Out of the Rail and Into the Net

Eternalis was assimilated shortly after jacking in, appearing in a glowing portal.

"Ahhh, stretching my legs in the wide open space."

He looked around, there wasn't much here, since it was, as a matter of fact, only a gateway into the net. There was another portal at the end of the room. He walked silently through the portal and promptly disappeared.

Then, a fantastic, new view greeted him. Wide, open space of the ACDC Network. There were unique and new Navis walking around, busting a few virii here and there, though he didn't know what they were called, since it was his first time here. There were also a few typical green programs floating around. He'd seen them before when he was programmed back at the labs, so he wasn't surprised to find them here.

"All right! Let's go and explore this new place!"
The chipper, scenic view Eternis had been enjoying was quickly disrupted by the agitated clanking of metool pickaxes, as many a newcomer and found their first voyage into the net to be interrupted before. The metools hadn't come simply to ruin Eternis' day, however. Each virus swung its ax in a bloodthirsty way... Well, with this navi's case, weren't they simply thirsty?

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Eternis: 100 HP

(OOC: It's Eternalis, not Eternis. But you call him whatever.)

"Huh? What're these things?" Eternalis said to himself as he saw the little helmets approach.
"Hmmm, according to the Virus Database, those are Metools. Common virii in the net, practically fodder. 40HP, attacks with its pickaxe."
"Pickaxe?" He looked at the little helmets, and saw that they were swinging one each. "Oh. Better watch out for those."

"All right! Let's do some busting!" I said as I slotted in some chips. "Cannon, Shotgun, RageClaw, slot in!"
Eternalis' left hand began to shimmer in a dim glow. After the glow dimmed, a cannon took its place.
"Mmm, nice combo. Okay, let's do this!"
He aimed the hand cannon at one of the Metools, steadied his hand and fired a shot towards the target. The cannon disappeared in another glow, replaced by another firearm, the Shotgun.

Turning his attention to another Metool, he aimed the Shotgun and fired a shot, this time with a little more power in the shot, since the Shotgun was stronger in terms of power than the Cannon. Then, the gun disappeared, and claws took its place on Eternalis' left hand.

Then, he used his Wind subtype to manipulate the wind, allowing him to create a suction force directed at another Metool towards himself and proceeded to swing his RageClaw towards the virus.

Cannon to Metool1
Shotgun to Metool2
Used Wind subtype to lure Metool3 closer
RageClaw to Metool3
((Just a few things you should note: You need to include a summary of your actions at the end of your post that includes the attacks you're using, the specific targets you're aiming for as well as the damages and effects of the attacks you're using. Additionally, "allowing him to lift and fling another Metool towards himself" is godmodding as it is too explicit and should be avoided. However, you can write something along the lines of, "allowing him to create a powerful vacuum to draw in the Metool". It's a subtle difference but we appreciate your efforts. Also, your navi starts off at level 0. It's weird, I know. In any case, you're off to a pretty good start so good job.

Also, this is really important, you don't start with any zenny. We use the honour system here so cheating is highly frowned upon.))
Point taken. I missed the level and zenny part, fault is on my part, didn't mean to cheat, *mindless chatter* thanks for the nudge.
((As I mentioned before, you need to include the damages and effects from your attacks as well like so...

Quote ()

Cannon to MetoolA (40 damage + knockback)
Shotgun to MetoolB (50 damage + spread 1)
Used Wind subtype to lure Metool3 closer
RageClaw to MetoolC (40 damage + slashing)

No one likes to be lectured constantly so I'll just mod you while I'm at it.))

The Cannon attack happened to miss the Metool as it shuffled to the side, but the Shotgun was able to delete both the first and second Metools with its piercing splash of shrapnel. The final Metool was dragged in against its will and slashed apart with a Rageclaw strike. With the three viruses deleted, Eternalis managed to collect some zenny and a battlechip from their remains.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 100 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 200z + Guard1
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"Yeah, first battle victory!" Eternalis said as the last Metool exploded with his RageClaw and both disappeared in a dim glow as all things do.
"Come on, it was only a few Metools. Really, like I told you, typical fodder." Harke said to his ecstatic Navi.
"Bleh, you're such a spoilsport. C'mon, I wanna find more of these to bust! I'm ready for anythiiiiiiing!"
"Sure, go ahead."

Okay, I'll just equip this chip, oooh. Guard1. So shiny. Shineyshineyshiney. Hmmm, Chip Database, Chip Database... Oh, here it is. Guard1, reflects maximum 60 damage, accuracy S, what's that? Ah, whatever. To the folder you go.

