narrowing down wondering what sort of pattern would work with. They were clearly on a platform with small panel bridges. Two options occurred for Kordello as he tactically thought of a plan. One was pretty darn simple, try and lure the Spikeys into a panel bridge and blast one of them with the cannon and hopefully to force it into the other and knock them off the bridge. "The other option..."

"The other option, to give me that Rageclaw once more. They have no where to run and no where to hide. Let me enjoy this battle as it was meant to be. Don't stick me with that crappy cannon chip."

"Should I remind you what happened last time you didn't take my advice, Adagio? I suppose you just need to learn your lesson...Slotting in!

The familiar chips were set to Adagio's system, as well as the new Guard chip they had required previously. Adagio scoffed finding that the Rageclaw was materializing around his broad armored gauntlets. Dark narrowed eyes fell upon one of the Spiky. A grin spread across his face and he launched himself forward once again placing himself in a strategic place on the panels. He would go for one at a time instead spreading the damage. He had not come in contact with Spikeys so perhaps after destroying one; he could watch their attack pattern and come up with a more soluble plan. As his feet pounded against the panels, his eyes flickered as he raised one claw and slid around the Spiky hopefully getting in position to strike its central plexus. It would be a simultaneous attack pattern by thrusting both claws forward and hopefully rendering the Spiky to a pile of junk data.

1) Tactical Movement towards SpikeyA
2) Rageclaw [40] -> Spikey A
3) Rageclaw [40] -> SpikeyA
The Spikeys reared their heads and blasted forth breaths of fire, which the charging Adagio had no qualms of running straight through. For that, he received several severe burns. (20x2) His prize, however, was the relatively unguarded state of the Spikey he had targeted. Sinking his claws into the Spikey, the canine virus howled in anger and pain, and thrashed around to release itself from the impalement. It succeeded, but it was horribly maimed at the same time as well. (40x2)

SpikeyA: 10HP
SpikeyB: 90HP

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Broken (in a circle around Adagio and Spikeys, multiple small panel bridges lead off central platform)

Adagio.EXE: 100HP