Neutral Territory

((Continued from Mazer's House))

A pair of flashes appear at the ceiling of the network, Machman and Aera falling from the cyan bursts of light. They level out and let their wings propel them forward, increasing velocity as their fall stops a foot or two from the ground. They cruise forward, looking out for any viruses. Machman's focus shifts as he thought he might have heard a faint scream.

((Ready for Battle #1))
As machman and his girl, Aera, are walking though the ACDC network, they come across some viral signatures. Two Spikies run up from the left and right of the two, using pincer tactics as two more groups of viruses, Metools and Beetanks, two each, manage to catch up with the duo of Spikies. GET YOUR BATTLE ROUTINES READY! BEGIN!

To the left, on Machman's side
SpikeyA: 90
MetoolA: 40
BeetankA: 50

To the right, on Aera's side
SpikeyB: 90
MetoolB: 40
BeetankB: 50

Machman: 100
Aera.SP: 50

Terrain: 100% normalcy

Mach and Aera touch down and slide to a stop. They smile as they look to each other.
Too easy.

Machman crouches down to one knee and faces towards the incoming viruses. He takes aim toward the two viral groups, and raises his fists into the air. Like being prompted by a silent cue, he drives his fists down and smashes the ground. The panels strain under the force of the impacts, sending out a pair of directional shock waves, one towards the right virus group, and the other to the left group.

Aera steps behind him, both arms raised towards the viruses, taking aim towards the pair of Beetanks. Her arms crackle with electrical power, arcs of electricity zapping over her forearms and fingers. Her hands open, bearing her palms towards her targets as the electricity starts to move to her hands. She fires a pair of white electric bolts towards her targets as Machman prepares his 3 barreled vulcan below his right arm. The vulcan spins up with a high pitched whir as he eases it towards the left Spikey virus. The weapon roars to life with a loud hum as it sprays a visible stream of bullets move towards the 4 legged virus. He burns through half of his ammo in less than a few seconds and pauses. The vulcan's barrels continue to spin as he swings the weapon to the left and stops it over the final Spikey virus. The vulcan comes back to life, firing the last of his ammunition from the large lick of flame coming from the barrels. Machman quickly runs out of ammo, and the vulcan spins down as it oozes white smoke from its barrels.

Machman's wings move out in front of him as a large yellow shield forms in front of the pair of programs.

Shockwave1: MetoolA, BeetankA, SpikeyA (40dmg + Ground Attack + Group Attack)
Shockwave1: MetoolB, BeetankB, SpikeyB (40dmg + Ground Attack + Group Attack)

Attack: BeetankA (35dmg Elec)
Attack: BeetankB (35dmg Elec)

Rising Barrage: SpikeyA,B (50dmg + Breaking + Strategic Action + 4TCD)
Guard1: Machman.EXE, Aera.SP (Reflect 1 attack up to 60dmg)
Machman's twin shockwaves cut through both groups, deleting Metools and damaging the others. Aera easily finished off the damaged Beetanks with a pair of electric bolts and the Spikeys were brought down with Machman's Rising Barrage in a flawless battle strategy. The Guard chip was discarded seeing as how none of the viruses had a chance to attack.

((To the left, on Machman's side))

((To the right, on Aera's side))

Machman: 100
Aera.SP: 50

Terrain: 100% Normal

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 500z + 20 bugfrags
((*adds in BugFrags*))

Mach and Aera stand from behind the shield and approach the spoils. Machman gathers up the zenny data and sends it to the PET as Aera absorbs glowing BugFrags into her open hand. She turns to Machman, closing her hand.
Want to keep going?
Sure. Lets go.

They both take a running start before zooming ahead into the net. Machman hears the odd sound again, sounding more and more like a scream of some sort.

((Ready for Battle #2))
The scream MachMan heard started to sound louder and louder, actually, it was sounding less like a scream and more like a screech. The Navi turned around to see a group of Fishys zooming past the navi. Their high speed was creating the screech noise and blanked over original "scream."

The Fishys turned around to face the navi and their eyes shined like a gemstone for a second. Suddenly, the panels started to fall and crumble into the endless abyss. There was only a small patch of area where MachMan stands that remains untouched. It's as if the Fishy wanted a Dogfight with the navi...Are you gonna take them on like a man?!

