>:O... Pluged back in.

In a flash of all the colors of the rainbow, Rainbowkid plugged into the net, repaired and ready to kick cyber ass. "Im eddy Cindy!" yelled Rainbowkid as he stood up and got ready to fight, all systems go. "Ok Rainbowkid, now remember, we are going for money, not only on battlechips, try to focus on that." Said Cindy, scanning the area while she talked. The rainbow based navi was ready for action, sure that he could do what Cindy wanted, after all, they lost a lot of things with that Cybeast encounter. The fact Cindy was more worried than ever remained, so Rainbowkid had to center things around that and get Cindy to worry less about what happened to him back at that dark time with a giant beast looking down at him. The monstrous beast had slapped him silly with nearly no effort at all, bringing him to the bring of total end of the line to his health by such quick speeds, barly two hits. R-kid couldn't do anything to defend himself at that time, but trainning back to health is the best R-kid could now do.

"Ready?" Asked Cindy.
"Ready!" Yelled Rainbowkid.

(Battle 1, starttttttt)
Company. That was quick. Perhaps they were drawn by bright colours that R-Kid was radiating, looking for a drug trip...?

Oh, whatever.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
CanodumbA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP

R-Kid.EXE: 140 HP

(Grr, too little to use my best RP skill, damn it all)

R-kid retreated back as the virris gathered, kind of taken by surprise by sudden appearence. Easily knowing the danger of them, R-kid spoke to Cindy quickly.
"Cindy, wii gut trobell!" He said while watching the virri carefully.

"Hold up R-kid, I at the navi shop, here is some random battlechip for you." Said Cindy, pulling out two battlechips from the battlechip pack on the bottom of the her PET and slotting them in without looking. The battlechips ended up as rageclaw and heatshot. "Heatclaw!" Yelled R-kid when he found out what the battlechips were. Running a few yards forward before holding his ground in front of the CanodumbA and slashing the claw in the air, causing a wave of fire to head in the virri's direction, and also at the other virris near it.

While R-kid did this, Cindy received a call from her parents, who were in Aimer City. (This is a city from my old fourms that I was a mod in, don't mind it.)

"Hello Cindy, this is your mom." Said a female voice from Cindy's autophone.

"Hi mom, do you need anything?" Asked Cindy, replying to the voice.

"Oh not much, your little brother is growing up though, so we may send him over soon." Said Cindy's mom.

"Oh ok, I'll be glad to see him again, the last time I saw him was when he was only 3 months old, till then, I got to take care of R-kid now." Said Cindy.

"Ok sweety, bye!." Said Cindy's mom.

(May make a little brother charry in the regi soon, till then, mostly cause I need something to make me less lazy about RPing.)

While back in the Net, R-kid has ran back after he shot the wave of fire, his rageclaw still burning with heat.

1.2. Rageclaw 40dmg + Heatshot 40dmg w/ 20-40 & ^. CanodumbA, Splash aimed for one of the shrubby. best be A but it is a mod's choice.

3. Dodge, cool down rageclaw, if any virri is charging, stab with rageclaw 40dmg, best not.
((It's really hard to tell what you're saying in your summary. Could you try to break it down just a bit more mechanically so I can get it? Like, you know, if you're trying a combo you can say that, but please list the individual targets and damages clearly as well.))

After hearing Rainbow Kid's voice, the virus' decided that perhaps they had found the drug trip they were looking for, but were sorely disappointed when they were met with violence instead of hallucinatory effects. A cannodumb was quickly burned, destroyed, and ripped from the ground only to be hurled into a nearby shrubby. Another Cannodumb was also set ablaze as one of the shrubbies scooted out of the way to save its own hide, but the virus didn't panic, as by design it was unable to do so. The Shrubbies were too disoriented to attack, but the metools made some good attempts with their pickaxes. Cindy managed to dodge one, and the other's shockwave crawled ineffectively by R-Kid. Only the burning cannon was able to land a hit.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: 10 HP
ShrubbyA: 30 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP

R-Kid.EXE: 120 HP
"I'm back Rainbowkid!" Said Cindy from a image. "Here's another battlechip!" She told him as she slot in another rageclaw.

"Yai!" Yelled R-kid knowing Cindy had returned. Shortly after the yell, R-kid's second arm was overrided by a huge claw.

"Beast mode, leberitor form!" Said Cindy, right before R-kid pounced.

The aim was MetoolA and CanodumbB. R-kid first jumped infront of the Metool and slashed down at him, making dust so knowing it hit or not was impossible. After that, R-kid pounced at the Canodumb, slashing at it and once again, there was too much dust to tell what happened, after the exchange, R-kid retreated back a few steps.

*Insert 2nd Rageclaw*
1. Rageclaw(40dmg), MetoolA

2. Rageclaw(40dmg), CanodumbB

3. Dodge fur mi lif!
The sharp talons of R-Kid's Rageclaw were plenty enough to knock out the Metool. His second slash wasn't so accurate, though; the Canodumb that he had been trying to annihilate decided to fire as he approached, forcing him to go into dodge mode.

