Implicit Busting

The portal to the ACDC Network shimmered slightly before a humanoid-shaped light appeared in it. Then, as the light receded, a dark blue navi clothed in black stepped into the network, ready to take on the world.

Awright, time to bust some virii! Eternalis said as he ran around in the net.
I... don't think running around screaming is what the override is for, Et.
But, aw! Stealth is so boring! Besides, there's nothing to hide from.
That's... hmm, point taken.

=Implicity.GMO active=
As Eternalis travels through the area, he comes accross a small group of viruses. In the front sits a metool, picking at the floor. It looks up as the navi approaches. Furthur back, two Oldstoves stumble about.

MetoolA: 40
OldstoveA: 50
OldstoveB: 50

Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 120

Battle 1 Go
The Navi noticed the group of virii and surveyed its strength and threat. Hmm. Hey, Harke, there's a weird virus back there. Could you look it up?
Sure thing. Okay... The Virus Database booted up and appeared as an information window in front of Eternalis' view. Here it is. OldStoves, 50HP, fire-based. Attacks with fire, I guess. Not much info on it here. Harke read from the database information.
Well, this group shouldn't be a problem, right? Send me a Cannon and a Shotgun. This should be cake. Eternalis said as the information window disappeared out of view.
All right! Let's try our first 1-shot kills! Harke fished around in his chip pocket and pulled out Cannon and Shotgun chips and slotted them in promptly into the PET's chip slot.

Eternalis felt the chip data integrate into his own and released the Cannon data into his left arm. The hand shimmered a dim light before receding to reveal a green Cannon weapon, ready to fire. He knelt down, brought his head closer to the Cannon, aimed for the Metool and fired a single cannon shot, being used to the reliable firearm by now.

Then, as the Cannon data disappeared, having used up its life for now, Eternalis directed the Shotgun chip data towards the same arm he had used. The shotgun barrel immediately appeared in a flash of light, just as the Cannon had before. He turned his attention to the fumbling old stoves in the back. Trying to get the shotgun shot to spread to both of the virii, he aimed it at one of the stoves and fired off a shotgun shell.

Then, he stood up and started to focus his energy into his right arm. The watery data of his body flowed internally and ebbed into his right hand, quickly forming a fair-sized icicle. It floated about in his hand, until he pointed it at the other virus and let the icicle fly towards the virus. After he thought he had a hit, he drew the ice back and formed a wall of water with the frozen data.

1. Cannon: MetoolA (40, Knockback)
2. Shotgun: OldStoveA (50, Spread1) [Spread to OldStoveB]
3. Icicle Fragmenter: OldStoveB (40x2 [AquaxFire] 1-Hit Shield)
Eternalis springs into action, blasting firearms left and right as he sails into battle. The Cannon knocks off the Metool right away, while the Shotgun blast only sears through one of the Oldstoves due to not being lined up correctly. The last Oldstove moves closer to the aqua navi, before being sliced in half by an icicle.

Quick work.

OldstoveA: DELETED
OldstoveB: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 120

Get: 300z
Eternalis looked at the remains of the virus and smiled. Hah, what did I tell you?
Nothing. Harke replied nonchalantly.
Well, whatever. Too bad I didn't get any chips, though. It would have been neat to see what kind the Old Stoves drop.
Well, we can hope that we'll run into more later.
You're optimistic lately. Eternalis said as he moved deeper into ACDC.
The area Eternalis entered grew dim and it was increasingly difficult to see anything. Creepy eyes peered out from the dark, quickly revealing themselves to be a pair of Spookys. Raising their arms in a bizarre summoning ritual, the ghostly viruses spawned two Cactys into existence.

CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP
SpookyA: 30 HP
SpookyB: 30 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 120 HP

[Battle 2 - Begin!]
(( Er, 120 HP. Not 100. ))

Eternalis watched the virii ritual with caution and interest. Hey, those virii look new. Boot up the database, Harke.
All right. Executing... okay! The cactus virii are Cactys, 70HP, wood element, attack by throwing their heads. Their bodies are invulnerable. The ghost ones are Spookys, ghost virii that move real quick, but only 30HP. Null element, explained Harke.
Okay, I should be able to knock out the ghosties with a Shotgun, and one Cacty can be taken care of with a FireHit1. Load me up, Harke!
No, wait. I have a better idea. Boomerang the two ghosties and a Cacty, then Shotgun the two Cacty, leaving one for the picking!
I agree. Go on with it.
Copy that, Boomerang and Shotgun coming your way! The operator whipped out the two chips and deftly put them into the PET chip slot. The data was immediately uploaded into the navi's system, and Eternalis felt the assimilation of the data within him.

He switched the Boomerang data into active mode, and the boomerang promptly came into existence in his right hand with a dim shimmer. He focused his attention processes towards the virii, envisioning a path of the boomerang that would slice through them like melted butter. It would hit the Cacty in front, then the Spooky in the back, then arc around to the next Spooky. Perfect. He held the boomerang, shining in the dim lighting as if ready to delete, and rotated his body rapidly to gain momentum, easy enough due to his GMO, and then, when his body reached the velocity required, he released the metal slicer in one quick move towards the virii.

