Let's Do It Again!

~"Dance Routine set, execute!"

A beam of light had struck the Cyber Area. Once again, the inside of the Flower Shop's terminal was accessed and with quick shortcut access was connected to the reaches of ACDC's local Network with a skip forward from the default starting point for the delicate little green NetNavo. A beam of light shooting the presence from the small register terminal and to ACDC Area beyond the shortcut as the Pass Key had been bypassed upon recognition of the NetNavi who went beyond it.

The NetNavi had spoke freely before placing her left hand on her hip and pushing her right with a lift to her chin. Her head tilted to the right as she mused a minor note to herself in bliss before straightening her posture and staring onward towards the distant net area that was spread before her.

"It feels a bit weird..." she had continued to say, "It almost feels like yesterday that you refused for me to go any further here."

Xenneth had let out a slight chuckle once more because he had etched a finger to his cheek. "Umm...t-that was yesterday...Rafflesiana."

The Flower Girl's eyes had opened widely upon hearing the response. Her pressed lips musing an off tune once more before stepping forward and wavering her right hand through the air dismissively. "Oh! Well, sure! Sure!" she had chanted as she placed a cheeky smile upon her face. "It just feels weird and confusing that I don't have to actually fool you go on and stuff!"


Rafflesiana had reached her right hand to her lips as she naughtily covered her mouth. Letting out a shrill giggle, she had wavered her right hand once again, but this time more rapidly before through the air. "O-oh! Nothing! Nothing! Let's get going!" she had yelped before quickly running forward into ACDC's Net Area before Xenneth could comprehend what the NetNavi was referring to.

[Battle 1, kay?]
Some bunnies come a-hopping to greet Rafflesiana, their intent obvious by their jumping around and sparks flying off them. They didn't exactly have a face to express their feelings, but it could probably be deduced that it wasn't too happy.

BunnyA: 50HP
BunnyB: 50HP
BunnyC: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Rafflesiana.EXE: 100HP


~"Simple as pie, right?!"

Rafflesiana had whipped her body around as she was quick to show off. Spreading her arms, she had let them spread out as if to say she had arrived only to make Xenneth fall silent with a low awkward laugh while she had stared off to the viruses.

she had called out in a cheery tone. "Time to get to work!"

That cued Xenneth.

The violet haired boy did not exactly move quickly, but it was most likely because they had only stepped onto the net. However, seeing the three viruses before her, she had sat hesitantly for a moment as she had noticed the features of her enemies: The twitching ears, the round body and the big eyes that gazed towards her direction not in a menacing, but almost innocent way. She swore at that moment, she was in love.

"Awww! Bunnies!" she had chanted with a cry seeing the viruses. Xenneth of course had otherwise lifted a right brow seeing the expression on Rafflesiana's face. It seemed she did have a weakness after all, nevertheless did she mention that she was into cute things. The violet haired boy that was Xenneth had been quick to look online for the proper information for the viruses "via" the Database seeing he had the time and he was growing interest in net battling.

The information he had seen however...was not so "cute."

"Umm...R-Rafflesiana...you should really delete those viruses." He had mentioned as he looked back and forth from the database and to the P.E.T display screen. "They're stunning viruses. If they attack...they'll...shock you!"

Rafflesiana had blinked. Her big round eyes lifting up in a minor scare as the corner of her mouth curved at the thought of the viruses being "that" harmful after all which was beyond strange. Looking at them from where she stood, she almost felt like she could not trust Xenneth's words. "Are you sure?" she had asked, "because they're a little too adorable to be a threat, but I guess if you say so XenXen..."

She had lifted her right hand, palm revealing itself as she prepared herself to take a stance. "Okay!" she had cued, "I'll need Shotgun and that Cornsht Battlechip, XenXen!" Rafflesiana had requested as she swept her right hand through the air to let a veil of pollen covet her body in a protective coating.

Quickly reaching to the pouch at his right hip, Xenneth had quickly begun to act. With his fingers snatching the chips and pressing them into the P.E.T, he had prepared the data in one go as Rafflesiana stood ready.

"Shotgun and Cornshot! Battlechips in, download!"

Rafflesiana had went into action. With her body moving in an elegant movement once more, she had spun on her heel as she lowered her posture to the ground and quickly let her right hand aim towards the first Bunny virus. With a closed right eyes sealing as if she was winking and her attention set on that one virus, she had quickly fired off a blast of the barrel beyond the petals of her right wrist. A burst of the gunfire ringing through the net aiming to make a swift and quick strike, she had not stopped herself as she changed her right arm and quickly loaded the next data.

"Alright!" she had cried, "One more time!"

