Blazeman's Retry

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"Alright,lets go! Lets pray that we won't run into those Spikeys of doom and evil.." Blazeman said.
"Pfft,we could have beaten the spikeys if those Metools hadn't shown up." Cole said.
"Your right. Lets pray for a easy battle. VIR.."
"Pipe down,last time your screaming attracted the metools and spikeys!"

So,Blazeman wandered in the internet for 1 hour in his quest for money,power,chips,virus blood,and happiness. When suddenly...

(Initiate Battle 1!)

Well, not that sudden, actually. Just some Bunny viruses hopping around in organized disorder. Their glee was interrupted by Blazeman's interference with their daily uninterrupted lives, and they rebelled against the machine. Careful, though. The ground looked to be cracked in a few places.

BunnyA: 50HP
BunnyB: 50HP
BunnyC: 50HP

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Cracked (Scattered)

BlazeMan.EXE: 100HP

"Finally,about time..I have been walking for 1 hour.." Blazeman said while panting.
"Ok,are you ready for some awesomeness?" Cole said,looking through his battlechips.
"Yeah,lets go!"

A gun appeared in Blazeman's hand,and then he aimed it at the first Bunny. He prayed that a Bunny would be in back of the bunny,and he fired.

"AquaNeedle1,SLOT IN!"

Blazeman then fired 3 needles into the air,and then he said "Go for it!" while pointing at the third Bunny. The needles then aimed for that bunny.

"Guard1,SLOT IN!"

Blazeman then took out a shield,and put it in front of him,while making a razzberry at the bunnies.

Action 1: Fire Shotgun at BunnyA and possibly BunnyB. (-50 Splash)
Action 2: Fire AquaNeedle1 at BunnyC. (-20x3)
Action 3: Guard with Guard1.
BlazeMan's first initiative to attack with the shotgun tore through the first bunny, but it was no where close to the second bunny. He then fired a quick volley of needles before the virus could really react and placed a shield in front of him. The targeted virus was still alive after only two needles pinned the virus, however, the last bunny was stupid enough to attack the shield head on and got a taste of its own medicine.

BunnyB: 30HP
BunnyC: 10HP

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Cracked (Scattered)

BlazeMan.EXE: 100HP [Guard Destroyed]
"Ok,lets give these bunnys a taste of their own medicine. For justice!" Blazeman said while getting into a battle position.
"And for Battlechips!" Cole said while holding up a battlechip.
"Cole,are Battlechips all you can think about?"
"Sorry.. Lets just attack. SetLava,GO!"

Blazeman did his normal punch the ground thing,and it made the ground shake. Then panels erupted with lava.

"Ready Blazeman? Cannon,GO!"

Blazeman took out his cannon he just got,and then aimed it at the second Bunny,which had more HP then the third bunny. Then he fired it.

"Now we are talking!"

Blazeman then had a minibomb with fire in it,and he added a bit of Drain Potion in it,and then threw it at the third Bunny.

"Drain Potion? What the heck?"
"Just thought I could use something random."

Action 1: Fire Cannon at BunnyB (-40)
Action 2: Activate SetLava
Action 3: Fire Drain Flare Signature Attack at BunnyC (-15 Drain)
((Please remember to match up the order of your attacks with the RP description. You described Blazeman using Setlava first but listed it second in the summary.))

Blazeman went to work, activating his Setlava NCP. The floor under the viruses melted into a molten mess, keeping the viruses occupied with trying to get off of it. The distraction lasted long enough for Blazeman to finish them off with a quick Cannon and Drain Flare. The battle ended with a tiny amount of zenny and some new battlechip data!


Terrain: 55% Normal, 40% Lava, 5% Cracked

BlazeMan.EXE: 100HP [Guard Destroyed]

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 200z + Zapring1
"AW YEAH!! A ZAPRING1!!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cole shouted with joy.
"My ears! Calm down! Its just a friggen ZapRing1."
"Remember,you can get a level up."
"Why the **** would I want a level up?"
"You can get more Signature Points."
"Change of mood: Happy."
"Ok,ready for another battle?"
"Yeah! Lets GO!...err.."
"What now?"
"I have to make Number 1..."
"Fine..wait..Navis can do Number 1? ._."

