SplashMan soon found himself in an area he knew well; the beginning of the ACDC cyberworld. "I'm in! I'm ready to get started whenever!"

"All right, then get started! The faster we find those Spikeys, the faster we can take them out before they know we're doing it on purpose!"

"Roger!" The Aqua Navi wasted no further time in searching high and low, in search of the Spikey viruses he was getting paid to investigate.

(Mission search, begin!)
A strange howling seems to be coming from a small ways away, but before Splashman can investigate, a small pack of Spikeys blocks his way! There's no choice... you'll have to fight your way through!

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP
SpikeyD: 90 HP
SpikeyE: 90 HP

Splashman: 140 HP

"Well, that didn't take long..." SplashMan readied himself for battle, prepared for any fire attack the Spikey could throw at him. Or spit. Whichever one they felt like. "Ready for battle!"

"Well, let's not waste any time! Let's try and take this group out quick, before they can counterattack!" Sabrina grabbed a certain chip and placed into her PET. Specifically, the chip she always had her Navi lead with. "Battlechip, WideShot! Slot in!"

The oddly shaped gun appeared on SplashMan's right arm, and was held up. He closed one eye and squinted the other as he attempted to get a good aim with it, then blasted the water attack at a trio of the viruses. "WideShot fired! Next!"

"Elemental weaknesses are nice, aren't they?" The operator had already grabbed another pair of chips, and inserted them, one after the other. "Battlechip, Bubbler! Double slot in!"

The Aqua Navi's arm became more hose shaped, but remained trained on enemy viruses. Though he wasn't quite as careful with the Bubbler shots as he was with the WideShot, he still fired the bubble blasts towards the fire dogs yet to be targeted. "There, hopefully that'll do it! I can't tell if anything's left though...there's too many bubbles in the way!"

"Well, let's not worry about that!" Sabrina, having foreseen SplashMan saying something like that, had already started her chip-inserting motion with, obviously enough, one final chip. "Battlechip, Guard! Slot in!"

And SplashMan became defended against a single attack. Hopefully it wasn't necessary, though...

[Order of Turn:
1-WideShot chip attack on SpikeyA, SpikeyB, and SpikeyC (80, Aqua)
2-Bubbler chip attack on SpikeyD (50, Aqua, may hit another virus)
3-Bubbler chip attack on SpikeyE (50, Aqua, may hit another virus)
4-Guard1 chip attack (60-, Reflect)]

... Just kidding. Splashman hits two of his wideshot targets, and both of his bubbler targets. The last one attacks, but gets its attack reflected.

SpikeyC: 60 HP

Splashman: 140 HP
"Darn! It wasn't enough!" SplashMan ducked slightly, and activated the water cannons on his back. "Don't worry about chips, I can take care of this myself!" He fired his trademark blast of water towards the sole surviving virus, watching it arc in the air before raining down in the direction of the Spikey.

"Well, that would definitely do it..." Sabrina leaned against a nearby tree, almost disappointed her Navi decided to finish the job himself. "Just stay alert in case you missed!"

"I don't think I did, but I will!" The Aqua Navi looked around, to see if, in fact, lightning could strike twice. Or in this case, if water didn't strike twice.

[Order of Turn:
1-Water Splash sig attack on SpikeyC (70, Aqua)
2-Dodge (if necessary)
3-Dodge (if necessary)
4-Dodge (if necessary)]
The dodging isn't necessary. The blast takes out the spikey, but before it goes down, it lets out a howl.


Splashman: 140 HP

Prize: 250z

An answering howl rings from the north. And another. And another. Soon, nothing can be heard but the howling. But then, something worse. A rumbling in the ground. The sound of hundreds of feet coming nearer...
If Splashman wanted to run, now would be the time.

(If you want to continue the mission, go and fight. If not, last chance to jack out.)

"That wasn't bad at all! I dunno why they had us-" A series of howls stopped SplashMan in his tracks. And words. "...That didn't sound good..." Without even bothering to go through the reward data for the previous battle, he sent it to Sabrina's PET before prepping himself for battle...by shaking. "I don't like the sound of that at all..."

"Yeah, I know...but we agreed to take this mission on. And if we can't take out a bunch of Spikeys, I dunno who else could. We have to do this, whether we like it or not..."

