Training On Patrol

A shadow rose up from the earth, enveloping the landscape in darkness. From within the void came a form that rose up to disperse the shadow. Cypher.Exe had entered the net. The tall Navi scanned the horizon, the eyes behind the mask seeking out any signs of life. ACDC was a small town, but its network was connected to the world at large, like the web of a spider branching out to ensnare the unsuspecting prey. Kernels of the corruption grew even here, under the watchful eyes of the "law".

"Ha," Cypher's laugh was bitter.

"What's wrong?" the voice of a young woman sounded within his helmet. She was too young to be tainted by the truth of this world.

"Nothing," he lied. "It has been a while, is all."

"Ah, alright then." The girl paused as though she were trying to decide what to say next. "So, what is the best way to do this?"

"Training?" Cypher asked. "I suppose we should just patrol and see what comes up. It is all the NetPolice do, after all." He tried to keep the derision out of his voice and he thought he succeeded for the most part.

"Alright then," Cypher imagined the girl nodding emphatically as she spoke. "Let's do it then, okay Cypher? We need to work on our teamwork if we want to be an effective duo in the academy."

Cypher kept silent, refusing to comment. The thought of his partner's daughter entering that hellhole and becoming a part of the darkness caused his insides to churn. He shook his head. He couldn't tell her the truth. Not yet...Not when he didn't know all of the facts himself. He reached down with his left hand, patting the recessed holster that was attached to his armor. The weight of the plasma pistol reassured him. He wouldn't fail a second time.

Cypher strode off on his patrol, seeking the corruption that stained his world.

((Waiting for Medic, I suppose.))
Daisy was wondering around the area when she spotted another being off in the distance. Since it didn't look like a virus from her end, she thought it could be a friendly navi. After a bit of thinking she headed towards the navi, and waved at him once she got closer. "Hello." She said, smiling at Cypher.
"Er...Hello," Cypher greeted the newcomer cautiously.

The Navi contemplated the situation as the young looking Navi approached. She didn't seem antagonistic, but he knew that looks could be deceiving. The most hellish beasts could lurk behind the sweetest of smiles. It was best not to get involved. He moved to turn away, but his NetOp's voice froze him in his tracks.

"Hello there!" She called. "My name is Enjolie and this is Cypher. Who might you be?"
"I would happen to be called Daisy, and it's a pleasure to meet both of you." Daisy told Cypher and his netop. "Um... since it seems like you are walking around, do you mind if I join you?" She asked the two, seeing as she came to this part of the Internet to just walk around, it would be more enjoyable if she had atleast one more person to talk to.
"No, not at all," Enjolie spoke before Cypher had time to deny the newcomer's request. "We are just patrolling ACDC Net in an effort to practice our teamwork against viruses. Adding more people can only help, right?"

"I suppose," Cypher muttered, a tad annoyed.

The Navi examined the newcomer from behind his mask. She looked innocent enough, but the corruption could fool even the sharpest vision. He'd have to keep an eye on her, have to be ready to unload his pistol into her gut if she stepped out of line. His hand strayed toward the holster built into his armor, longing for the feel of the cold grip resting against his palm. He wouldn't hesitate to shoot to kill if he thought the girl posed a threat to his mission.

"Shall we go then?" Cypher called, moving further into ACDC.

((Ready for battle 1, I suppose))
"Alright" Daisy said, following Cypher trough the net.

((Ready for battle one))
As the unlikely duet begin their patrol of the ACDC network, they quickly, and unsurprisingly, come across several viruses, Spikies and spookies. Looks like the two types have learned to settle whatever differences they might have had. Too bad they see the duet and ready for a fight.

SpikeyA: 90
SpookyA: 50
SpikeyB: 90
SpookyB: 50
SpikeyC: 90
SpookyC: 50

Cypher.EXE: 100
Daisy.EXE: 160

Cypher cursed, his eyes flashed from one virus to the next, finally settling on his supposed partner. Had this been her plan? Had she summon all these viruses? He knew he shouldn't have trusted some strange dame.

"Wow," Enjolie interrupted his line of thought. "That is a lot of viruses. I don't think we have enough BattleChips for this one. What do you think, Cypher?"

"I'm not sure. I think Daisy can pick up our slack."