FishyA: 90 [Fishy Group: Delta formation / In Air]
FishyB: 90
FishyC: 90
FishyD: 90
FishyC: 90

Machman: 100
Aera.SP: 50

Terrain: 80% Missing, 20% Normal

Machman steps back as the panels ahead start to fall away. He looks forward at the enemy fish viruses before looking back to Aera.
Looks like we'll have to get airborne to fight these viruses.
Well then, let's not keep them waiting. Ready?

((Initiate Combat!))

Aera nods in agreement and smiles, knowing exactly what Mach is planning on doing. Machman rises up in the air as Mazer activates Mach's new .GMO. He starts to glow cyan as he flips forward. His entire body is obscured by the bright light and large wings and control surfaces jut out in different directions. His body continues to change for a second or so before finally stopping. The glow subsides, revealing his new blue and orange form. His engines swing in their housings, pointing their thrust downwards and keeping Mach's large frame hovering above the floor. His golden armored cockpit shimmers in the light, a panel on the top pops up and slides back, revealing Aera's ejector seat and controls. Aera crouches down and leaps into the air, assisted by her wing thrusters. She makes a steady backflip over to the opening in the cockpit. She effortlessly slides into her seat as the cockpit door closes.

Aera places her hands on the control handles on either side of her seat, activating the cockpit system. The dark capsule lights up with 360 degree displays of Mach's suroundings. As soon as Aera is online, Machman picks out the lead Fishy virus. His engines quickly tilt back, directing all thrust directly behind him. Machman accelerates at an incredible speed, Aera is pushed into the back of her padded seat. Machman streaks towards the Fishy virus, the ahead of him compacts down to a nearly impenetrable shield over his frame. He blasts forward, hoping to blast through the first set of Fishy viruses. His high weight and sheer momentum should reduce the relatively small viruses into clouds of data. He rockets through the group of viruses before adjusting his engine tilt. He moves the engines up, causing his frame to flip up and over back towards the viruses. As he blasts forward through the viral group again, he rolls to the left and rights himself.

His engines start to taper off, slowing his speed as he returns to his original position. He makes a sharp banking turn to the front, his frame doing a flat spin as he turns. He hovers a bit in the air as the weapon blisters on the sides of his engine intakes slide open and reveal a pair of triple-barreled vulcan guns. Machman adjusted his thrusters and strafed to the right as his vulcans opened fire on the viruses. Two large spikes of flame jut out of the barrels of the twin vulcans, hundreds of rounds streaming towards the Fishys. As the guns go silent and the weapon blisters close his forward-swept wings swing further forward. A pair of red orbs of plasma start to form in the gaps between the canard wings and the points of the wings. The plasma quickly charges as Machman targets a pair of the rear Fishy viruses. The plasma fully charges as he makes his final adjustments. The plasma is released in one blast, firing two large crimson beams towards the viruses. The beams die down and his wings slide out and back into position.

Aera picks out one last Fishy virus from the safety of the cockpit and activates the energy transfer to the network of sensor pods spread around the combat area. Her electrical current travels into Mach's core, powering up one of the sensors closest to the targeted Fishy. It fires a bolt of electricity from its leading point, hoping to zap the virus to a crisp. Machman prepares for any counterattacks by raising a protective shield over his front.

-Activate MachFighter.GMO-
Aera: Mobility Junction
DashAttack: FishyA,B,C,D,E (90dmg + Impact)
Rising Barrage: FishyA,B (50dmg + Breaking + Strategic Action + 4TCD)
Thrust Laser: FishyC,D (35dmg + 2TCD)
Aera: Attack: FishyE (70dmg Elec
Guard1: Machman.EXE, Aera.SP (Reflect 1 attack up to 60dmg)
Machman and Aera reformatted into a more suitable mode of combat and engaged the Fishys in an aerial dogfight. The two sides headed straight for one another in a game of chicken where neither was willing to back down. However, the triangular formation of the Fishys was scattered by Machman's sudden DashAttack. Two viruses were taken out in the rush but the other three Fishys broke off their formation and veered away from the collision.

