Celeste drowns out the competition.

Celeste materialized in ACDC with her usual tornado of sakura blossoms. So this is ACDC. Pretty unimpressive.

"Alright, I'm here. Any specific place you want me to head?"

"Just head to the deepest part of the net you can find there."

"... Figures. Always wanting to do the adventurous stuff..."

Celeste walked through ACDC, looking for the darkest possible routes to take, hoping that she'd run into something valuable, or some into some sort of net miracle, so that her trip would be a short one.
Darkest routes? Maybe this is one... but no. It's just the shadow cast by the seedbats!

SeedbatA: 50 HP
SeedbatB: 50 HP
SeedbatC: 50 HP
SeedbatD: 50 HP

Wonderful... bats. On instinct, Celeste got ready to jump out of the way of their attacks and began singing Firecracker... only do discover that she had another verse to the song that she could sing. I wonder if I could think of this new verse so easily because of the other process upgrade? No point really thinking about it though...

Celeste took aim at the seedbat in the middle, and threw the large ball of energy into the crowd of bats, causing it to explode in a decently sized explosion that seemed to hit one of the bat's near it.

"Hey Celeste, nice one! Made the new verse up on the spot, huh?" Leon asked.
"Yeah. I think it's because of the process upgrade you gave me,"she replied.
"It's possible, assuming that there was some extra space left after the coding for the new song was done." he said thoughtfully."Anyways, focus on the enemies! We've got to take them out and get stronger so that we can pay Frag back for his kindness earlier."
Celeste said, thinking for a moment about her first time busting and how useless she had felt in the group.

1. Dodge
2-4. Firecracker 3. 55 (25+30) damage to Seedbat A and B.

Firecracker: Used
Stranger to love: Ready
Celeste's attack utterly destroyed two of the seedbats with ease. Unfortunately, one of the Seedbat took it's opportunity and attacked Celeste right after she finished her attack!

SeedbatC: 50 HP
SeedbatD: 50 HP

Celeste: 120

((Edited by RevivedSin because Goroke forgot to say the status of the virii))
Celeste took the full brunt of the attack, getting knocked back and off balance. Unable to recover she fell backwards and landed on her butt.

"Well, I guess now would be as good a time as any..." she thought to herself. She began to sing out in a sad and depressing voice, singing long drawn out lyrics that might make even the most seasoned badass shed a tear. She sang a full verse and refrain, as the weeping face of a girl appeared above her and began to sniffle, holding back tears. "It's ok to cry... release your emotion!" she said, pointing at one of the remaining seedbats. The face broke down, moving toward the seedbat in the blink of an eye and unleashing four oversized tears overtop of it.

"Nice, Celeste. Now let's keep things going with a bubbler, slot-in!" Leon scanned the chip into the PET, sending the data to Celeste in an instant.

"Take this!" Celeste shouted, opting to simply use the chip as normal instead of singing for it. She grabbed an oddly shaped gun that appeared before her, aimed it, and released the powerful watery shot at the other seedbat. She moved from her spot, back towards the way she was headed, careful to look over her shoulder should one have survived.

1-2. Stranger to Love. 4 x 15 aqua @ SeedbatC
3. Bubbler 50 to SeedbatD
4. Dodge and walk away~
All of them die.


Celeste: 120

Get: 400z
Celeste bowed her head for a moment while walking and closed her eyes. I hope things go better in this place than in the last net... I don't have any backup to help me out this time. Celeste wandered about for a few more minutes, taking side paths all over the place.

Hey Celeste, what do you think of ACDC? Kinda bland, no?" Leon asked, making some idle conversation while she walked about.

It's not the prettiest... but I guess it isn't too bad either..."

Leon replied. Blah... why do I have such a hard time talking with my own navi... Ayumi and I were much closer... I kinda miss her too, haha...

"Something wrong Leon?" Celeste asked.