"Oh? Daisy, do you think you can handle some of the viruses? I hope you and your NetOp are better prepared than we are."

Viruses. They were a symptom of the corruption. Their rampant abundance, even here in what should have been a peaceful suburb, was a sign of the darkness that permeated the heart of justice. It was the NetPolice's fault. Those bastards had the strength to wipe out every virus in the normal Network if they wanted to harness their true power. Cypher had seen that power, had been a part of that power. In the end, he had become a victim of that power and he was determined to never let it happen again.

"Well, I guess I'll take it slow and see what you can do....Partner." Cypher told Daisy.

A two foot beam of light lanced out from the middle of Cypher's right forearm, extending back beyond his elbow. The beam widened outward, rotating in both directions until the two sides met to form a thin, silver oval of pulsating energy. Cypher didn't have the attack options to take out the horde of viruses, but he had a fairly strong defense that would last him until he could figure out what was going on. If Daisy was an enemy, she would use this opportunity to attack him...Unless she wanted to catch him unawares and then she'd start killing some viruses in the hopes of drawing him from behind his shield. And if she was really a friend, well, that was fine too. He'd simply wait and see what would happen.

1. Use Data Shield (3-Hit Shield)

-- Turn Splice --
"And then viruses interrupt our walk..." Daisy said, spotting the herd of wolves and ghosts. She just sighed and quietly added "Should have went to Yoka for a bath..."

"I should be able to take most of them out fast, so if you can take out what is left please." The female navi told her ally. While she could handle numbers larger then this by herself, Cypher's netop said herself that they were going to practice their teamwork... so she needs to at least leave some of them for Cypher to take care of.

"Virgil? Can you send me some chips?" She asked her netop, blood oozing from her arms to form her various defenses. The bubble of blood surrounding her and the shield in front, now all she needed was her Netop to send in the chips. Without a word, Virgil slotted in just two chips. Even though Virgil didn't tell Daisy what they were, they felt familiar to her. Familiar enough for her to know the two chips were a wideshot and a guard.

Daisy pointed her hand at the group of viruses, and without a word blood sprayed out of her palm. The red liquid formed into a guillotine blade. Without warning, the sharp weapon flew towards the group, ready to slice anything in it's path. This wasn't the end of Daisy's onslaught, as she had one more trick up her.... sleeve. She moved her hand to point at one of the ghosts, and in that instant three daggers fired out of her palm in rapid succession. The blades flew trough the air at an alarming rate, and if the spooky didn't move out of the way in time... well, lets not think about it.

Daisy moved from her position to where she would be between Cypher and the remaining viruses. Once there, and after making sure she was facing the viruses, she used the second, and last, chip Virgil sent her and a simple shield with a red cross appeared in her free hand. "Feel free to stay behind me and take care of the rest." She told Cypher.

((Passive: Shield on self
30 HP barrier on self
1 Wideshot1 Spikey B, C, and Spooky B: 60 aqua
2 Defense Breaker SpookyC: 3 hits of 20 aqua+break+impact+Slashing
3 Get between Cypher and remaining viruses
4 Guard1 with free hand
5 Not dodge))
((Not my best post, and not even remotely noir, but whatever.))

Hmmm...She's playing along for now. Cypher thought as he watched Daisy's actions from behind his shield.

"B-blood?!" Enjolie shrieked as she witness Daisy prepare her attack. "Were you hurt?"

Blood, Cypher saw the thick, scarlet liquid rise up and rush toward a trio of viruses. An interesting choice of tactics. To use one's own blood to defeat your foes. I must be cautious for this Daisy is never without a weapon.

Cypher grimaced as Daisy continued her assault. She was fast and used her blood to mimic a variety of weaponry. If she turned against him, he had little faith in his ability to subdue her. He would need to strike hard and fast, attempt to overwhelm her defenses before she could crush him. The Navi's left hand strayed down toward his leg, fingers brushing past the cloth to hover in front of the holster embedded in his armor. A single mental order sent the metallic hatch sliding open and the grip of his pistol leaped into his grasp. The metal grip was cool to the touch, sending an icy shiver up the Navi's arm. It was a comfortingly familiar feeling. This was his justice.