"I-I guess so..." The Aqua Navi continued to shudder, not very excited about the impending battle. "O-okay...let's d-do this..."

(bring the Spikeys on!)
(>: D
Oh, I will.)

As Splashman continues, the source of the howling reveals itself. Or, to phrase it more correctly, themselves. A giant pack of Spikeys stand before him, snarling at the warrior that they heard about through their fallen comrade's howling.
And man, they look PISSED.

Spikey Horde: 900 HP

Splashman: 140 HP

"..." Perhaps it was a good thing SplashMan was more humanoid than actual human-looking; if he was the latter, he would've probably caused a puddle that couldn't be attributed to his water abilities. "S-S-Spikey gang!"

"Hey, we've taken groups of Spikey before! We can do this!" Sabrina searched her folder for her Aqua chips, and pulled them out...which wasn't hard, as she kept them in front along with the other chips she regularly used. "Let's show them what an Aqua Navi can do!"

The Aqua Navi stopped shaking somewhat, and took a deep breath. Or the equivilant for Navis without mouths. "You're right! I can do this! I've got my honor as an Aqua-element Navi to defend!"

"That's the spirit! Now, how about we get started with those cannons on your back?"

"Right!" SplashMan bent over and made sure his cannons were aimed appropriately, before letting out his trademark water blast at the Spikey group. Or, to be more precise, letting it out just above the group so it would rain down on the massive foe, as he usually did. "That's a start!"

"Yeah, and we're not going to let up!" Sabrina's chip inserting began; a picture of a ray-like virus was on the first one. "Battlechip, WideShot! Slot in!"

The Aqua Navi extended his arm as the wide-mouthed gun appeared on it. Unlike his other attack, though, he made sure to aim it directly at the Spikey gang, or at least to the best of his ability. Once he had done so, the second assault of water was shot.

"Okay, I think one more should do for now!" A second chip was placed inside the PET. This one had a red shrimp-like virus on it. "Battlechip, Bubbler! Slot in!"

SplashMan's arm became hose-shaped, but the Navi looked back for a moment. "Just one?"

"Trust me!"

"If you say so..." He did his best to aim and fire the bubble blast towards the Spikeys, then looked back once more. "Now what?"

"This! Battlechip, Guard! Slot in!"

"Oh...but what if more than one attacks?" As he spoke this, the shield appeared in front of SplashMan.

"Then you'll just have to take it!"

"I was afraid of that..."

[Order of Turn:
1-Water Splash sig attack on Spikey Horde (70, Aqua)
2-WideShot chip attack on Spikey Horde (80, Aqua, may hit up to two other viruses?)
3-Bubbler chip attack on Spikey Horde (50, Aqua, may hit another virus?)
4-Guard1 chip attack (60-, Reflect)]
The water blast rained down on the spikey group, causing several earsplitting howls to be released. The wideshot was about to connect with the group, hitting more than once, before a lone spikey jumped out in front, taking a hit for the team (90 HP lost. Equivalent of 1 Spikey). The bubbler, however, manages to hit twice. In retaliation, the large group all open their mouthes at once, firing in unison. The fireballs all merged in midair, forming a massive blast headed straight for Splashman! He barely pulls up the guard in time, before it reflects as much damage as it can and falls apart, its ashes littering the ground.

Spikey Horde: 470 HP

Splashman: 140 HP
SplashMan watched as the Guard fell apart, and wound up being yellow, green, though mostly black ashes. "...Glad I'm not that Guard..." His shaking started up again, not really wanting to have to feel that attack.

"Hey, quit shaking! You won't get hit if I can help it!"

"But...what if you can't?"

"Well, I can't promise anything, but I'll do everything I can to make sure you don't end like that Guard!" Sabrina gave her Navi a wink, then began more chip insertion. "Battlechip, Hi-Cannon! Slot in!"

The forming of the blue cannon on his arm seemed alleviate the Aqua Navi's fear somewhat. "...Well, if you say so!" As before, he aimed the cannon attack towards the mass of Spikey, before letting out a powerful blast at them.

"Don't put down your arm, I've got more where that came from!" The operator took a chip that she had put aside for a moment, before placing it in her PET like so many before it. "Battlechip, Bubbler! Slot in!"