Machman gave chase, opening fire on a pair of escapees with a spray from his twin vulcans, heavily damaging both of his targets. The third Fishy came up behind him and picked up speed in its own DashAttack but was outmaneuvered and gunned down by some piercing lasers that destroyed it as well as further damaging one of the two he had been chasing.

Aera channeled an electric pulse through Machman's weapon systems to fire a quick bolt but it somehow missed. One Fishy hobbled through the air with a trail of dark smoke lagging behind it while the other seemed to be in decent shape but still banged up

[Fishy Group: Running away / In Air]
FishyA: 40 HP
FishyB: 5 HP

Machman: 100 HP [guard1]
Aera.SP: 50 HP [equip]

Terrain: 80% Missing, 20% Normal
[[i]Oh, no you don't! You're not getting away from us![/i]]

Machman gives chase as Aera targets the healthier of the two remaining viruses. Aera charges up and transfers the power to one of the sensor bits. It aims at the flying fish virus and fires an electrical bolt straight towards it. Mach continues forward, his right weapon blister opening up and revealing a rocket pod with three launch tubes, each loaded with a powerful solid-fuel rocket. He aims towards the smoking virus and fires a salvo of rockets. The first contains a tube of heavy shrapnel, while the 2nd has an incendiary warhead and the third contains a powerful and fully charged capacitor.

Machman disengages and moves back over to the patch of normal panels, making an aileron roll on his way over. Aera transfers a recovery program in Machman's frame, replenishing his energy and provides a little boost.

Aera: Attack, FishyA (70dmg Elec)
Shotgun: FishyB,A (50dmg + Splash)
Heatshot1: FishyB,A (50dmg Fire + Splash)
ZapRing1: FishyB (80dmg Elec + Stun)
Gust: Move back to normal panels
Aera: Heal: Machman.EXE (Recover 18HP)
((I don't think Aera does 70 base damage and Zapring certainly doesn't do 80 damage. Fishys are not water element despite what their name suggests.))

As much as they tried, the two remaining Fishys couldn't shake Machman off their collective tails and opted to split off. Before they did, Aera fired off another electric pulse that cut between the pair as they diverged, hitting neither of them again.

Machman's Shotgun rocket easily caught up to the mortally wounded virus it was targetting and exploded as it made contact; a shower of green data bits rained down from its deletion. He turned and fired two more rockets at the other virus. The Heatshot warhead crippled its left side and caused it to careen into a predictable spinning descent while the Zapring capacitor missile finished it off in a spray of sparks.


[Battle 2 - Victory!]

Get: 400z + DashAttack + 25 bugfrags
((Yeah, forgot about that.))

Machman hovers over to the wreckage of the deleted viruses, drawing up the battlechip and zenny data as Aera collects a small amount of bugfrags.
[Good work. Want to keep going?]
[[i]We are both at full power, so I don't see why not.[/i]]
Aera nods in agreement from inside the cockpit as Mach banks left and cruises forward, deeper into the net.

((Ready for battle #3))
Machman came across two groups of virii in a peculiar formation. In each group, four CannonDumbs were arranged in a cross with a Pulsebat at the center of each cluster. Both bats screeched, activating all eight cannons simultaneously! This would be interesting.

((X formation))
CannonDumbA - 50 HP
CannonDumbB - 50 HP
PulsebatA: 80 HP
CannonDumbC - 50 HP
CannonDumbD - 50 HP

((X formation))
CannonDumbE - 50 HP
CannonDumbF - 50 HP
PulsebatB: 80 HP
CannonDumbG - 50 HP
CannonDumbH - 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Machman: 100 HP
Aera.SP: 50 HP

[Battle 3 - Begin!]
Machman detects multiple contacts on his radar, confirming with a visual: two groups of viruses, in a pair of "x" formations.
[[i]Viruses identified. Count: 10 Permission to engage?[/i]]
[Permission granted. Try to immobilize those bats first, then clear them away. Engage!]