Cypher raised the gun slowly, taking aim at the small of Daisy's back. One squeeze was all it would take. He could finish her off and then worry about the rest of the viruses. If he struck first, he wouldn't have to worry about her betraying him. There was no honor in this world and justice was in the eye of the beholder, in the grasp of those strong enough to take it.

"Cypher!" Enjolie shouted, staying the Navi's hand. "I'm sending you two BattleChips so lets try and take out whatever viruses remain, alright?"

"Tch..." Cypher cursed and spun out from behind his partner.

Cypher took aim at the first virus he saw, squeezing the trigger and sending the shot meant for Daisy sizzling down the barrel toward what looked to be a blue wolf. The gun retorted with a deafening crack and a blast of silver energy hurled across the battlefield toward the virus, the snarling personification of the corruption that stained the world.

Cypher took aim at the virus once more, this time calculating his shot while the energy of Enjolie's BattleChip soared through him. He strafed to his left, his feet gliding across the ground in silence. The virus stood before him while a ghostlike creature hovered just behind the cobalt wolf. Cypher pulled the trigger once more, this time sending a spread of silver light energy toward the wolf and the ghost.


-End of Turn Splice-
2. Cannon(40) to SpikeyA
--Take Aim
3. Shotgun(50) to SpikeyA, Spread(50) to SpookyA
Even before the two navi could start their assault, the tricky Spikeys moved in a typical delta formation and dashed towards Cypher and Daisy. They immediately realized that Cypher was the weakest and two fired their fireballs while the other towards Daisy. Thankfully, their defenses placed just before the virus' attack proved their worth then all of Spikey's attack was instantly negated.

In a flash, the viruses was immediately deleted and gone for good, leaving only the loot of battle for the duo!


Cypher.EXE: 100 [Defense: 1-hit Shield]
Daisy.EXE: 160 [Defense: 1-Hit Shield / Barrier Destroyed]

Cypher: 200z + [Invis1] Battlechip + 2 FXP
Daisy: 400z + 2 FXP
"Wow," Enjolie clapped excitedly as the final virus fell. "You are really strong, Daisy."

"Hm," Cypher muttered. "That was easier than I thought it would be."

The Navi examined his partner from behind his mask, weighing her actions with what he knew of her. She still managed her friendly facade, but Cypher was unconvinced of her motives.

"I suppose we should continue on..."

((Ugh...I have no inspiration. Still, let's hurry on to the next battle, eh?))
Without any warning, the two were suddenly bombarded by explosions everywhere. Thankfully, none of them were hurt, but found themselves surrounded by cracked panels and viruses. It was the speedy Fishy viruses along with the Beetanks, stationing far behind for support fire! Get ready to rumble!

FishyA: 90
FishyB: 90
FishyC: 90
FishyC: 90

-Behind Fishy-
BeetankA: 50
BeetankB: 50
Beetank EXA: 90
BeetankC: 50
BeetankD: 50

Terrain: 70% Normal, 30% Cracked [Surrounding Cypher, Daisy]

Cypher.EXE: 100 HP
Daisy.EXE: 160 HP

Explosions rocked the battlefield. Dust rose from the blasts, a fog of war that obscured Cypher's vision momentarily. The Navi could feel the ground roll beneath him, the earth shattering under the force of the explosions and weakening his footing. Cypher could see shadows darting back and forth through the haze of dust, small forms with flittering movements that sailed a few feet off the ground. The dust cleared enough for Cypher to see nine viruses, four of the flying Fishys flying near him and Daisy and five bug-like tanks stationed behind for covering fire. It was an ambush.

"Damn," Cypher muttered.

"What do we do?" Enjolie asked.

An ambush. Cypher hadn't expected the viruses in ACDC to use such tactics. Tactics spoke of planning, spoke of intelligence. It spoke of something far beyond the meager capabilities of most viruses. Once more Cypher glared at his supposed partner, but he dismissed the though before it fully formed. That barrage of cannon fire could have just as easily have struck down Daisy as it could have him. It was dumb luck that neither of them had been laid to waste by the explosions, though a second volley would surely send them both tumbling through the net floor to whatever hell lay in wait for Navi such as them. No, these viruses didn't care who they killed, as long as someone met their maker.

