Warmup session

Resonance materialized bit by bit into the net. Once fully assembled and reassured that nothing had become corrupted during the jack-in, he scanned the horizon, taking a moment to bask in the pure spectacle.

"So many tones... Frequencies... Melodies... Harmonies... Every piece of data producing it's own. Each one individual, yet none alone. Frantic, but at ease in the swift tempo. It is its own dischordant peace."

Resonance's 'ears' lifted slightly to fully take in all the sounds about, only to have a rather irate voice break through the rest.

"What in the net are you mumbling about? I didn't send you in there to stand around all day."

"Taking in the waves of each piece of passing data."

"Huh? I don't see anything waving... Nevermind. Just forget I asked. When I said practice, I was referring to your virus busting skills, not being a microphone stand."

"Understood. Will seek out known virii signatures."

A hint of sadness echoed in his tinny voice. Resonance recognized that his main function was to combat virii, specifically those in a sound or pressure intensive environment. However, his sub-function, working in tandem with sound equipment, was much less stressful, allowing him time to record all the different 'music' to be found in even the most obscure places.

Resonance proceeded down a path leading in the direction of the nearest cluster of noise. What exactly it lead to he was uncertain of, but either way it would prove interesting and hopefully quell Kurt's rising temper.
Bats! Bats everywhere! Oddly enough, these ones don't like to use calls; instead, they simply navigate by spitting seeds.

Unfortunately, this may not be the best time to record an ethogram of virus behavior.

Seedbat: 50 HP
Seedbat: 50 HP
Seedbat: 50 HP

Resonance: 100 HP

Resonance halted in his tracks, startled slightly by the creatures before him. Odd walnut bodied objects with batlike wings fluttered back and forth near one another. One finally turned in his direction, its two large leafy ears and long snout made up the majority of its face. It only took a moment before Kurt piped up.

"What are you stopping for?"

"Frequency: Erratic. Visual confirmation.... Signature: Viral. Identifying... Sound pattern: Unknown. Recording sound file. Requesting further instructions?"

A muffled crash is heard in the background followed by the muttering of a few obscenities. Resonance let out a sigh, knowing full well that that was not a good sign. Cursing like that meant that Kurt was losing what little patience he had, which meant it would be likely Resonance would be on his own until Kurt cooled back down.

"I am engaging virii. Activating Harmonic Barrier."

Resonance crouched into a squatting position; his arms flexed in front of him swaying slightly back and forth. Then in one fluid motion, his fists fly skyward, each striking a prong of his tuning fork with a sharp *PING*. The force of the blow not only forces him into an upright standing position, but also ripples outward encasing himself in a complete buffer of vibrating sonic energy.

This should hold until Kurt comes to his senses... hopefully. Until then I should study what these things can do to and fight back when an opportuinity arises.



1) Recording sound data/Awaiting nonexistant orders (OOC: May not be the best time, but tell that to him.)
2) Harmonic Barrier (70HP)
3) Dodge
[Bah. Sorry for the wait.]

The Seedbats seemed to snigger amongst themselves, and two decided to take advantage of Resonance's lack of offense. However, the leafy wings that they sent spinning toward the Navi were foiled by two things: one, he leapt headlong out of the way of the first pair, and the second two simply bounced off the barrier that he suddenly produced.

Seedbat: 50 HP
Seedbat: 50 HP
Seedbat: 50 HP

Resonance: 100 HP [Harmonic Barrier: active!]
"... aspirin. Hang in there..."

Static garbled away the remainder of Kurt's message. Instinctively Resonance responded, knowing full well the message may not be received.

"The audio channel is damaged. Cannot receive voice commands. Switching to autonomous survival mode."

Resonance reached behind his back to the grip of his tuning fork and deactivated the magnetic lock holding the fork in place. Bringing the fork between him and the virii, he strikes the base of the prongs with his free arm launching a wave of sound forward.

After the wave passed beyond the tip of the prongs, Resonance's defense protocols began kicking in as he began to strafe back and forth a distance away from the three viruses. After a few moments of darting about, he lined up his tuning fork and struck it once again launching another wave at a separate virus.



