The Quiet Game

It seemed as though sound had vanished from all of ACDC net for a minute, then returned, along with the dark figure of Pianissimo.

\"Chips at the ready?\"
\"Good. Then I\'m off.\"

ACDC was more active than usual today. Sure, there was the usual traffic, but something seemed different about it. Eh, it must have been a slow day last time he was here. And all his experiences with Sharo didn\'t help at all. So-called Sunshine bandits, a blizzard, and Squalo don\'t do much for activity.
Gains (until I can edit my sig without breaking it)
Suddenly, the navi finds himself up to his eyeballs in viruses that just refuse to be quiet, slamming their pickaxes onto the ground and roaring violently! Pianissimo feels like he'll gauche his eyes out if he has to listen to them much longer.

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP
MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Pianissimo: 140 HP

--TRY STAGE 1!--
\"Hey shut up, I\'m trying to think here,\" said Pianissimo, trying to walk away from the roaring, only to run into a trio of metools slamming out a terrible rhythm with their pickaxes.

\"Right, that\'s it...\" He sliced the air with his katana, rending sound itself and covering everything in the immediate area in a blanket of silence.

Ah, much better, he thought. In fact he was just as grateful for the silence as he was for the use of his right arm again. Now, to make sure those damn spikeys can\'t keep roaring when the sound comes back. he said to himself, requesting a sword chip. Rigel responded the chip and a few words, which displayed in front of Pianissimo.

Next batch of spikeys that you don\'t end up silencing, I recommend trying out that new chip.

Good point, it would be a waste right now, but later on... Pianissimo put the thought out of his mind for the moment. For now, he would punish the current mess of viruses for disturbing him. Moving around behind the spikeys, he rushed towards them, hoping to use the lack of sound to mask his approach. When he drew level with them, he suddenly lashed out with his sword three times, one for each spikey. Having finished with them for now, he drew away. And next, the metools with no sense of rhythm.

Enjoy the Silence - +25 to chip attacks
Sword Spikey A - 80+25
Sword Spikey B - 80+25
Sword Spikey C - 80+25
The Spikies go down with surprising ease; Pianissimo's sword packs a lot more heat than the viruses expected. In retailation, one Metool lashes out and strikes Pianissimo on the shoulder. Another manages to break his sword, feeling quite proud of itself. The other doesn't feel so confident and decides not to get involved. It does keep on slamming its pickax, which is rather annoying.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Pianissimo: 130 HP (sword broken)
So that\'s how it is, then. These guys do something as simple as breaking a sword chip, and think that\'s an accomplishment. All it\'s done is allow me to use more diverse methods to end their pitiful lives. Pianissimo selected three more chips while going through his internal monologue, the shotgun, the heatshot, and just for kicks, a powerbolt. Using the powerbolt chip, Pianissimo decides to toy with the mind of the met that broke his sword chip by suddenly doubling over as though it accomplished a lot more than breaking a chip, meanwhile letting his powerbolt-charged right hand fall flat on the ground and releasing the energy from it.

Pianissimo stepped back to watch the fireworks before activating the other two chips, shotgun on the right arm, heatshot on the left.

He fired the shotgun immediately at the met that had hit him in the shoulder, but he had different plans for the one who continued pounding the pickaxe, though he deferred to Rigel, who was actually good at witty banter.

A window popped open behind the metool and Rigel spoke, \"Mr. Metool, I have come here to notify you that your musical skills are absolutely atrocious. You\'re fired.\" And right at the moment that Rigel said \"fired\", Pianissimo let loose with the heatshot.

Powerbolt MetoolB - 70
Shotgun MetoolA - 50+splash
Dodge/witty dialogue
Heatshot MetoolC - 40+splash
There was a massive explosion from underneath one of the Metools, throwing it up into the air and deleting it before it hit the ground. A Shotgun roared and tore through the air on its way to murderize another. The last--the one that had kept smacking its pickaxe against the ground--was eaten up by the Heatshot.


Pianissimo: 130 HP


Get: 350z!
"I forgot how pathetic the viruses of this area were," Pianissimo said to Rigel after the last met was 'fired'. "I'm heading for Electown."

"Um...okay... Rigel responded. "Junior's apparently headed that way as well. You remember Junior, right?"

"The one that looked like Soulman? Yeah, I remember him. I'll consider teaming up with him."

And with that, Pianissimo sought out the Netsquare portal and vanished through it.