And SplashMan's cannon became the hose shape from earlier. Without speaking, he closed one eye and did his best to get proper accuracy out of the shot, then let the bubbles fly towards the gang of fire viruses. "Phew, this is rough!"

"Don't say that now, we've still got work to do!" Sabrina grabbed two more chips, then inserted one of them. "Battlechip, MarkCannon! Slot in!"

The hose disappeared on the Navi's arm, and was replaced with an odd green cannon. A cursor soon appeared on the ground, and made its way towards the remnants of the Spikey group. While he did lose track of the cursor, SplashMan nonetheless let the cannon do its thing, via shooting it at the enemy. "Can I have another Guard now?"

"Of course!" Having planned on that all along, Sabrina placed the chip remaining in her hand in her PET. "Battlechip, Guard! Slot in!"

SplashMan gulped as the shield appeared once more. "I really hope I don't get hit with that blast..."

[Order of Turn:
1-Hi-Cannon chip attack on Spikey Horde (80)
2-Bubbler chip attack on Spikey Horde (50, Aqua, may hit another virus)
3-MarkCannon1 chip attack on Spikey Horde (70)
4-Guard1 chip attack (60-, Reflect)]
The Spikey Horde wises up, using clever splitting techniques to dodge Splashman's bubbler. He pulls up his guard, but a lone Spikey splits from the pack to hit him from behind.

Spikey Horde: 230 HP
Spikey: 90 HP

Splashman: 110 HP
Upon getting hit by the fireball, SplashMan jumped around 10 feet into the air. "AHHHH!!!...Wait, that didn't feel any worse than a normal hit..." He turned around, and noticed a single Spikey behind him. "Uh-oh...this one split from the others..."

"Well, that's not good. Not good at all..." Despite this, Sabrina chose not to think of some deep, brilliant strategy, and grabbed 3 more chips for the sole purpose of slamming into her PET's top. "Quick, hit it while it's close! Battlechip, Shotgun! Triple slot in!"

The Aqua Navi blinked as his arm became a blue blaster, but seemed to catch the message quickly enough. "Uh, right!" The blaster was aimed at the lone Spikey, and soon enough, two of the three blasts were quickly expended. "I hope I got it in time..."

"Well, while you're wondering, get a shot in edgewise at the group!"

"Oh, good idea!" SplashMan got as good an aim as he could in as short an amount of time as possible, and used his last shot to attempt to nail the remaining group. "What do I do now? I've used all the Shotgun shots you gave me..."

"This is when you stay on your toes, and try to avoid whatever they do to try and attack you!"

"...Oh..." The Navi stood on his tiptoes, and began shaking, though not as badly as he had been previously. "Okay, I can do this..." Although the way he said it, not even the speaker was particually believing it...

[Order of Turn:
1-Shotgun chip attack on Spikey (50)
2-Shotgun chip attack on Spikey (50)
3-Shotgun chip attack on Spikey Horde (50, may hit another virus)
The shotgun eliminates the Spikey, while the pack splits as the third shot comes. An unlucky single spikey is shot, however. It releases a shot, which Splashman dodges.

Spikey Horde: 180 HP

Splashman: 110 HP

SplashMan watched with relief as the fire attack went past him, as opposed to inflicting more pain. "Whew, glad I didn't have to feel that!"

"We're almost there! Why don't you show them your Water Splash again? You should be completely refilled by now!"

"Huh? Hey, you're right!" The Navi got down on his hands and knees, in order to get a direct aim on the remaining Spikey. Without any further warning, the cannons on his back came alive, blasting more water in the direction of the enemy. "What now?"

"Here, use these!" Sabrina grabbed still more chips, and placed them into her PET. By this point, there was no way she could move her feet without crushing a chip she had used during the battle. "Battlechip, Shotgun! Double slot in!"

The blue blaster reformed on SplashMan's arm, and again was pointed at the Spikey Horde as he stood up. "I've had enough of this! This ends right NOW!" Twin blasts emerged from the blaster, aimed in the direction of the flame viruses. "There...I think that did it!"

"Don't let your guard down yet, in case it withstood that!"

"Right!" The Aqua Navi stood on his toes again, and kept his eyes in front of him, in case a threat from the battle remained...