"We'll have to fight," Cypher told Enjolie. "There is no escape with those tanks in reserve. They'll gun us down before we have the chance to escape their range." He turned to Daisy. "I am afraid that we'll have to rely on your strength once more."

Cypher reached down to his left hip, his gun practically leaping into his hand, yearning to be used. He could feel Enjolie's response to his words, the BattleChip data flooding through him. The Beetanks were his real targets, but he wouldn't be able to get close to them with the Fishys soaring between them. He would have to cut through the bird-like viruses to reach the cannons. He channeled the energy of the BattleChips into his right hand, two vials of silver energy materializing within his grasp. Two shots. That was all he had. It would have to be enough.

The Navi loaded his pistol, slotting one vial in place so that the weapon could absorb volatile plasma. He took aim, placing on of the Fishy dead within his sights. He squeezed the trigger, a beam of silver light slicing through the air with killing intent. The angle of fire would send the searing blast of energy square in the center of the virus.

Cypher snapped the second vial into place.

The Navi changed his stance, holding the pistol in both hands to maximize his aim and reduce recoil. He took aim at the same virus, the angle aligned so that the blast would continue through the Fishy to drill a hole in the tank beyond. Cypher squeezed the trigger once more, several blasts of energy ripping through the air to spread out in cone of silver light. The blast should be enough to put down the bird and tear into the tank behind it.

Cypher lowered his weapon and once more engaged his shield, the thin oval of energy spreading out along his right arm. Cypher held the shield in front of him, his eyes gazing out from just over the edge. He would duck behind the shield if any of the viruses came his way, absorbing their strikes in order to defend himself.

Passive - Marksmanship

1. Cannon(40) to FishyA
--Snipe: Imbue Seeking to Shotgun
2. Shotgun(50) to FishyA, Spread(50) to BeetankA
3. Data Shied(3-hit Shield) to self
Curse those highly rude viruses, attacking before Daisy could even respond to her allies. Hell, the remains of her attacks haven't even returned to her. Well, with the chance of this happening again in the future, Daisy decided to not make a deal out of it and started to take a closer gander of the situation.

The navi was unsure how the flying viruses attack, but she could guess the explosions from earlier came from the tank like things. Those viruses could shred trough her and her allies shields, bur at least Daisy had something much greater then a shield. The blood that almost returned to her before this bout started traveled up her legs and solidified. This amount, only covering her legs, was not enough. Needing more, blood oozed out of the rest of her body, solidifying into a sheet of armor, and just that. With this up there would be no need for her other defenses, the blood wielding navi thought.

"Seems I should be paying more attention, could have sworn you would have cleared them out by now." Daisy heard in her head, being a bit shocked by there now randomly being a voice in her head, until she realized it was most likely Virgil talking to hr trough a private channel.

"We did, but another group showed up and rudely attacked us before I could even respond to Cypher and Enjolie." Daisy responded over whatever channel Virgil happened to have been using. Virgil was a bit confused as to whom those two were, that was until he actually noticed the navi near Daisy.

"Seems I should really be paying more attention, can't believe I missed the fact there was someone with you. Well, I guess I introduce myself to your new friends when things get less hectic. So, for the time being I'll just send you this wideshot, DBLbeam, and some ranged stuff." Virgil told his navi, slotting in 4 chips. It was now time for Daisy to join Cypher on the attack against this group of foes.

Daisy looked past the first group of viruses, and focused her glaze on the tanks in the back. While the so called 'fishys' are more of a threat to her, the tanks could pose to be a great problem to her ally. So she decided to target them with a single attack, the wideshot that was sent to her. Raising her hand at the tank like foes, some of the blood that had became her armor broke off. This blood, now floating in front of Daisy's hand, changed shape to become longer and thinner until it looked like a long sheet of red material. With a quick snap of her fingers, this sheet soared at the most unique of the tanks. The sheet was long enough that with enough luck, it could probably catch more in it's path then just it's intended target. The next chip at her dispose, well... as far as she can remember it can be a bit random. It does have the potential of shifting the fight more in their favor, but it could very well end up being a useless move. Well, it seems Daisy is willing to take that risk.