"Harke, where should I go next?" Eternalis interrupted his internal monologue from the PET.
"I dunno. Maybe we should gather a few more chips from the virii here, I guess."
"Okay. I'll just walk around and see where that leads me."
"Sure, sure."

(( Battle 2 please :3 ))
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"You know, I kinda feel sorry for those Metools earlier." Harke said as his navi walked along the cyberstreets.
"Really? Why? They were going to attack, right? So it's a preemptive strike."
"I don't know, it's probably just kinda cruel to just slaughter them."
"Really? They're just a bunch of lines of code, nothing much to it."
"So are you, Et."
"..." "..." "Arguing with you is pointless."
"Sure, if you want to put it that way. I don't really care anyway."
"It sounded like you did earlier."
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It wasn't long before Eternalis ran into a pair of Cannondumb viruses being guarded by an angry looking Spikey. The Cannondumbs were spaced fairly far apart while the Spikey seemed to patrol the perimeter around them waiting for something.

CannonDumbA: 50 HP
CannonDumbB: 50 HP
Spikey: 90 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 100 HP

[Battle 2 - Begin!]
"Oh, new virii! Harke, info up, please."
"Ok, Database. The two cannons over there are Canodumbs, 50HP, not much other than shooting forward, immobile. The large animal patrolling around is Spikey, 90HP. Fire-based, so you can take advantage of that."
"Sweet! Alright, time to rock! Load me up, now!"
"Okay, Shotgun, Cannon, slot in!"
"Just two? Huh. Okay, let's do this!"

Eternalis' left hand once again morphed itself into the familiar Shotgun. Holding the gun in his right hand, he aimed and fired it at one of the Canodumbs. After the shot, the gun disappeared in a dim glow once again.

Then, a large cannon appeared on his left hand, replacing the earlier gun. He aimed it at the other Canodumb, steadied it with his right hand, and fired a shot towards the virus.

Fire-based, right. Time to test out this Sig Attack.
Eternalis held out his right hand towards the Spikey. Almost immediately, it began to shine in a blue light, a signal that Eternalis was trying to manipulate the water data in the Spikey. His signature attack, Aquatic Influence.

Not knowing whether the Spikey was hurt by his attack or not, he held out his left hand as the water data from the virus floated towards himself, forming a clear shield made entirely from water.

Shotgun to CannonDumbA (50, Spread1)
Cannon to CannonDumbB (40, Knockback)
Aquatic Influence to Spikey (40x2 (AquaxHeat), 1-Hit Shield)
The Shotgun had just enough strength to delete the CannonDumb but the Cannon fell short, leaving the other virus with just enough strength to remain standing. The Spikey prepared to launch a fireball but was splashed in the mouth with a blast of water, extinguishing the flames and dealing a heavy amount of damage. It shook off the rapidly evaporating moisture while the surviving turret fired a powerful round. Fortunately the watery shield negated the damage completely.

CannonDumbA: DELETED
CannonDumbB: 10 HP
Spikey: 10 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 100 HP
The water shield disintegrated as its purpose was served.

"One down! Yeah!"
"Okay, Et. Just two more and we'll knock 'em out for good."
"Sure. Chips, s'il vous plait."
"Right, RageClaw, Guard1, slot in!"

Now, Eternalis' left hand once again took the form of large bear claws, ready to tear out anything that stands in its way, while his right hand possessed a large shield, capable of returning damage dealt to it back to the attacker.

Then, positioning himself in a straight line with the Canodumb and the Spikey, the Canodumb being in the middle, he activated his Wind subtype once more, this time to create a force to propel himself towards the Canodumb faster than he could run. This he did to catch the Canodumb off guard, which he followed up by slashing the cannon virus with his large RageClaw.

Then, he used the large shield that the Guard1 chip granted him on his right hand to shield himself from the attack (or attacks) that were sure to follow his attacks afterwards.

Positioning in straight line with CanodumbB and Spikey
Wind subtype to propel self towards Spikey
RageClaw to Spikey (40, Slashing)
Guard1 to self (reflect, max 60)
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Also, it looks like you have 4 actions on your summary...))

The remaining viruses was instantly destroyed by Eternalis. The rageclaw sliced and diced the wounded spikey into fine pieces of worthless data. The last remaining virus was geyti g desperate and haphazardly fired the cannon at the navi. Eternalis took his guard shield up and deflected the bullet straight back and destroyed the virus.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 100

(( Huh. Didn't know that you had to jack out first. Oh well. And Gust (Wind subtype) counts as a free action. ))

"Awesome busting work! Too bad we didn't get any chips, though," Harke remarked.
"Of course, we got it down pat."
"Hmmm, I think we should go and get a mission. What do you think?"
"That sounds alright."
"Okay, jack out!"