Then, as the boomerang disappeared into the unknown, he kept his right arm extended and focused towards one Cacty he did not target earlier, concentrating his energy into his right arm as he did so. The fragmentation icicle formed as the water from his body flowed by force into his outstretched hand. The icicle flew forwards towards the green-colored virus, and when he thought the icicle had reached its mark, he retrieved it to form a wall of water that enveloped him and protected him from an attack.

Afterwards, Eternalis activated the Shotgun chip, and the data flowed towards his left arm, just as it did earlier, instigating a dim light, revealing a shotgun barrel attached to the arm. He knelt down, brought the barrel close to his head, held the gun, aimed between at the Cacty that he targeted earlier that was close to its companion and fired off a shotgun shell, hoping that his operator's one-hit wonder strategy would work its magic in this battle. Ah well. He had the contingency of the water wall.

1. Boomerang: CactyA (60, Wood) [Also: SpookyA and SpookyB in an arc]
2. Icicle Fragmenter: CactyB (40, 1-Hit Shield)
3. Shotgun: CactyB (50, Spread1) [Spread1: CactyA)
[[ Le BUMPOS ]]
(( Bumpbump ))
The Boomerang flew in a perfect arc, slicing through the air and the viruses like nothing. however, something was a little odd about that attack. The Spookies, just before the blade struck their body, disappeared into thin air...Continuing his attack the Cacties, the icicle clashed against the wooden body and both viruses was quickly dealt with the shotgun's slugs.

Everything was quiet as Eternalis was all alone in the battlefield. The navi tried to walk away from what it looked like a victorious battle, but suddenly, the two Spookies appeared in front and behind the navi! They reached their tongues at the navi, with one deflected by the wall of water and the other made full damage behind. The two viruses fell back, giggling, making sure that the battle wasn't over with!

SpookyA: 30 HP
SpookyB: 30 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 110 HP [Defense: DESTROYED]
Walking away from a seemingly-won battle, Eternalis suddenly got hit from behind by the ghastly spirit virus.

Keh. Annoying little chumps, eh. Eternalis scoffed at the meagre attempt to damage him as the affected area of his body shined a light blue and consquently healed itself of all harm done earlier. Unfortunately, failure for you.
So, what do you think we should do with 'em?
Possibly I could try shooting one of them with a FireHit, I don't think they would see that coming.
You could just sit there with a Guard.
Not much effect, I'd say, since that guy just now did only meagre damage. I doubt it would have enough energy to delete itself.
Your recent regenerative powers would prevent you from ever taking any serious damage, either.
Can we just get on with it? Just send me a FireHit. Eternalis said, getting slightly impatient.
Sure. Slotting in the FireHit. Also a Cannon, since I want you to take them out the fast way, plus the Guard for precautionary measures, plus Harke picked up the chips from inside his chip pocket and slotted all of them into the chip upload slot.

Eternalis felt the assembly of the chip data inside his own, and released the FireHit chip immediately when it was successfully uploaded. His right hand glowed with a large red gleam, which disappeared, leaving a large red glove, ready to fire a shot. He activated the chip function, and the glove shone with a bright fiery glow, indicating it was prepared to fire. Focusing on the Spooky, he watched the ghost above his burning glove and threw a quick jab towards the ghost.

Afterwards, the glove dissolved into the dim space, serving its purpose, and was replaced swiftly with a green cannon as Eternalis released the Cannon chip data. He knelt down and aimed at the other Spooky, being careful as not to alert the Spooky of his attack, held the weapon in his left hand, and fired a cannon blast.

Then, as the cannon disappeared, having used up its turn, he activated the Guard chip, initiating the formation of a large shield that covered his entire form, protecting him from any possible attacks from the Spooky as a contingency plan.

HP: 110 (+10)
(Heal 20 - Aegean Water / Revitalize Charge)
1. FireHit1: SpookyA (60, Fire)
2. Cannon: SpookyB (40, Knockback)
3. Guard1: Self (Reflect, Max 60)
After healing the previously received damage, Eternalis launches the punch his netop prepares for him, taking down the offending virus. He then pulls out a cannon as well and fires on the last remaining enemy, finishing it as well. As the battle is won, he puts up a shield, just in case.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 120 HP

Rewards: 225z
Not bad, not bad.
What bothers me is we still haven't gotten ANY chips.
Relax and enjoy the zenny, Harke. I wanna get a speed upgrade after this!
Surprised, Harke replied, But that's, like, 5000 zenny!
We'll be there in no time. Eternalis said, before noticing a nearby navi who just finished busting some.
Hey, Harke. Wanna go over there and introduce ourselves to a new friend? I mean, the Net's a big place, and it's good to socialize.
Super idea. Alright, but change into your default armor first. Implicity's meant for stealth situations, anyhow. Initiating Default.GMO...

Eternalis' body shone a light blue, the light being in the shape of his earlier armor, which receded to reveal the larger physique his normal form gave him.

Alright, I'm good to go! Eternalis walked over to the new navi he was about to meet. Hi there. I'm Eternalis.EXE.

(( Transfer to Anubis' thread ))