"No... nothing. Just daydreaming a bit. Shouldn't you be paying attention to where you're going anyways?" Leon said, just as Celeste walked into a bench. He chuckled a bit as she bent over and nursed her leg.

Celeste was embarrassed and blushing, and quickly kept walking.
Attack of the Killer Viruses!

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP

Celeste.exe: 120 HP

"Oh look, more adoring fans of your singing!" Leon said sarcastically. "This shouldn't be too hard, so I'll let you handle things."

She replied. She noticed that Leon had slotted in a bubbler while they were talking. "Thanks for the help, slacker."

"Anytime. So, you done with this yet?"

Celeste raised her palm to face the group of Spikeys. I hope you like water as much as I like singing off key. She released the spray of bubbles from her palm, shooting them into the group of spikeys and hoping to hit at least one of them.

Turning her attention to the Shrubbies she began humming a fiery tune. The familiar reddish energy formed above her head, growing to a decent size. As it reached the critical point that her current skills would allow, she spun elegantly and waved her had at the shrubbies, sending the explosive ball towards them.

1. Bubbler (50 Aqua) to Spikey A and splash B.
2-4. Firecracker level 3. 55 Damage, Shrubby A and B.

Firecracker: Used - (Cooldown 1)
S2L: Ready
Great, the Spikeys are dead, and your little song just killed the two bushes with eyes and stuff. The remaining spikey, not too happy about what just happened, bites you in the leg.

SpikeyA: dead
SpikeyB: dead
SpikeyC: 90 HP
ShrubbyA: dead
ShrubbyB: dead

Celeste.exe: 90 HP
Damn! It got me! Celeste cursed to herself as she fell to the ground clutching her leg. I could've gone without the pain...

"Celeste, you ok? Take this and heal yourself, got it?" Leon said slotting in a chip. "Then use these to finish off the enemy!" he continued, slotting in more chips.

"Alright... thanks Leon."

As she loaded the first chip's data, she changed it into a healing energy and sent it through her body and to her wounded leg. She let out a slight relieved sigh at the lessening pain and stood.

She activated the next chip, a shotgun appearing in her hands. No time for flashy singing... lets just end this. She took aim at the remaining spikey and fired the shotgun, quickly activating the cannon chip and releasing a second powerful blast from her mouth.

In the ensuing chaos, she simply moved from where she was, hoping that the quick attacks would finish the spikey or confuse it enough that her lackluster attempt of a dodge would be sufficient.

1. Convert Rageclaw 40 to Heal 20.
2. Shotgun @ Spikey. 50 Dmg.
3. Cannon @ Spikey. 40 Dmg.
4. Dodge.
The Spikey dies. And Celeste heals some.

SpikeyA: dead
SpikeyB: dead
SpikeyC: dead
ShrubbyA: dead
ShrubbyB: dead

Celeste.exe: 110 HP

Get: 400z
"Nice one Celeste. For only having a couple battles under your belt your learning really fast" Leon said happily. "Ready for more?"

Celeste replied. She wasn't quite sure how to react to Leon's enthusiam for her learning to kill things, although she figured that he was simply happy to get back into the busting scene.

"So Leon, why do you like busting so much?" Celeste asked in a slightly shy sounding voice.

"Why? Hmm... I guess it's just because it reminds me of a real life video game..." came his thoughtful response. "I mean, I'm sure there's more, but that's the first thing that comes to mind."

"Haha... what a big child you are..."
she said.

Celeste walked further into the net, heading towards an unknown and undefined destination.

BandcoonA: 50 HP
BandcoonB: 50 HP
BandcoonC: 50 HP
SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP
SpookyC: 50 HP
SpookyD: 50 HP

Celeste.exe: 110 HP

"Whoo, more virii..." Leon yawned. "At least they're types I'm not used to seeing every day."

"You get bored easily with life, don't you..?"
Celeste inquired.

