Looking around

Tranum arrived in the ACDC Net with the familiar influx of settings. He cast his eyes about the busy area, ears twitching, looking around for some virii to fight.

"Doesn't seem to be many around right now, Dave."


"A-Are you even paying attention?"

Somewhat. You do realize that when you say something like There doesn't seem to be many around here there's gonna be several. Right when you least expect it, too

"Yeah. You go right on with your pessimism, there." He paused. "Out of fear-induced curiosity, exactly what are you doing?"

Tuning my guitar, listening to BTO, and reading. AT THE SAME TIME!

Tranum sighed, feeling mildly irritable. He looked around again, somewhat more carefully this time.

"Hmmm... Dave and his paranoia." He shook his head, and wandered off, not really paying attention to what he was doing anymore.
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Tranum started to wander around ACDC Net, not paying much attention to anything. After a few minutes of walking around, he walked right into another Metool. It got angry and brandished its pickaxe threateningly. However, instead of two more Mets like last time, two Bunny viruses came forward to face the Navi!

Metool: 40HP
BunnyA: 50HP
BunnyB: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Tranum: 100HP

Battle 1 Start!
Tranum blinked in surprise, then quickly adopted a battle stance.
"Hey, Dave! I've got company Any ideas?"
I'm assuming it's unwanted company... Hmmm... I'd say to go for the Metool first. At least we know how roughly how strong that one is. Keep on your toes though.
"Alright. That sounds good to me. Can you load the rageclaw?"
No prob. Gimme a sec... And there you are!
Tranum released a fearsome battlecry, and leaped into the fray. He concentrated his first attacks on the Metool, lashing out with his rageclaw. Even while he focused on breaking the Metool's defences, he kept a wary eye on the motions of the Bunny virii that were backing his target up, ready to jump away at the first sign of an attack.

1. Rageclaw to Metool 40 damage
2. Dodge
3. Dodge
Tranum decided to play it safe, loading up a RageClaw the moment he saw the viruses and lunging at the Metool. He managed to cut through the virus before it could really do anything, leaving one of the Bunnies to try an attack. It propelled a ring of electricity from its ears, sending it flying towards Tranum. However, Tranum was too fast for it and jumped out of the way. The other Bunny remained still aside from hopping on the spot.

BunnyA: 50HP
BunnyB: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Tranum: 100HP
Nice going, mate! What are you planning on doing next?
"I was planning on going at the one of the Bunnies. I was thinking of focusing less on dodging, seeing as they seem to be more aggressive than Metools. It may be smart to disable them as soon as I can, rather than prolonging the battle."
Hmmm... That does seem pretty logical... But what are you planning on aggressing with? Additionally, which one are you going to target first? Or are you going to target both?
"I was planning on attacking with the rageclaw, and I was going to focus on the one that isn't idle. Why?"
That's what I thought. I was just thinking, what if you were to try out Monos? Also, you should probably split your attention, but if you were to focus on one, the non-idle one would be a good choice, seeing as we know it's aggressive for sure.
"Well, I'd rather use the rageclaw, but Monos could work too."
Tranum sized up his two remaining foes, and pulled Monos out from its' sheath. He let out a fearsome howl, and charged in between the two virii. He began to spin the weapon, until the blade was a spinning crescant of shining blue steel. He commenced his assault, lunging and striking in an awe-worthy flurry of blows. When the outburst was over, he spun and sunk back into a fighting stance, holding the blade out in front of him threateningly. He watched for any signs of motion, ready to strike back in case his enemies recovered quicker than expected.

((Monos is Tranum's custom weapon))
1. Signature attack- Flurry (Deals fifteen damage to each target, targets four), Target BunnyA 4 times 60 damage
2) Dodge
3) Dodge
Tranum decided to go after the Bunny that had attacked him before. Drawing his sword, the Navi rushed up to the Bunny and delivered a series of blows. The attacks were too much for the virus, which was deleted. The other Bunny, seeing its comrade defeated attacked Tranum with an electric ring, but it was dodged with ease. Unsure of what the try next, the virus simply stared down Tranum.

BunnyB: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Tranum: 100HP
Tranum stared impassively at the remaining virus. He circled the bunny a couple of times, trying to catch it off guard.

I'd attack it full out if I were you.

"No-one asked you." Tranum paused. "Also, I'm no berserker."

Still, you might as well get rid of it considering that you don't have any other targets anymore.

"Point taken."

Tranum looked at the lone virus. He snarled at it "It's only the two of us now. Don't worry, it'll be quick. I can't promise painless, but I assure you it will be quick." He circled a couple more times, then lunged at the bunny's throat with the rageclaw, hacking away with all of his strength.

1. Rageclaw to BunnyB 40 damage
1. Rageclaw to BunnyB 40 damage
2. Dodge
Tranum rushed forward, prepared to slice the electrical virus's throat into shreds...unfortunately, there was a flaw in this tactic, as Bunny happen to lack any form of a throat, and allowing it to hop back in time to avoid the dangerous claws. Fortunately, lightning failed to strike twice, as the Navi hit his mark on the second try. Too bad that it did strike once, as the Bunny shot a ring of electrical energy in a desperate effort to avoid getting deleted, and by sheer luck managed to nail Tranum, causing him to get stopped in his tracks.

BunnyB: 10 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Tranum: 80 HP (Stun: -1 Action next turn) (RageClaw1 - 3/6 uses)
"My world is pain!"

Yeah, you really did not think that through clearly, did you?

"You shut up."

Well, at least you've almost got him.

"You have no idea how non-reassuring that is, do you?"

Maybe you should be paying less attention to the sarcasm, and more to your opponent, hmmm?

Tranum cursed lightly under his breath, then turned his attention back to his foe.

He charged towards the Bunny at full speed, shouting as he did so.
"You're not gonna get away this time!"

1. Rageclaw to BunnyB 40 Damage
2. Rageclaw to BunnyB 40 Damage
With his quick RageClaw work, Tranum sliced the Bunny in one quick movement, deleting it.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Tranum: 80 HP

Battle 1 - Victory!
Rewards: 120z, [ZapRing1] Battlechip
Tranum looked downwards at the slain Bunny, grinning slightly. He twirled his sword, and re-sheathed it over his back.

"Ha! I am indestructable!"

Infatigueable would be a better choice of words. In any case, nice going! I think I'm going to go pick up some chips, so we'd better get you jacked out.

"Can't I stay here?"

Yes, buuuut I'd rather not risk it. In any case, you took a hit in the last fight there, so leaving you by yourself wouldn't be that smart.

"I hope you're not going out for the edible chips."

Actually, now that you mention it...

"Sarcasm, Dave. Sarcasm."

Yeah, I kinda realized that. Alright, you ready?

Tranum sighed. "Yeah."

He began to grumble to himself as the background sights and sounds faded away to nothing.