After a trip to the bathroom,Blazeman and Cole continued their journey. What will they find? Will they find a super virus? Will they fight a special arena virus? Will they come face to face with their enemies,the Spikeys? Or will they fight a simple virus? We shall find out next on....

BLAZEMAN'S RETRY[size=100][/size]

(Next battle,please. Oh yeah,and if you didn't know,Number 1 means pee.)
As Blazeman walked away from the bush he was piddling behind, he turned to notice it was chasing him. It took him a second before he realized it was a Shrubby virus. Behind it were two other Shrubbies that looked angry at being looked down on and they all prepared to attack. Fortunately, being shy and non-confrontational, as soon Blazeman had his attention focussed on them, they all quickly hid behind nearby objects. Intrigued by what was going on, a passing Melody virus joined in the battle.

ShrubbyA: 50 HP [behind TreeA]
ShrubbyB: 49 HP [behind TreeB]
ShrubbyC: 50 HP [behind Rock]
Melody: 80 HP

TreeA: 100 HP
TreeB: 100 HP
Rock: 200 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Blazeman.EXE: 100 HP

[Battle 2 - Begin!]
"So,those narbs think they can hide from us?" Blazeman said,staring at the Trees and Rock.
"Tragic,really." Cole said,agreeing.
"Cole,send me a ZapRing."

Blazeman then fired his ZapRing1 at the Melody,giving it a stun that it will remember before its death.

"Now,let me handle this. SETLAVA,ACTIVATE!"

While grinning evily at the Shrubbys,he punched the ground,making lava appear in random places. Blazeman then dodged up to dodge the logs.

Action 1: ZapRing1 at Melody (-40 Damage and Stun)
Action 2: Activate SetLava
Action 3: Dodge Up.
((There is a space after you use a comma and you really need to watch when you imply that your attacks hit like when you said "giving it a stun that it will remember before its death". A better way of saying that would be "that would give it a stun to remember before its death". It's a really subtle difference. Evilly also has 2 Ls.))

The Melody was quick to get off the first attack and bounded on top of Blazeman before he could fire the Zapring. But with it being so close, he found it hard to miss and countered its attack, stunning it in the process. He then activated his signature SetLava NCP that he was so fond of and managed to catch two of the shrubbies and the Melody with the burning floor. The third Shrubby hiding behind the rock was too far away and remained unharmed. Two of the Shrubbies attacked in unison but Blazeman found yet another use for his lava as the logs they spat burned up into cinders before they could reach him.

...Then he jumped for no reason.

ShrubbyA: 40 HP [behind TreeA]
ShrubbyB: 39 HP [behind TreeB]
ShrubbyC: 50 HP [behind Rock]
Melody: 35 HP [stun]

TreeA: 90 HP
TreeB: 90 HP
Rock: 200 HP

Terrain: 60% Normal, 40% Lava

Blazeman.EXE: 85 HP
"Im ready to kick some butt, Cole! Send me in the battlechips!" Blazeman said, getting in a BATTLE READY pose.
"Alright!! Lets go! CANNON, IN!" Cole said, while inserting a Cannon battlechip."

Blazeman then looked at the Melody,and said "Hasta-la-vista, notey!",and then fired his Cannon, hoping it wouldn't miss.

"Aquaneedle1, IN!"

Blazeman then took out the three spikes, and then threw them up into the air,and they fired at the last Shrubby, who had the most HP.


Blazeman then took out his arm cannon. He charged it, and then fired it at the first Tree. Knowing about his virus beating up skills, the first Shrubby would be caught in it.

Action 1: Fire Cannon (Target: Melody) (Damage: 40)
Action 2: Fire AquaNeedle1 (Target: ShrubbyC) (Damage: 20x3)
Action 3: Fire Shotgun (Target: TreeA and ShrubbyA) (Damage: 50 Splash)
((Are you reading the notes I'm leaving you or just skipping to the summary?))
(Sorry. T.T Fixed. I will try to keep in mind about the commas.)
Stunned, the Melody was unable to avoid being deleted by the Cannon. Similarly, while hiding behind their bulky cover, the two Shrubbies didn't see Blazeman's attacks and were deleted with an AquaNeedle and Shotgun. The last Shrubby tried to attack again but its log burned up in a repeat of what had just happened moments ago.