1)Tonal wave to Seedbat A (8 dmg)
3)Tonal wave to Seedbat B (8 dmg)
Resonance peppers the enemies with small shots, irritating them and making their subsequent attacks easy to dodge.

SeedbatA: 42 HP
SeedbatB: 42 HP
SeedbatC: 50 HP

Resonance: 100 HP [Harmonic Barrier: 50 HP]
Resonance crouched low to the floor panels, preparing for his next strike when a familiar voice broke through the static of the audio channel.

"Can you hear me any better now Resonance?"

"Audio quality degraded to thirty percent below normal standards. However, all commands being fully recieved."

"You try coming up with a quick fix while the headset is..... Nevermind. Forget I said that.... What's going on with the virii?

"The virii have launched an assault of leaves from their wings though none have reached physical contact point. I have returned fire with little results to speak of. Currently I am continuing retalliation."

"Hmm... Hold up. Change of plans."

The rustling of papers and other objects were heard in the background for a moment followed by a few clicks. Shortly thereafter, data began coalescing around Resonance's left hand to form an oversized buster.

"Use that cannon chip to weaken the strongest one of them and then prepare to move in close for the next stage."

"Understood. Disengaging autonomous commands. Proceeding with orders."

Resonance drove the prongs of his fork down flat into the floor panel before him and propped the enlarged buster atop the underside of one the prongs to steady his aim. Mere fractions of a second after the shot was launched at the only unharmed virus, the cannon began dispursing into tiny bits of data. Using the minor recoil from the cannon fire, he whipped his left arm out to the side, spinning his body about in a motion that allowed him to remove the fork from the floor panel using his right hand with relative ease and end up standing aside where his fork was planted, facing the virii. Without a moment's pause, he continued forward, zigging and zagging back and forth all the while closing the gap between him and the virii.



1)Strategy Discussion
2)Cannon to Seedbat C (EDITED: 40 dmg)
(Just so you know, Cannons do 40)

Resonance blasts a virus, almost taking it down. Screeching with rage, it flies into the sky, distracting him just long enough for one of the other bats to launch a counterattack, which crashes into his barrier despite his dodging.

SeedbatA: 42 HP
SeedbatB: 42 HP
SeedbatC: 10 HP (In the sky!)

Resonance: 100 HP [Harmonic Barrier: 30 HP]
(Got Cannon dmg and Shotgun dmg confused.)

"Finish that one before it gets away, but keep moving towards the others."

Resonance managed to get off to hastily launched shots at the skybound virus before closing to close proximity of the less harmed two.

"This should cover the remainder of the job. You know what to do with it."

Resonance nodded as the data coalesced into the ends of his tuning fork. Scooping the fork close to his right hip, he pointed the two tips of the fork at each virus. The ends flipped open to reveal twin barrels mounted into the fork itself. A short voice clip played from his shoulder speakers and you could almost swear that his faceplate lit up in a smirk just as the flash went off from inside the barrels.

"Hail to the king, baby."



1) Tonal Wave to Seedbat C (8 dmg)
2) Tonal Wave to Seedbat C (8 dmg)
3) Shotgun to Seedbat A&B (50 dmg)

Associated Sound Clip
The two sound wave connected like a well-tuned orchestra and deleted the hovering Seedbat. Along with some luck, the shotgun also hit the other seedbats and shredded them into pieces of data. Neat-O~


Resonance: 100 HP


"You've been getting into the cult movies on the desktop again, haven't you?"

"The dialogue amuses me."

Resonance began gathering the remaining bits and pieces of data while the thud of Kurt's head hitting the desk echoed into the background.

"Just find some more virii to practice with. I'm going to be fixing things right here, so be sure to get my attention when you need it."

Virus Attack.

SpikeyA: 90
CanondumbA: 50
CanonbumbB: 50
MetoolA: 40

Resonance: 100

-Battle 2-
"A mixed group. One Spikey. Two Canondumbs. One Metool."

Resonance welcomed the presence of easily recognizable virii; not having to spend downtime identifying residual frequency patterns, but more importantly not having to listen to Kurt's temper flare at a lack of an initial plan due to unknown factors.

