Blazeman's Training

It was just a normal day for Cole and Blazeman,like I just said. Blazeman was just resting peacefully on Cole's unfinished homepage when...

"BlazeMan! Get up,its time for training!" Cole said to Blazeman.
"Alright, getting up.." Blazeman said,while grumbling.

Blazeman had just enjoyed a nice dream,but even though he sounds grumpy when waking up,he loves to virus battle. Blazeman entered ACDC Area 1.

"So,how do we find viruses?" Blazeman said,confused.
"We yell out random words with the virus names in between them!" Cole explained.
"Like thats ever gonna work.. >.>"
"Don't worry. I will start you off with an easy."
"Please no random words!!" Blazeman shouted.
"Alright. Lets just walk around ACDC Area 1 hoping for 3 Mettaurs or something easy."

Blazeman then started to look around for some viruses to battle.

(Initiate Virus Battle 1!)
Walking across the suburban-like pathways of ACDC Net, Blazeman was out for the blood... data... or hunt... Maybe this should have a better recognizable expression.

At any rate, if it was viruses he wanted, it was viruses he got. In the distance, Blazeman was able to spot Metools hard at work damaging internet structures. Whether this had any effect on the real world or not, he didn't know, but what he did know... is that they had to be stopped.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Blazeman.EXE: 100 HP


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"Metools destroying the net with pickaxes!? How dare they! Cole,give me the two guns!" BlazeMan shouted out to Cole.
"Ok,but we should have not given away our RageClaw1." Cole said,while uploading a Shotgun and Cannon.
"Lets try not to state the obvious. Now,time to fire some guns!"

Blazeman loaded the guns,as if he were in some kind of shooting game. Then he would fire his Shotgun at the two metools in front of him.

"Now for the last one."

Blazeman then made sure the Metool was in range,and then a gunshot could be heard from his Cannon.

Action 1: Fire Shotgun at 2 of the Metools.
Action 2: Fire Cannon at the remaining Metool.
Action 3: Attempt to dodge by moving up if there are still Metools remaining.
24 Hour Bump.
(In the future, please target specific enemies; no punishment this time but it's a good idea not to "target remaining" as a general thing, because you're never sure whether your other attacks have hit or not)

If BlazeMan were in some kind of shooting game, he would have scored the runner up's prize, because there was still one metool left. The second metool of the bunch managed to dodge BlazeMan's attack as the other two were taken off guard. The navi was out of guns, however, so he realized that he was going to have a hard time killing off the last metool unless he whipped out something special.

MetoolB: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Blazeman.EXE: 100 HP
(Sorry about my bad RP skills.)

"Oh man,my aim is stupid!" Blazeman exclaimed.
"Don't worry,just use your AquaNeedle1!" Cole suggested.
"...Cole. We didn't have the AquaNeedle when we started battling."
"Fine then! Lets Buster attack that jerk!"
"The Metool seems to be in the first row."
"I can't really tell. Lets just buster attack it just incase."
"Alrighty then." Blazeman said while getting his flames to transform.

Blazeman would fire a shadow blaze at the Metool,and then fire another round. Then his flames turned into a sword. He slashed at the Metool,praying that it would hit.

Action 1: Buster (-2)
Action 2: Buster (-2)
Action 3: Signature Attack ShadowFlare Sword (-30)
(A rapid buster shot, like what you're doing, deals Attack x Rapid x 2. Since your attack and rapid are both 1, your shots will deal 2, not 10.)
(charged buster attack needs 3 actions, not two, and it's 8 damage with a 1/1/1 buster if I remember correctly. I THINK you can also hold the charge over to next turn if you want to use your signature attack now...also, state targets even if there is one enemy left.)
(Charged buster attacks require two actions of charge, followed by the action to use the charge shot itself.)
Fixed. (Why must a mettaur be so hard? -.-)
24 Hour Bump.
((1. Don't worry, improvement over time.
2. Try dodging next time, it'll help you stay alive.
3. State targets, please?))

Firing a couple of rounds at the Metool, Blazeman got the construction worker virus good n' angry as it whacked the ground with a pickaxe bigger than itself, creating a shockwave that hit Blazeman square in the leg. (10) He retaliated quickly, changing the purple flames on his hands to a nice sword, slashing the virus with its sharp edge. Unfortunately, that still wasn't enough to off the virus for good, as it had some health left.

MetoolB: 6 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Blazeman.EXE: 90 HP
"Finally,our luck is starting to turn good!" Blazeman said with victory.
"Don't celebrate just now,we still have 1 Metool to fight." Cole told Blazeman.
"Ok. Im gonna kill this thing!"
"Ok. Loading Buster!"
Action 1: Charge while moving up.
Action 2: Charge in front of where MetoolB is.
Action 3: Fire Charged Shot at MetoolB.
Deletion was imminent, Blazeman rushing in for the last blow. Charging his buster, he made sure the Metool had nothing more to say as it destroyed the viral threat without a trace... except for some reward data.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Blazeman.EXE: 90 HP


- 90z
- [Guard1] Battlechip

((Try longer descriptions next time. Also, you can't combine two actions into one, like Buster Charge with Movement. Keep these in mind.))

EDIT: Derp, apparently you can do basic movements without action. Crazy stuff like moving across the battlefield, though, you'll have to dedicate an action to.
"Alright! Blazeman,Victory Theme time!" Cole shouted.
" We still have more viruses to kill." Blazeman exclaimed.
"Fine,but im getting the Guard1 BattleChip in our folder first."
"Ok,just make it quick.."

Cole actually did make it quick,he equipped his Guard1 battlechip,and then he set out for some viruses to kill for more money and battlechips. Suddently,a pair of viruses attacked,but what viruses!?

[Initiate Battle 2!]
24 Hour Bump. -.-;
BlazeMan walked along the ever-so peaceful ACDC net until he heard a strange sound coming just in ahead of him. As time went by, the sound became more audible to the navi's ear, and it sounded very much like...a hop. Before BlazeMan realized, three Bunny viruses was skipping towards him, already charging up their electric ears for an attack!

BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Blazeman.EXE: 90 HP

"Piece a' cake." Cole exclaimed.
"I dunno,they seem dangerous." Blazeman shrugged.
"Don't be such a drama navi. Now stop complaining and start shooting/guarding!"

Blazeman sighed,while charging up a AquaNeedle,Shotgun and Guard.
Action 1: Fire Shotgun. (50 Damage) at BunnyA
Action 2: Use AquaNeedle. (20 x 3 Damage) at BunnyB
Action 3: Guard with Guard1. (50 Damage & Guard)
(A good habit to get into is also summarizing the damage/effects of the battlechips and attacks you use in your overview.

Right now, there isn't much to keep track of, but when things get more hectic it's helpful to the mods.)