Virus Busting Again

A flash of light suddenly burst out, and Hitokiri appeared in ACDC, curled up in a ball. "Glenn! Why are you doing this!? I don't wanna go through that again." the navi whined. "Oh shut UP! That was a one time thing. It's not like it's gonna happen again two times in a row! Besides, you gotta face your fears, and get tougher, so Spikeys won't have their way with you ever again!" Hitokiri then stood up. "I guess you're right. Well, bring it on, virii!" And the words in Hitokiris mind echoed: Please no Spikeys... Please no Spikeys...
Ruh-roh Raggy! Rikeys!

Spikey A: 90
Spikey B: 90

Hitokiri: 150

...Hey, these Spikeys seem oddly familiar... and are they... chuckling at Hitokiri?!
((Oh how I KNEW this was gonna happen.))

Hitokiri stared at the Spikeys. "It.. Its those damn Spikeys! Those bastards!" All six of his swords whipped out of his sheaths with a flick of his finger. "We're on different terms this time, you two. And this time, Im gonna make you into a Spikey sammich!" Glenn smirked. "Go get em, tiger. I think if I know you, You'll make good use of this." He said, as he input the code for Hitokiri to use Blade Wheel. Each of Hitokiri's blades turned so they all pointed outward in different directions, and began to spin at a rapid speed. Hitokiri's angry face turned into a evil-looking grin, and the circle of blades immediately flew at a Spikey.

As the swords returned to their original position, Glenn slot in one of Hitokiri's favorite chips: the Sword. One of his blades above him began to glow a magnificent white, and pointed itself at a Spikey. Hitokiri pointed his finger toward that Spikey, and snapped his fingers. Almost instantly, the sword soared through the net at the Spikey like a bolt of lightning, and attempted to cleave it in half.

"You know, these guys were alot scarier last time. This time, however, Im gonna rip em limb from limb." Hitokiri said triumphantly. Glenn had the same thought.

1.Bladewheel to SpikeyA = 70dmg
2.Sword to SpikeyB = 80dmg

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Hitokiri gets in a couple of solid hits, then narrowly avoids a return fireball.

Spikey A: 20
Spikey B: 10

Hitokiri: 150
Hitokiri hopped in the air, clicking his boots together. "Yeehaw!" He hooted, dropping to the ground. "But it's not over yet, you smoldering wolves. I am just getting started!" His sword, still glowing brightley, pointed directley at the Spikey striked with the Blade Wheel. The blade, magnificent as always, shined in the light of the area. It was a great sword indeed. Maybe it was his favorite. He could not tell, for he had six. How could he have a favorite? It was simple. The one who reaps his revenge would be his favorite, for sure. At the snap of his finger, the sword whipped at the Spikey, closing in at it, maybe cleaving it in half. Maybe missing. Hitokiri didn't look. He was too busy in thought.

Hitokiri sorta felt sorry for these little critters. They get slaughtered every day, and he was in on it. He began to feel like a hippy, and smacked himself in the head. You're giving sympathy to a virus that harassed you! What is wrong with you, man!? After that, He looked up at Glenn. "Send me a Shotgun chip, ASAP." Glenn smiled, glad to hear his usually talkitive navi finally talking. "Coming right up, Hitokiri!" Immediately he slot in a Shotgun chip and it took form on his arm, while his sword, glowing white, faded back to it's normal look.

"Time to kick the bucket, Spikey. Now you KNOW not to mess with this navi." He pointed the shotgun at the Spikey. Thinking to what he just thought, he continued to aim the gun at the virus. "Say hello to Satan for me!" He said, and fired the shotgun. Glenn was happy. His navi finally got the revenge he was seeking, and knew he was happy. The Shotgun blinked white, and dissapeared off his arm. Reflexes ready, the Spikeys would never, EVER catch him off gaurd. And finally, Hitokiri was happy.

1. Sword to SpikeyA = 80dmg
2. Shotgun to SpikeyB = 50dmg
3. Dodge
Blarg, they die

Reward: 150 zenny
"Yes! YES! HAHAHAHA! MY REVENGE IS FUFILLED!" Hitokiri runs around in circles, screaming at the top of his lungs. "Man. I am so pumped! It's like an adrennaline rush without steriods! Bring on the virii!" Glenn laughed. "Calm down, Speedy Gonzales. Being all hyper won't bring the spikeys on any faster." Hitokiri then took a few deep breathes, realizing Glenns common sense, calmed down, and sat and waited.

((Battle 2, nao.))
Hitokori has eliminated his... arch... enemies?
Eh... maybe not.
Four more spikeys approach, all seeming to snicker in the same way as the last two. WHICH TWO WERE THE REAL ONES?!
Well, it doesn't look like it matters, because news travels fast among the spikeys.

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP
SpikeyD: 90 HP

Hitokori: 150 HP

((Bravo, P.A.))