Her petals had given a sprout to a lush green folded crop before peeling away the greenery to reveal the golden cob. With a fattening of the vegetable, it had burst as if it was gunfire in some way, and forth flew a blast of the golden shot aiming to strike the very last Bunny unit in the line, and if any left over, the second shot intending to clean up the remains of any virus that dwelled on the field.

"Rafflesiana, I'm still here for you!"Xenneth had cried out as he pressed another battlechip between his fingers. "Guard! Battlechip in, download!"

Rafflesiana who had stood still had watched as a massive shield had begun to come into view. The many pixels before her making the massive protective caved plate as the center of its had differed with a green cross. Her body concealed from the view of the Bunny virus, Rafflesiana had sat patiently so she could make her counterattack if it be required.

[Battle 1, kay?]

Passive Action - Pollen Veil - Generate Barrier (10 HP)

Action 1 — Shotgun - 50 Damage (+Splash) @ Bunny A & B

Action 2 — CornSht1 — 50 Wood Damage (+Trick Shot) @ Bunny C

Action 3 — Guard1 — Reflect up to 60 Damage
The viruses fell one by one with little to no trouble. An easy win.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Rafflesiana.EXE: 100HP

The bust was quick for Rafflesiana as the viruses had fallen. There was not much to celebrate about seeing it was too easy, but things would get harder eventually. Knowing this, Rafflesiana had rushed on ahead without a word after collecting the Zenny data, while Xenneth recharged his chips quickly and ready for the next struggle.

[Battle 2, around nowish.]

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Rafflsiana is beset by a group of Kabutanks and Champus. She is quickly surrounded from all sides.

KabutankA: 80 HP
ChampuA: 60 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Rafflesiana.EXE: 100 HP

~"A great man once said, 'bring it on from anywhere' here."

She was surrounded...

It was typical. The viruses were of a new variety which were surprising to Rafflesiana. She only recognized two, and it were those of the punching fire viruses. Knowing how they worked was a relief in itself, but that relief would not last forever since at any moment, she could be face with an endeavor from the unknown two massive viruses. She could only look at them and observe that the node on their head most likely indicated that they were some form of cannon.

"This looks like trouble..."

Rafflesiana had spoke softly to herself. If Xenneth had known that she was bothered by the sight of the new viruses, she would look weak. The Flower Girl had ran a finger of her right hand to her lips while her left wrist had begun to form her crossbow. Self reliant as always, she had attempted to at least hinder the two viruses with a quick unexpected shot, but she knew she would have to act quickly seeing the other two aggressive viruses would not hold back.

She was better than that. She knew she needed her friend's help.

"Hey, XenXen!" she had called out, "I'll need some back up, so can you send the Bamboo Knife and watch my back?"

Xenneth had complied with a nod of his head as his right hand had already begun shuffling through the small pouch upon his side. He had even felt greatly relieved that the Flower Girl had at least asked for his help out loud. It brought a smile to his face, and a small minor laugh that came out as a giggle because of his feminine charm in his voice. He had quickly slipped the battlechips into his palm and a support chip that would match for such a situation.

"Alright Rafflesian," he had begun to say, "Go fot it!"

Rafflesiana had done just that. The crossbow on her left pulled up into view, and to her right hand was that of her two arrows that shot from her sleeve. Her posture had quickly given a twist of her hips making her dress fly up. With her arrows pulling back upon her bow, she had put them in a sling before letting go firing one of her arrows towards one of the tank viruses, and then whipping her body quickly as she doubled back the sling and pulled back with the second arrow loaded aiming to shoot the second tank virus. She did not stop seeing her enemies most likely would not making her lash forward, and Xenneth knew it was his cue.

"BambooKnife! Battlechip in, download!"

Xenneth was quick with the slot in showing his speed was improved, and Rafflesiana even quicker as she whipped her right hand making a blade grasp the handle. Her right arm came quickly plummeting down after she leapt forward aiming to slice a the Champu virus with her power forced through the natural feel of the Wood-Type sword. The virus was very intent on using close range combat which was the common knowledge gathered from seeing it her first time around. She at least wanted to give it a close fight that was worth it.

"Guard! Battlechip in, download!"

Rafflesiana was just as quick as Xenneth. They were so in synch that it was hardly noticeable as she had acknowledged him sliding in the support battlechip just as she had requested. Quickly whipping her body around and lifting up her palms, she had watched as the round shield had begun to at her open hands separating her between her and any attacking force that intended on striking her. With her eyes going to the viruses, or the ones in her view, she had readied herself for the counter attacks.