"Lets she if this will be helpful." Daisy told the futuristic looking navi, using the second of the chips Virgil sent. A small glass ball appeared out of the air in front of Daisy, and stayed fixated to that point in space. After a second, beams of blue light flashed from the object. Without warning, the color of the lighting changed from blue to red, and back to blue. This kept going at a rapid pace, but started to slow down in the rate of color swaping. Not going to wait for the orb to decide on a color, Daisy pointed at two of the flying viruses. Using the two Markcannons she had received, a small amount of blood fired from her fingertips right at her targets. After this act of finger shooting, the orb stopped it changing of colors and the orb started to do its thing.

((Passives: off
1 Grand Blood Armor: Shadow on self
2 Wideshot BeetankEX: 70 aqua+Wide attack (Beetank B and C as extra targets)
3 DBLbeam
4 MarkCannon1 FishyC:70+seeking+Lockon
5 MarkCannon1 FishyC2:70+seeking+Lockon))
After musing over the viruses' plotting prowess, Cypher decides to make the first move, firing his cannon at one of the Fishy. The blast connects and Cypher quickly follows up the attack with a Shotgun, the blast tracking down the wounded fishy and taking it out, along with a Beetank positioned behind it. He then put up a shield for his protection. Daisy then decides to do her part, launching of red water at the Beetanks group, taking down one small virus and harming the beefed up model. She then uses a weird, flashing cube, which finally turns blue, healing the pair of navis for the whole 0 damage they received. She fires two tracking shots at one of the fishy, taking it out. The virus group then takes the offensive. A Fishy dashes at, and then through, Daisy, her shadow ability keeping her from harm. One of the Beetanks fires a bomb into Cypher, though his shield takes the hit.

FishyB: 90
FishyC: 20
FishyD: 20

-Behind Fishy-
BeetankA: DELETED!
BeetankB: DELETED!
Beetank EXA: 20
BeetankC: 50
BeetankD: 50

Terrain: 70% Normal, 30% Cracked [Surrounding Cypher, Daisy]

Cypher.EXE: 100 HP (2-hit shield)
Daisy.EXE: 160 HP
...That was real useful...

This was the only real thought that went trough Daisy's mind. Her gambit on the DLBeam failed, and did nothing to help this battle. At least her other actions managed to weaken the opposing forced enough that simple attacks can finish them off. The blood used for her defense, instead of letting it go to waste, she reused. The blood in the front reshaped itself into a simple shield, where as the back formed a protective bubble around her. Looking at her foes, she thought that she should finish off one group, and Cypher finish off the other. While she could handle either of the two groups, she was unsure of her ally. She has only seen him use two kinds of attacks, and she did not know what else he could do. Well, he seem smart... he might have something to use for when things get close up. Daisy thought to herself. If she could get Cypher up close, he might have something to use to finish off the tanks at least... Well, she could at least prepare to get him close to the tanks and ask before getting him there.

"Virgil, may I have the rageclaw please?" the bloody navi requested.

"Since you asked nicely." He responded, slotting in the requested chip. Instead of claws randomly coming out of her hands, the only thing that appeared was blood on her palms. She then turned to Cypher.

"Cypher, I think I have a plan... If I throw you at the tanks could you finish them off? I'll make sure to take care of the other things." Daisy asked her ally. After getting Cypher's answer, Daisy grabbed the navi by the waist. Using the strength from the chip, she hosted the navi off the ground and lobbed him at one of the tanks. Even if Cypher... missed... the target, he would be close enough to engage it in melee, which is probably not a strong point of the virus in the first place.
((Passive: Shield on self
30HP barrier
1Rageclaw Cypher at BeetankC: 20 + impact
Cypher tensed as one of the bug-like tanks took aim and unleashed an explosion of cannon fire. A steel ball hurdled through the air and collided with Cypher's shield, the sphere disintegrating in a wave of flames and shrapnel that washed around the Navi. Cypher was unharmed and his shield was still intact, but the blast had been devastatingly powerful. If his shield hadn't been up, he would be nothing more than a smear across the floor.

"Damn, we need to take out those artillery before they get the chance to really attack." Cypher muttered.

"We only have one battlechip left," Enjolie observed. "What are we going to do?"

"The only thing we can do...I execute them before they can blast me apart. The shield still works, so we'll just take this slow and steady."