ShrubbyB: 29 HP [behind TreeB]

TreeA: 30 HP
TreeB: 80 HP
Rock: 200 HP

Terrain: 60% Normal, 40% Lava

Blazeman.EXE: 85 HP
"Hmmmm...I got it! I know what we can do!" Blazeman said, while he stared at the viruses with an evil grin.
"Whats your plan this time? Call upon the forces of the living dead to eat that Shrubby's flesh?" Cole said,while snickering.
"Ha ha, very funny. No. We are going to try out my Shadow-Type abilities."
"I didn't know you had an ability for your ninja-like skills."
"Ok,what we are gonna do, is see what this "Phasing" skill does."
"Are you kidding!? We don't know what it does yet!"
"Yeah, but whats life without a little risk?"
"Just leave it to me! Ambush, ACTIVATE!"

Suddenly, Blazeman just got a burst of his Shadow-type powers. He then knew what to do next.

"What the!"

Blazeman then did a Drain Flare, like normal. Cole had no idea what the Phasing had did to the Drain Flare. Then, Blazeman raspberried at the poor Shrubby.

*: Shadow-Type Ability, Ambush.
Action 1: Sig Attack Drain Flare (-15 Drain) (Phasing Ability Attached)
Action 2: Raspberry at the Shrubby or his dead corpse if possible.
Action 3: Nothing.
The Shrubby was about to attack again, when it got ambushed from behind as Blazeman's Drain Flare passed right through the tree it was hiding behind!! The virus was taken by surprise, but not for long, as it threw a log in Blazeman's direction. Unfortunately, however, the thing burst into flames yet again on contact with that damned lava. Stupid lava.

ShrubbyB: 14 HP [behind TreeB]

TreeA: 30 HP
TreeB: 80 HP
Rock: 200 HP

Terrain: 60% Normal, 40% Lava

Blazeman.EXE: 100 HP
"So Phasing is like a Back!"
"If we knew that earlier, we could own it with a ShadowFlare Sword!"
"Good Idea! Lets do it! SHADOW-ABILITY, ACTIVATE!"

Blazeman bursted with his Shadow Type,and he obtained his Ambush skill. He then he turned his flames into a sword.


Blazeman then stabbed the Shrubby in the back,hoping it would hit. He then went back to his previous location,and then just waited there,because thanks to his Lava,there was nothing the Shrubby could do to hit him.

Free Action: Activate Shadow-Ability Ambush
Action 1: ShadowFlare Sword BACK ATTACK! (-30) (Target: ShrubbyB,DUUH.) (Phasing Ability Attached)
Action 2: Eat a piece of cake.
Action 3: Sleep.
Shrubby not like sword. Shrubby die.


TreeA: 30 HP
TreeB: 80 HP
Rock: 200 HP

Terrain: 60% Normal, 40% Lava

Blazeman.EXE: 100 HP


Rewards: 180z
"Ha ha,we did it! Score one point for the Blazes!"
"Usually I hear you complaining that we didn't get a chip."
"Aw, be quiet and find some viruses to own. I need money."
"Fine. Time to go on a search!"

So Blazeman and Cole who always sits and eats Hot Cheetos while Blazeman slaves on the battle went on a journey for stuff they don't need, chips, and money.

(Initiate Battle 3.) (Yes I was up at 5:50 in the morning. Problem?)
((One more thing before I moderate you. If you'd cared to read about Phasing in the Sig Attack Effects List, it's not a back-attack. It's an attack that can pass through objects.

Also, "stabbing the Shrubby" is dangerously close to godmoding, though I don't consider it so. "stabbing at the Shrubby" is not godmoding. There's a crucial difference between throwing a knife at someone and sinking a knife in someone. Just a little heads-up on godmoding behavior. >_o))