[Order of Turn:
1-Water Splash sig attack on Spikey Horde (70, Aqua)
2-Shotgun chip attack on Spikey Horde (50, may hit another virus)
3-Shotgun chip attack on Spikey Horde (50, may hit another virus)
4-Dodge (if necessary)]
The spikeys could not dodge the watery blast, but the first shotgun was avoided. The single spikey left started charging a shot in its flaming maw...
And got a second shotgun down its gullet.
A small spikey in the back, seeing what had happened, ran off. A spikey survives... the horde will be reborn...

Spikey Horde: DELETED

Splashman: 110 HP

Prize: 400z, Heatshot

Upon seeing the final Spikey flee, SplashMan began jumping for joy. "Hooray, we won! And I didn't even take major damage!" He then stopped, and watched the Spikey for a moment. "Maybe we should do something about that other Spikey?"

"Nah!" Sabrina got on her knees, careful not to wind up on any fallen chips, and started picking them off the ground. "We'll let the NetPolice worry about it! We did our job, so head back to Internet City while I get all my chips in order!"

"Okay!...Huh?" The Navi stopped mid-step to realize that data had been left behind by all the leftover Spikey. "There's leftover data here! Let's see...uh-oh. Sabrina?"

"What? I'm a little busy right now...there's a lot of chips down here..."

"Well, you need to make room for one more, because we've got HeatShot data!"

"Oh boy..." The operator placed a blank chip into her PET, then resumed collecting her chips. "All right, go ahead and transfer."

"Will do! Oh, and so you know, some cash is in here as well!" SplashMan sent over all the data to the PET, then proceeded to head back to the BBS, and inform certain people of the success of his mission.

(to the aforementioned NetPolice BBS!)
SplashMan found his way to ACDC's main Net, in all the blaze of glory a thin beam of light can provide. "I'm in! So, uh, any reason we're here?"

Sabrina shrugged. "Eh, not really. Just seeing how far we can get, I guess."

"Well, that's good enough for me!" The Aqua Navi vigorously pointed ahead. "SplashMan, away!" He then started walking at a normal pace, searching for viruses.

"Well, that was melodramatic..."

(searching for Battle #1)
A quintet of Electric viruses are here to see to it that this is as far as Splashman goes!

BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP
BunnyD: 50 HP
BunnyE: 50 HP

Splashman: 140 HP

SplashMan stopped in his tracks upon seeing the viruses that just so happened to be his elemental weakness. "Uh-oh, Bunnies!"

His operator was noticably less concerned. "What, are you actually worried about this? They're no match for us!"

"...Yeah, now that I think about it, this'll be a piece of cake!" The Navi glared at the Elec viruses, making as angry a face as he could...which wound up looking more comedic than anything else. "Bring it on!"

"...Just stick to taking them out..." With a sigh at her Navi trying to create facial expressions without a face, Sabrina took out a bunch of chips she kept at the very front of her folder, and began things by placing one of them into her PET's top. "All right, let's get started! Battlechip, WideShot! Slot in!"

Expecting something like it to be the first chip, SplashMan already had his arm extended for the water gun. "Let's see now..." He adjusted his aim a bit as he decided on exactly which Bunnies to blast, then let loose with the water arc at his intended targets.

"And now, we keep up nailing these things with Aqua power!" Two more chips found there way into the semi-abyss of a narrow slot. "Battlechip, Bubbler! Double slot in!"

The Aqua Navi's arm prepared itself for the Aqua attack, becoming hose-shaped. He looked at it for a moment, then focused on a Bunny he hadn't aimed at earlier. "Yeah, there's more to this than type matchups! ...Although they never hurt..." The bubble shot was released, and went towards the Bunny he had been looking at. He then worked on taking aim and hopefully taking more names, and fired the other Bubbler towards the other Bunny.

"And here's something just in case something survived!" Sabrina placed the final chip she had removed into her PET. "Battlechip, Guard! Slot in!"

And SplashMan found himself with a one-use shield. "Right!"

[Order of Turn:
1-WideShot chip attack on BunnyA, BunnyB, and BunnyC (80, Aqua)
2-Bubbler chip attack on BunnyD (50, Aqua, may hit another virus)
3-Bubbler chip attack on BunnyE (50, Aqua, may hit another virus)
4-Guard1 chip attack (60-, Reflect)]