MetoolB: 40 HP
CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: 10 HP
ShrubbyA: 30 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP

R-Kid.EXE: 120 HP
(Mind as well finish what I started)

"You almost beat them all R-kid, don't give up now!" Cindy would comment as R-kid recovered yet again. Cindy was right, the enemies were getting weakened, and R-kid would easily finish it given the right period of time. "Leiv it tu mi!" R-kid would say back, raising the two huge claws again, ready to strike. R-kid quickly pulled off something he had not done in like... forever. His jet-pack would fire up and shoot him strait forward, right towards ShrubbyB. The jet-pack made R-kid only slightly faster than if he ran forward, but R-kid hoped the sudden surprise of a working jet-pack would at least give him a sneak attack.

R-kid would make a grab for the ShurbbyB with his first Rageclaw in an attempt to both hurt the virus and also grab it. If it managed to work, R-kid would flip in the air, and try to hurl the ShurbbyB at the Canodumb, in an attempt to hopefully cause great damage to them both and hopefully kill them. However, if that didn't work, Rainbowkid wasn't relying only on that.

After his fly-by to try and do a double-hit on the Shrubby and Canodumb, R-kid would also attempt to slash, and only slash, at ShrubbyA, in an attempt at deletion. The slash was upwards like an uppercut with bear claws so that, at the same time, R-kid would be able to shut off the jet-pack and land on his feet and hopefully retreat to a safe distance. The metool was identified by R-kid as the weakest virus, and R-kid would fight it at another pass-by.



1. Rageclaw at ShrubbyB, attempt to hurl at CanodumbB

2. Rageclaw at ShrubbyA.

3. Dodge and retreat some distance away.
Yeah, bump.
Bumpity bump bump
(You forgot to put damage from attacks in the summary, just pointing that out before a mod does.)
((You could just PM her, seriously.))

R-Kid zooms toward the Shrubby, causing it to cower and flinch as it gets grabbed by R-kid and flung into the Cannondumb, destroying the turret, who really couldn't dodge anyway. The FABULOUS recovery navi then slashed upward on the next Shrubby, deleting it, before running away from a shockwave that was sent by a Metool.

MetoolB: 40 HP
CanodumbA: DELETED!
ShrubbyB: 30 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Rainbowkid.EXE: 120 HP
((.... we can do that now? o_0... that... or my absence just caused me to forget a lot of things. >_>))

"Succas!" R-kid would cry out, causing Cindy to smile in the real world. Yes, it was a success, and now there would only be two more viruses to go. Cindy knew the rageclaws would be more than enough to take care of them, but why end everything in such a boring manner? "Here comes a chip!" Cindy would say as R-kid was using the jetpack to speed backwards. In a quick motion, Cindy would have slot in a Shotgun battlechip into her pet, sending the data over to R-kid. Instead of disabling one of his claws, R-kid would disable both of his claws and form the shotgun on his right hand. He would then proceed to use the right hand to steady it. In a large buster sound, the shotgun would have fired off a round at the MetoolB.

After that, to avoid incoming attacks, R-kid would disable the jetpack, stable his feet, then fire off the jetpack while jumping, then disable it again, forming a kind of super-jump into the air. At that point, the shotgun would have disappeared and R-kid would be back to having hands. That wouldn't last long though. In the same moment of the super-jump, Cindy would have taken another chip out, and slot it into the pet. "Battlechip... Sword! Slot in!" Cindy would say, as R-kid's right hand was overtaken by a glowing sword. Then, firing the jetpack once in a while to aim his landing point correctly, R-kid would fall down with all of his jump's leftover momentum, and aim to slice down at the ShrubbyB with his sword in a powerful and fast downwards slice, pretty much performing overkill with a sword strike.



1. Disable Rageclaws and user Shotgun (50 dmg + possible splash) on MetoolB.

2. Jump into the air with a jet-pack powered jump. (Dodge)

3. Jetpack-aimed overkill falling sword strike with Sword battlechip on ShrubbyB (80 dmg)
The Metool prepared itself with the oncoming assault by raising its pickaxe, but got a facefull of surprise when R-kid unloaded a bunch of lead in its face. Ouch.
The Shrubby, the only one left, shakily expelled a Ringlog at R-Kid, who jumped into the air, above the Ringlog, and brought down a sword blade right through the virus' center.
All was done.

CanodumbA: DELETED!

Terrain: 100% Normal

Rainbowkid.EXE: 120 HP

Get: Ringlog1, 400z

((You're in the navi shop somewhere, in the real world.))

"Nice job Rainbowkid! We got a new chip!" Cindy would say, holding up a newly-downloaded Ringlog1 battlechip in victory. "Let's not stop now, a lot more viruses where those came from." Cindy continued, charging up the battlechips while the sword on R-kid's arm disappeared and turned back into a hand. "To teh vwoot!" R-kid would say, rather randomly, although none the less in victory. After Cindy recharged all the chips, which took barely seconds, R-kid would get even more random. It was a very strange and unpredictable, but none the less effective, way to attract viruses.

((Battle 2, start.))
As RainbowKid acted randomly, more viruses appeared!

They were four white and thin flapping viruses. They didn't seem to intimidating.

All the same, however, they were here to attack young R-kid. He'd need to defend himself!

PowieA: 60 HP
PowieB: 60 HP
PowieC: 60 HP
PowieD: 60 HP

Good boy:
RainbowKid.EXE: 120 HP

100% Normal