Machman angles his nose towards the groups of viruses as two missiles materialize underneath his wings. Aera sees two cross-hairs appear on the displays in front of her, the smoothly move over the bats as Machman adjusts his aim. His right missile carries a strong electrical capacitor, harnessing enough voltage to temporarily disable all motor programs of its target. His left contains a slightly different payload, it contains a thick fluid that will shower the immediate area with the immobilizing liquid upon detonation. Machman locks in his targets and fires.

[[i]Fox one! Fox two! Missiles away![/i]]
The mounting brackets open, releasing the missiles from Mach's wings. They drop only a couple feet before their solid fuel rocket engines shoot them forward, leaving a pair of white vapor trails as they streak towards their targets. Machman raises a protective shield over his frame as he lets the missiles reach their targets. Two of the sensor pods around him pause in the sky, each pointing at a PulseBat. Aera transfers power to Mach's core, and subsequently gets transferred to the pods. They aim towards their respective targets and fire a pair of white electrical bolts.

Machman rolls right, dropping altitude and lining up with the closest cannon. He adjusts his control surfaces to slide him into position, moving straight along the path of one of the /s in the X formation.
[[i]Don't blink! ♪[/i]]
Machman opens up his engines, lighting his afterburners and creating four massive cyan cones of exhaust behind him as he rapidly accelerates. Aera is pressed into the back of her seat, the suspension system in her "floating cockpit" assembly strains against the force of her ejection seat being driven backwards. A protective veil of compressed air and plasma forms over mach's fuselage and wings and he charges through the line of viruses: a cannon, the pulsebat, and another cannon. He slows only a little to make a wide, banking right turn, almost doing a complete circle to line up the remaining pair of cannons. He keeps up his speed and plows through the final cannons in the right group and streaks over to the second group. He makes a gentle left turn, altering his course by 90 degrees and lining him up with the second "X" of viruses. He keeps his engines burning at full power as he flies through the line of viruses, hopefully destroying everything in his path. He bursts through the viral group and makes one last turn, this time making a left turn and altering his course by 270 degrees to line up with the remaining viruses. Aera does her best to hold on as Mach makes his turn and levels out to plow through the immobile cannons. He flies forward straight as an arrow to sweep up the rest of the viruses.

He finally decreases speed and allows his nearly glowing engines to cool down. He pitches up and climbs for a couple dozen seconds to get himself at a high enough altitude to completely survey the battle space below and get out of the range of counter attacks.

Aera: Mobility Junction
Zapring1: PulsebatB (40dmg Elec + Stun) [+Take Aim]
BubbleStar1: PulsebatA, CannondumbB,C (20dmg Aqua + Bubble Trap x3)
Aera: Attack: PulseBatA (35dmg Elec x2 {Bubble Trap})
DashAttack1: CannonDumbE,F, PulseBatB, CannonDumbG,H (90dmg + Impact)
DashAttack1: CannonDumbA,B, PulseBatA, CannonDumbC,D (90dmg + Impact)
Gust: Move into High Altitude
The Zapring struck the first Pulsebat, stunning it into paralysis. For some reason it was frozen in the air despite the fact that it was no longer flapping its wings. The second bubblestar rocket that was fired split off into three separate warheads, each headed for a separate target. The two Cannondumbs tried to shoot down the missiles headed for them. One actually succeeded, blowing apart the rocket but the second missed and was wrapped in a solid bubble casing along with the Pulsebat.

Aera shot down the trapped bat as Machman charged forward through the first group. His aerodynamic form cut through two Cannondumbs as well as the virus he had paralyzed earlier, deleting all three in a flash. As he changed direction, one of the turrets from the second group managed to get a lock and fired off a round that struck one of his wings. The second DashAttack punched through another two viruses before a gust of wind picked him up high into the air and out of range of the cannons.