"Define bored... and life, for that matter. I'm not too keen on a steady job, if that's what you mean. I prefer something where I face different challenges every day. Doing the same thing over and over is just... not appealing to me in the least." Leon said while looking off into space and scratching his chin.

"Sigh... I guess that's to be expected." Celeste had been taking the time to look over the enemies. "I'm going to give you boys one hell of a show tonight..." she said coyly.

Beginning to sing, she was sure to keep an eye on the power her voice was storing up. She sang until she couldn't restrain the power any longer, sending a rather large ball of pure energy toward the bandicoons. She didn't really pay any attention to whether it hit or not; being winded she opted to take a few deep breathes and recover instead.

1-4. Firecracker 4. 65 Dmg to Bandicoon A,B,C.

Firecracker: Used this turn (2)
STL: Ready
Wow, Celeste's singing is either really good or really bad, because it kills all three bandcoons. Two of the remaining viruses teleport to either side of Celeste and slap her with their tongues. They must really like her.

BandcoonA: DELETED
BandcoonB: DELETED
BandcoonC: DELETED
SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP
SpookyC: 50 HP
SpookyD: 50 HP

Celeste.exe: 80 HP
Celeste flailed about as the Spookies licked her. "Eww! Go away! Get off me!" she whined as they salivated all over her.

"Looks like you just got licked." Leon said sarcastically.

"Shut up, jerk. It's not funny." she replied angrily. She waited for a moment, then added, "Any day now..."

"Yeah, yeah... no need to get all bent out of shape,"
Leon said as he slotted in three of his chips. Soak one then line two up and shotgun 'em" he said.

"Fine... I'm done after this though. This is ridiculous."

Celeste quickly activated the bubbler chip, a kiddie looking bubble wand appearing in her hand. She quickly spun and pointed it at one of the enemies next to her, releasing the powerful shot right at it's midsection. "Not so funny when you're the one who gets all wet, is it?" she taunted angrily.

Looking at the other three quickly, she looked for a suitable point to attack from and vanished in a swirl of cherry blossoms. She reappeared only nanoseconds later in the destination of the place she had found, minus the petals, with her shotgun already activated and pointed at the Spookies of choice. She pulled the trigger on her powerful firearm and fell onto her backside as the blast exited the barrel, the recoil from it too much for her light frame.

Celeste quickly hopped back to her feet as the shotgun disappeared, brushing the dust and dirt off of her butt. She looked around to spot the only Spooky she hadn't tried to attack, and instead focused on keeping it in her sights and trying to dodge its next attack.

1. Bubbler @ Spooky A. 50 Aqua.
2. Areagrab to 'good attacking spot'
3. Shotgun @ Spooky C and D. 50 + Splash.
4. Try to dodge Spooky B's next attack.

Celeste wipes the viruses out with ease and nimbly barrel rolls out of the way of the remaining Spookys attack with ease. The ghost seems a bit sad though.

BandcoonA: DELETED
BandcoonB: DELETED
BandcoonC: DELETED
SpookyB: 50 HP

Celeste.exe: 80 HP
Leon grinned slightly as Celeste tore up the remaining virii. He slotted in his final chip and sat back, watching Celeste as she managed to do a barrel roll and avoid the incoming attack.

Nimbly landing on her feet after the roll, her nails grew long and steely- clearly due to the RageClaw that she had activated- and she lunged towards the last Spooky. Instead of attack though, she simply tried to pet it and talk to it.

Leon raised an eyebrow as she did so, and shook his head.

"Hey there little guy. How about you go on and get out of here, ok? You seem a bit different... although maybe it's just my imagination..."

"I think you scrambled your brains with that barrel roll..."
Leon muttered to himself. Instead of intervening he simply let Celeste do as she pleased. "I suppose that stranger things have happened in my time on the net."

1. Activate rageclaw.
Rest: Pet and talk to the Virus.
The Spooky nodded and left, licking Celeste gently this time so as to not cause damage as it wandered off.

Get: Recov10, 400z