Gear appears in a rather empty area of the net. After a few seconds, it decides to wonder off somewhere.
AGWS, after wondering around the net for...a few minutes, maybe, stumbles upon a goup of three metools, who, of course, are not happy with finding it. Gear manages to get out of the way of a metool's pickaxe and readies it's self for battle.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40


Terrain: 100% NORMAL

Obligatory welcome battle to ACDC net, battle 1, BEGIN!
Metools! Gear loves Metools! Gear expectally loves the sounds they make when their little helmets break just from simple slugs. Why Gear didn't just fire point blank at the small thing (Or even grabbing the pikeaxe, throwing it into the air, then giving it a 27 Howitzer salute) could simply be explained by the fact that Gear was never given an order to destroy anything. With the high chance that Shamus is watching and listening in on this, Gear just asks a simple question.

"Can I break them now?"

Shamus heard the question, being a bit baffled by it until he remembers that he had forgot to add the "and destroy any viruses you meet" after telling Gear to wonder about after being jacked into the net. Then, he tells Gear the 5 magical words and simply slots in a single chip.

Yes Gear, break them all.

That was all Gear needed to hear, and the chip that was sent might be all Gear needs to break the three metools in sight. If Gear was capable of showing facial expressions, his face would be showing glee as one of the many compartments on his chest opened up. Two metal rods decided to poke out of the opening. The two rods, keeping the same distance from each other, started to move around until they pointed at one of the mets.

After the rod's placement was to the liking of Gear's Mk1 targeting systems, a surge of electricity ran up the two metal poles brining with it the tidings of a small metal projectile with the velocity to shatter whatever is in it's path. To put into simpler terms, Gear just fired a simple slug out of a railgun and with luck he will get the sound he so loves...

The sound of metool helmets breaking.

((Passive: Take Aim on shotgun
-Smash action 1
1: Shotgun MetoolA: 50 + Spread to MetoolB &C
2-3: Dodge))
One by one, the Metools fell prey to Gear's shotgun and nothing was left behind. The battle ended quick and left the navi something useful for him to use.



Terrain: 100% NORMAL

200z + [Guard1] BattleChip
Guard1 -
Effect: Reflects one attack, bouncing back a maximum of 60 damage
Accuracy: S
Description: Sends one attack back to the enemy
Duration: Once
Element: None
Special: Negated by Break.

After subrutines gathered the floating data, Gear wandered off yet again, looking for more things to break apart.

((Battle two))
Gear comes to an area where a small group of Oldstoves are just shuffling around, apparently having nothing better to do. Behind them, two Spookies hover, glaring at the navi on the other side of the field.

OldstoveA: 50
OldstoveB: 50
OldstoveC: 50
SpookyA: 30
SpookyB: 30

Terrain: 100% Normal

Gear: 100
((Odd, thought Spookys had more hp...))

Looks like Gear found something new. Shamus mentally commented, making sure he had three chips in hand. Well, since there seems to be a virus that the two have never seen, a metallic looking one that Gear would enjoy breaking... Shamus mind as well send Gear some brand new chips.

Oh boy! Oh boy! Something new to break! Gear thought, looking at the stove like being. They were all big like, and made of metal! Metal things always made a nice 'crunch' sound when being broken, and Gear always likes there to be nice sounds as he breaks everything. Even better! Shamus just sent Gear some chips, two of which Gear has never seen before! Gear is so ecstatic at the prospect of new things to use and break, that he just has to share it with his new found targets.

Gear looked at the viruses, and clapped in the best manner he could managed (mainly having his forearms angled enough that when they extend, the hands collide with each other). After three claps, Gear's arms moved to the sides, and one of the chest compartments opened. Two familiar rods extended from the opening, pointing at one of the three stoves. With a crackle of electricity, the railgun that is the shotgun chip fired, the metal slug traveling at velocities that Speed based navis can only dream of. But this only marked the beginning, and there was more Gear wanted to do...

So much more...

Gear's mouth dropped open, reveling just darkness, or so it would first appear. The tip of a cannon shifted out of the darkness, and stopped when roughly two inches were out of Gear's mouth. Gear's body leaned back by about 4 degrees, and his head rotated ever so slightly to the left. In Gear's head, the programming for this attack was calculating how much force to exert upon the cannon's ammo to achieve the correct distance, working out what angle to best fire from, and those kinds of complicated physics equations. Upon completion, a small ball was fired out of Gear's mouth. It soared trough the air until it collided with the ground, and that was when the real fun started...