CannonDumbA - DELETED
CannonDumbB - 30 HP [bubble]
PulsebatA: DELETED
CannonDumbC - DELETED
CannonDumbD - 30 HP [bubble]

CannonDumbE - 50 HP
CannonDumbF - DELETED
PulsebatB: DELETED
CannonDumbG - 50 HP
CannonDumbH - DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Machman: 80 HP [high altitude]
Aera.SP: 50 HP
[Just a few of them left. Aera, try to repair that wing while Mach finishes off the rest.]
On it.
She transfers a recovery program into Machman's frame, repairing some of the damage to his wing caused by the cannon round. Machman slows and begins to hover in the air as his weapon blister doors open and reveal a pair of vulcan cannons. They start to spin up as he targets a pair of cannons in the closest "X" group. After taking a second to adjust his aim, he fires both vulcans with a pair of rumbling humming sounds. The vulcans spew lead down-range, raining death down from the sky. His vulcans go silent for a second or so as Mach adjusts his aim and points at the second cannon. His vulcans spring back to life, dumping the rest of their ammunition on the second target. As the vulcans spin down and retreat into their respective weapon blisters, Machman adjusts his thrusters back and dives towards the remaining pair of viruses. He drops out of the air, rolling left and strafing left as well, trying to shake off any incoming fire.

The blisters open up again, this time revealing a pair of rocket launchers the total of 6 launch tubes loaded with incendiary rockets. He lines up with the pair of cannons, ready to strafe the line with rockets. He eases his cross hairs in line with the cannons, launching his rockets a second or so before the cross hairs move over the first cannon. He fires his three rockets from his right launcher, each of the unguided solid-fuel rockets streaking towards the ground and leaving a thin, white smoke trail behind it. Mach waits to get closer to the last cannon before firing a salvo of rockets from his left launcher. He levels out and breaks hard right, hoping to evade incoming fire.

Aera: None
Aera: Heal: Machman.EXE (Recover 18HP)
Rising Barrage: CannonDumbE,G (50dmg + Breaking + 4TCD + Strategic Action [Move out of High Altitude])
FireHit1: CannonDumbB (60dmg Fire) [Ranged]
FireHit1: CannonDumbD (60dmg Fire) [Ranged]
Gust: Dodge
With only two Cannondumbs still active and two that had been incapacitated with bubbles, Machman had no problems obliterating the remaining forces. Heavy gunfire rained down over the trapped viruses, both freeing and deleting them. However, he couldn't slow his descent down enough and came down hot. He practically crashed against the floor just as his Firehit rockets hit. Both of them exploded against the last two CannonDumbs in a pillar of smoke and shrapnel. The haze of dust was quickly cleared away by Machman's jets revealing a cushion of hot air that had saved him from actually hitting the ground.

CannonDumbA - DELETED
CannonDumbB - DELETED
PulsebatA: DELETED
CannonDumbC - DELETED
CannonDumbD - DELETED

CannonDumbE - DELETED
CannonDumbF - DELETED
PulsebatB: DELETED
CannonDumbG - DELETED
CannonDumbH - DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Machman: 98 HP
Aera.SP: 50 HP

[Battle 3 - Victory!]

Get: 600z + 32 bugfrags
Machman barely manages to stay airborne, his frame almost scraping against the ground. From Aera's view inside the display-wrapped cockpit, it seemed as if her ejection seat was resting on the ground.
[[i]Woah, too close for comfort.[/i]]

Instead of pitching up and risk contact with the ground, Machman throttles up, allowing the increase in lift to gently increase his altitude without changing his angle of attack. He gets a comfortable 10ft gap between him and the floor and he allows his engines to swivel in their housings and point their nozzles down. He slowly glides to a stop, completely supported by his four main engines and kept steady by the control vents strategically positioned all along the underside of his frame. He eases his thrust nozzles forward a degree or two, and actually starts to fly backwards to the viral wreckage. As he picks up speed, he throttles his right engines up just a little, causing him to rotate clockwise and stop a full 180 degrees. He pauses over the viruses' remains, his sensor pods gathering up the zenny data and bugfrags and beaming them up to the PET.

As the pods do their thing, Aera looks left to Mach's wing. The damage from the cannon doesn't look serious, but the area is still slightly discolored from the impact.
Is your wing alright, Mach?
[[i]It didn't hit any of my control servos, and you patched it up very well, so I'm good to go.[/i]]

Aera is relieved he was alright, and partially thanks to her help. Machman throttles up and picks up speed before moving his engines back into their normal positions and cruise deeper into the network.

((Ready for battle #4))