Passive Action - Pollen Veil - Generate Barrier (10 HP)

Action 1 — Rafflesi-Arrow — 20 Wood Damage (x2 Shots) @ Kabutank A & B

Action 2 — BambooKnife — 60 Wood Slash (+5 Elemental) @ ChampuA

Action 3 — Guard1 — Reflect up to 60 Damage
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(Since Rafflesiana is a support navi with weak attacks with ranged targeting for NetNavis, therefore her attack shall be Multi-Targeted. I've edited it in the registration for display.)
The two arrows hit their marks and damaged the two Kabutanks slightly while a Champu was deleted instantly with a slash from a Bambooknife. Rafflesiana set up a Guard and held her ground but had her defences pummeled by the other Champu's punches. She sustained a slight burn from the second punch as it pierced through her pollen barrier but really took a hit when one of the Kabutanks landed a blow with its bomb.

KabutankA: 60 HP
KabutankB: 60 HP
ChampuB: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Rafflesiana.EXE: 60 HP [bambooknife: 5 uses]

~"Strategy is always the best move in my opinion."

Rafflesiana had been scorched, but she was not down and out yet. Seeing that she was in need of some energy, she had decided to use her "Paradise's Kiss" in order to drain one of the combatants, but when trying to do so, she had found that her petals did not glow. This was a problem for her as she had only wondered on this. Before she could anymore, she had whipped her hand out shaking it and released a veil of pollen about her thinking perhaps it was a malfunction from it affecting her petals. After that, there was still no response. Shortly after, her crossbow appearing on her left arm as it gained a vine like appendage upon her arm.


Rafflesiana had pointed the weapon as she had seen it appear, but the moment she had done so, she had fired with the line whipping about and it pointing to strike one of the enemies with the arrow. Whether it connected or not was not the problem, but rather when it land, it had caused a powerful pull that snatched Rafflesiana from her spot and sent her flying forward with in a quick speed. She had to kick her feet about wildly as she was a bit afraid of what would result if she did not stop. Crashing, she had only found that she had tumbled a bit around the Kabutank virus.

"I guess I gotta get use to that..."

She had said with a frown as she rubbed her head. The arrow had yanked her as the arrow had some advantages to snatching her: one being that she had felt herself rooted to the ground had increased her energy slightly, and the other being that it had a good chance of pulling her closer to the tank virus, which was good seeing that the blazing fire virus had a chance at getting a shot at her, and with her dazed state from the wild ride, that was most likely the case. It meant she was caught off guard...

"Rafflesiana!" the voice of the panicky boy had yelled, "Shotgun! Battlechip in, download!"

Rafflesiana had been on knees and palms as she was downed. At that time the rush of data had come through, she had grit her teeth bitterly as the Flower Girl had pushed herself aiming with the double barrel upon her right hand. Firing a shot, she had intended to strike the Kabutank virus while the explosive gunfire would most likely spread. She had let her hands press downward as she had taken her time getting up quickly before getting on her feet. She had sighed with a rush of relief realizing what had happened so suddenly.

"Thanks, Xen." she had said happily.

Nodding his head, the violet haired boy had only lowered a brow as he watched Rafflesiana look over her body as if it was alien to her. Her hands went up to her face as she went back and forth between the two appendages, especially her arm where the grappling vine and arrow had originated itself from.

"What happened Rafflesiana?"

The boy had asked, but the Flower Girl Navi did not have the answer. All she could do was shake her head before soundly responding saying, "I don't know." as she lifted her left arm once more. "I think it's that new Process Upgrade your purchased taking effect. My arrows seem a lot more stronger, but I can't use Paradise's Kiss anymore." she had said with a frown of her lips. She doubted that was the only thing, so experimenting, she called to her arrows once more as her left arm formed a crossbow and from the right hand of her sleeve. There was only one arrows unlike her basic attack, and furthermore, that one arrow had seemed to have a strange feature of it being purple near the head and green for the body.

"Let's give this a shot...I guess." she had commented.

Loading the arrow upon her left arm and pulling back, Rafflesiana had concentrated her sight upon the distant tank virus before giving a pull. The arrow had whipped out with a whizzing speed as she aimed to strike the virus and waited expecting to get results from her new unknown attack.

Passive Action - Pollen Veil - Generate Barrier (10 HP)

Action 1 — Rapple Grapple - 10 Wood Damage (+Movement + Recovery 10) @ Kabutank B

Action 2 — Shotgun — 50 Damage (+Spread) @ Kabutank B & Champu B

Action 3 — RaffleSi-Poison-Arrow - 10 Wood Damage (+Stun) @ Kabutank A
Rafflesiana's Rapple Grapple launched her forward while sapping some of the Kabutank's health. Her subsequent Shotgun managed to perform a double deletion of the Kabutank and Champu. The other Kabutank was stunned as a result of a RaffleSi-Poison-Arrow, but not before it dispersed her Pollen Barrier with a desperate bomb blast.

KabutankA: 50 HP [stun]
KabutankB: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Rafflesiana.EXE: 70 HP [bambooknife: 5 uses]