"Alright. No slacking this time! Defenses up and get into position to take down both Canondumbs at once."

He goes having a tantrum earlier while I'm fending for myself and now says I'm slacking? Ugh... I'll pretend that I didn't hear it. No sense in getting him all riled up again. Resonance finished gathering his thoughts with a sharp rap of his fork, building up the forceful wall of sound around him once more. Wasting little further time, he strafed around the two identical virii until they lined up, all the while data coalesced into the tips of his fork. With a flick of his fork, the ends flipped open to reveal twin barrels. A different sound clip echoed out of his speakers this time as the shotgun fired towards the two Canondumbs.

"See this? This is my boom stick!"

"Must you do that?"

1.)Harmonic Barrier [70 hp barrier]
2.)Shotgun to Canondumb A; Splash to B [50 dmg]

Associated Sound Clip
BOOM. Two Canodumbs go down in a brutal strike, as a metool's attack bounces harmlessly off Resonance's barrier! The spikey fires in retaliation as well, but it misses as he dodges.

SpikeyA: 90 HP
CanondumbA: DELETED
CanonbumbB: DELETED
MetoolA: 40 HP

Resonance: 100 HP (60 HP barrier)
"You walked right into that Metool's shockwave! Sloppy. Get rid of it before it hides behind its helmet. Better yet, make sure the helmet isn't a factor. Use this."

Data coalesced around Resonance's left arm into the form of an oversized buster.

"Understood. Accesssing Metool helmet data... Resonant frequency data: 2.3 nanoHz. Amplitude: 18.4 picometers. Configuring cannon data to fire condensed sound. Calibrating settings to produce cosine to helmet's frequency... And-"

The cannon recoiled, firing a compressed bullet of sound directly towards the metool. Satisfied with the shot, Resonance turned his attention to the only other virii unharmed.

"Now that all of the long range chip data have been used up, how should that be dealt with?"

"Although a spikey can move around quickly, most aren't afraid to get right up in the face of navis. You should do the same. Put away your fork and I'll send you something else to face off with it."

"Not the Rageclaw! The sound it makes against most surfaces is so displeasing. It makes me cringe every time it scrapes again-"

Resonance's complaint went on deaf ears as the data had already begun compiling into his left glove causing three curved blades to protrude from it. He let out a sigh and reattached his tuning form magnetically to his backside, preparing to charge at the spikey.

Knowing full well that the virus would not simply let him walk directly towards him unscathed, he advanced upon the fiery beast expecting to sidestep any hostile movement. Once within range he jabbed the claws for the beast's front leg, hoping this would be the only way to not hear the sound similar to nails on a chalkboard.

1)Break Cannon to Metool A(40 dmg)
2)Advance on Spikey A/ Dodge
3)Rageclaw to Spikey A(40 dmg)

What does claw on bone sound like.
SpikeyA: 50 HP
CanondumbA: DELETED
CanonbumbB: DELETED
MetoolA: poof

Resonance: 100 HP (60 HP barrier)
"Just end it quickly and the Rageclaw data will dissipate. No more unpleasant sounds."

Resonance flinched, drawing his 'ears' in closer to his head in feeble hopes of recording less of the sound. While not as nausiating as nails on chalkboard, the sickening pop of claw crashing against bone in the direct stab was still enough to cause the recording navi's internal data to churn. He even found himself upset over the noise that he was audible consoling himself over the issue.

Regardless of his uncomfortable feelings, Resonance continued his assault against the Spikey with another thrust of the Rageclaw; this time aimed towards the left side of the virus's body. A second slash accompanied the attack, rising upward from the ground in a continuous motion, propelling himself further toward the virus's backside.

"That's enough. It should be weakened now. Get some distance between you and it finish it there."

Pleased to hear the comment from Kurt, Resonance wasted little time leaping back away from the virus. Being further away meant no longer having to be near the rearranging of data from attacks and all of the putrid sounds accompanied by it. Once a sufficient distance back, Resonance halted, awaiting the next instructions.


1)Rageclaw to Spikey A (40 dmg)
2)Rageclaw to Spikey A (40 dmg)
3)Tactical movement/Retreat to medium range
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