"But the only battlechip left is a RageClaw. It's a melee chip."

"It'll have to do."

Enjolie slotted in the battlechip, the energy pumping through Cypher and strengthening his free hand. Cypher holstered his pistol, the hidden sheath in his leg armor sliding closed. He didn't like getting up close and personal, preferred to snuff out his opponents from a distance, but the pistol was useless to him now. The armor plating around his left forearm snapped open in four places, rising up like the fins on a missile. A low hum sounded from within the armor plating and a silver aura rose up to surround the arm. The metal around Cypher's fingers began to flow like mercury, lengthening into points before hardening into long claws. It wasn't much of a weapon, but it would have to do.

Cypher held the shield in front of his, his right arm raised to protect his body with the oval of energy. He gazed at the remaining viruses, his remaining targets, with an experienced eye. If he could somehow grab the flying viruses with the RageClaw, he could use them as projectiles to bombard the tanks that waited in the rear. It was a risky plan as the birdlike viruses were quick and agile, but it wasn't impossible. Cypher waited for one of the Fishy to come near, waited even as Daisy's attack cast a blue light over the battlefield. One of the viruses came within range.


Cypher's arm snaked out from behind his shield, clawed fingers grasping toward the birdlike virus in an attempt to latch on. If he succeeded, he would use the viruses as a bomb, hurling it across the field with his practiced aim to strike at the tanks. He planned to attack the larger tank that Daisy had already injured, hoping to take it out with this final attack. Another virus came within range and once more Cypher snaked out his arm to try and snatch the creature out of the air. He would throw this one as well, now taking aim at one of the uninjured tanks that laid in wait.
"Cypher, I think I have a plan," Daisy called out. "If I throw you at the tanks, could you finish them off? I'll make sure to take care of the other things."

"Th-throw?" Enjolie asked. "What do you mean?"

"It doesn't matter," Cypher answered. "If you get me close enough, I can definitely take out at least one more of those tanks. Just make sure you can mop up the rest of this scum."

Daisy used her own RageClaw battlechip to lift Cypher into the air, blood from her palm splashing against the Navi's feet. Cypher was hurled through the air straight toward one of the Beetanks. Cypher held his shield in front of him, prepared to use it to absorb the shock of the blow and prevent the tanks from counterattacking him.

As Cypher neared his target, his swung his shield arm out, attempting to bash the tank and avoid its cannon. He fell into a roll, landing along the side of the virus with his clawed hand poised to strike. Cypher rose up, slamming his fist toward the Beetank and throwing all of his strength against the bug-like virus. He struggled to lift the tank, planning to slam it down on the last of its brethren. He focused the strength of the battlechip into his arms, enhancing his muscles to allow him to upend the large tank so that he could use it to bludgeon the virus next to it.

"Finish it!" Cypher shouted to Daisy.

1. RageClaw(20 + Impact) to FishyC and Beetank EXA
2. RageClaw(20 + Impact) to FishyD and BeetankC
3. RageClaw(20 + Impact) to BeetankC and D

((And I'm pretty sure Medic is using a Turn Splice))
"Finish it!' Daisy heard Cypher shout, causing her to look at what was left to be taken out. She spotted that one of the Fishies hasn't be touched, so she figures she could at least take that out.

"Virgil, aquaneedle please." Daisy requested, her netop responding by slotting said chip in. She looked towards that darn falsenumner of a virus, and raised her hand at it. Without thinking, the blood on her palm formed three three inch nails. Then, one by one, they erupted from their place on the palm at the Fishy. Piercing trough the air at their target, hoping to go right trough it with great precision.

She looked once more at the field, and saw that one of the viruses Cypher handled definitely was still around. Since Cypher trusted her to do the cleaning, she shifted her arm at the tank. Right then, when the arm lined up with the target, three daggers burst out of her hand, flying at speeds nearing sound as they travel towards the last of the tanks. The recoil of the attack, due to Daisy not preparing herself for it, caused her to spin slightly.

((2 Aquaneedle FishyB: 3 hits of 30 aqua
3 Defense Breaker BeetankD: 3 hits of 20 aqua+break+impact+slashing
4 dodge
5 dodge))