That small ball smashed into the ground, detonated in a blast of pretty sparks that encompassed a volume close to 3x3x3. Even if nothing was caught in the blast of that somewhat inaccurate attack, the light show and the thought of what would have happened to anything in the blast was enough to keep Gear happy. In fact, it made him happy enough that he resumed his clapping and started to ask Shamus for "More bombs! Get more bomb~!" Gear was even happy enough to ignore the lameness of the guard chip he was about to use. A chip that whole purpose was to just protect the user from a single hit then punishing the attacker. It was truly something that, while tactically sound, just wasn't destructive enough for Gear to like. But still, he used the chip and a massive gear appeared in front of the psychopathic happily destructive navi, and whatever attacks the gear would not be a happy camper to find that it rolls over whatever hits it.

((Passive: Take Aim Action 2
Smash on action 1
1 Shotgun OldstoveA: 50 + Break + Spread at SpookyA & B
2 Magbomb1 panel OldstoveB is on: 30 Elec + Stun + Blast 3
3 Guard1))
When Gear fired the shotgun, the distance between the first Oldstove and the Spooky was too much and the stray bullets was only able to get two out of the three targets. The powered Magbomb was on its way to the rest of the Oldstoves, and it exploded with intense electricity and stunned the two viruses shut.

OldstoveA: DELETED
OldstoveB: 20 [Stun]
OldstoveC: 20 [Stun]
SpookyB: 30

Terrain: 100% Normal

Gear: 100
((I didn't see anything that said my guard got hit, so I am just going to assume it is still there.))

Darn it, Gear could have finished the battle faster then this. After looking at the damage each attack has done, Shamus figured out that if used the shotgun purely on the stoves, then the bomb on the ghost like virus... this battle could have been over now. Well, it seems like Gear's excitement managed to override his intelligence a little... And it looks like it will take almost his whole folder to just finish this battle... Well, mind as well just use the rest then, Shamus thought, slotting in the last of his chips.

While Gear is so excited that both of the remaining stoves got hit by the sparky explosive, this whole excitement is ruined by that lame Spooky. God, why couldn't it have gone closer then become broken, Gear thought. If, if only that Spooky broke! Then I would have all the time to break the stoves! To hear the sounds made as attack after attack impacted them! To watch as their ste- Oh! New chips!

Without warning, Gear's head rapidly turned to face the lone spooky, his eyes becoming slightly brighter. Then, before Gear's mouth could even open, something exploded inside of that area, blasting its jaw clean off its face. The jaw didn't land on the ground though, the blast manged to hit it with enough force to send it flying right at... the... Spooky... Wow, there are a lot of better ways to destroy something other then firing your own jaw at them... After his unique attack, Gear's head snapped back to facing the stoves, eyes returning to normal.

Gear... didn't exactly remember what chip he just used, but the next chip seems like it would be a lot of fun to use. Gear grabbed the giant Gear guard thing, since it could still have some uses left to it, and used the last of his chips, the Rageclaw. At first it appeared to nothing... but if you look close at Gear's right hand, all of the gears used as joints for the fingers are all spinning quite rapidly. Stranger still, the spinning joints aren't moving the fingers at all, almost like something else is acting like the joints. Gear started moving towards the two stoves, the red lights for eyes becoming brighter at the thought of how Gear will break the two...

((1: Cannon Spooky: 40 + Knockback
2: Rageclaw throw OldstoveB at OldstoveC: 20 + impact
3: Rageclaw throw OldstoveC at OldstoveB: 20 + impact))

That is all

OldstoveA: DELETED
OldstoveB: DELETED
OldstoveC: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Gear: 100

Well... things sure are getting boring on Gear's end...

After grinding up whatever was left of the stoves into a fine powder, and watching Valk's last and rather anti-clamtatic fight... well, there wasn't much left for Gear to do here. The only reason he stayed there was because his netop told him to... but seeing as he hasn't gotten any new orders for some thing, and things have gotten so boring in this area, Gear decides to disobay the orders to wonder off somewhere where things might be more... fun.

Of course, it was that moment that Shamus finally jacks Gear out of the network...