Void is back

The darkness of the net swirls into the form of void's body. Glaring around quickly, he heads off to find some virri...
Void finds three metools. Not just any metools, though. That's right, they're the fabled THREE METOOLS OF DEATH!


MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40

Void: 100

Battle 1! GO!
"This is disgusting, we have to put up with these annoyances..." void spat in disgust, "We should be fighting in the undernet. but Noooo... you had to go and lose our stuff..."

<Alright aready, just shut up and fight, shotgun and cannon battle chips in download.>Damian said for the real world, getting fed up with void's nit picking.

As the shadows enclosed around his hands, void raised his arms to shoulder level and aimed them at the two of the virii. starting to run latterally to the mettools, void's eyes chrincked in a smile as the shadows reviealed the forms of the cannon and the double barrel of the shotgun. Slowly pulling the trigger on both, the shotgun blasted first, sending it's bullet flying mere instants before the cannon's echoed reply. guns used up, they faded away into nothingness. focusing fully on running in a large arc around them, void watches carfully for an attack...



1)shotgun(50+splash @ metoolA)
2)cannon(40 @ metoolC)
3)watching while running(dodge)
Looks like you won

Reward:150 zenny
"pretty good, mabey we can get a bigger reward by working with others" voi thought out loud...

<yeah, i'll jack you out and look around> damain agreed as void faded from the net...