Hitokiri looks at his foes. "Oh man. The Spikeys will be talking about this for WEEKS!" He shudders. "I'm so tired of these things! They keep bugging me and bugging me and bugging me! What is it about me they like?" He checked his pockets for cookies and then spoke to Glenn. "Alright. Send me a Shotgun. I'mma gun these things back to hell. Or wherever they all hang out." As quickly as possible, Glenn slot in a Shotgun, and aimed it at the closest Spikey, hoping it would break through and hit the spikey behind like a Desert Eagle. Soon enough, the bullet was off toward the virus, and impact could not be certain.

A Rageclaw soon appeared on Hitokiri's arm. "A RageClaw? Why not a Sword?" He asked Glenn. "Because I think you need a break from not moving your arms, lazybones." Glenn answered with a smirk. "Fine. Have it your way." He rushed over to a random Spikey of his choice, oddly in an orderly fashion, and gave it tough knuckle sammich. He jumped away, and the RageClaw stayed on him.

"I'll whipe all these Spikeys off the earth until none of them can humiliate me again!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, ready for battle.

Shotgun to SpikeyA = 50dmg + Spread to SpikeyB
RageClaw to SpikeyB = 40dmg
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Er... thanks. I needed that.)

Completely taking down the second spikey, and weakening the first to below half health, Hitokori is unfortunate enough that even though he dodges a single attack hits.

SpikeyA: 40 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP
SpikeyD: 90 HP

Hitokori: 120 HP
A part of his outfit singed black. "Damn! I just got this cleaned!" He looked in anger at the Spikey foes against him. "This just doesn't end? Where do you think these things come from? A giant Mommy and giant Daddy Spikey?" Hitokiri thought for a second, spat and shuddered. "Ewww. I would hate to run into one of those." All his swords began to shine and glow white. "Aha! I like the way you think, Glenn. I really do." he said as Glenn finished putting in the Blade Wheel code and smiled. Each blade pointed outward at the snap of a finger, and began to spin slowly, as Hitokiri spun his arm like a lasso, except with a flat palm. "Round and round she goes.." he began to speak, as the blades picked up to a quick speed. "Where she stops.." the blades launched off towards a Spikey. "Nobody knows!" he screamed as the blades reached the Spikey.

The blades returned to their normal spot above Hitokiri's head. "Send me both Heatshots and watch. This'll be cool." A heatshot replaced each hand, and he aimed em at a Spikey. Immediately, the two balls of fire ((Innuendo not intended XD)) were launched off. Each one towards the same Spikey, attempting to hit one, breakthing through to the other. "Wooh! This is gonna be so COOL!"

Blade Wheel to SpikeyA = 70dmg
Heatshot to SpikeyC = 40dmg, Break through to SpikeyD
Heatshot to SpikeyC = 40dmg, Break through to SpikeyD

SpikeyA: OW
SpikeyC: 10
SpikeyD: 10

Hitokori: 60 HP

Hitokiri's attacks... work?!


The Spikeys don't like being attacked, though... they retaliate and get some results. (30) (30)
"Heh. Lets finish this quick and early. I wanna get to bed." The op slotted in a Cannon chip, which quickly absorbed Hitokiri's arm in a flash of white light. Hitokiri pointed the gun up at one of the remaining Spikeys. It was all down to this shot. If it hit, he would have a garunteed success. If not, he may day. Sweat trickled down his cheeks. Right as he was about to fire, he heard a loud snoring, as Glenn fell asleep at his desk. "Glenn! What are you doing!?" the navi screamed at Glenn, and the Spikeys looked at him, puzzled. "Wha..... What is it? Oh! Sorry! I must have fallen asleep! Hahaha... ha.. ha..." Hitokiri did not look amused. "Sorry. Continue with your epic moment."

The cannon aimed at the Spikey, it's growl could be heard loudly. Suddenly, the sound of the Cannon could be heard and the bullet approached the Spikey. In no time, the cannon dissapeared and was replaced by a chip Hitokiri was all too familiar with. The Sword. His front and center sword glowed bright white. A magnificent shine for a magnificent sword. It pointed straight at the Spikey after Hitokiri pointed at it. "Lets do this! Sword, go!" And the sword was off immediately, rushing toward the Spikey. It soon returned to his circle, still glowing a bright white. "Woohoo!" he screamed, and jumped in the air, fist up high.

Cannon to SpikeyC = 40dmg
Sword to SpikeyD = 80dmg
Overkill much?

Reward: 200 Zenny
"I've had enough Spikeys for one day.. you?" Hitokiri looked up at his op. "Same here. Jack out." he replied and pulled the cord out. "I can't beleive those Spikeys all laughed at you. I thought it was gonna be just the two." Glenn said, yawning and sitting on his bed. "No kidding. We'll get more revenge tomorrow." Hitokiri grinned, and Glenn had already dozed off, probably not hearing what he had said. Hitokiri sighed.

((Jacketh Outeth))