NetBattle; SummonerMan VS. Koumori

I, Rose Dunrea, operator of SummonerMan.EXE am formally and officially declaring my intent to have a NetBattle against Kedamono Kodarashi, operator of Koumori.

The Following conditions are being enforced:
- Both Operators will be limited to the use of 5 chips.
- These chips will be determined randomly, and shall be picked from the combined group of all of the 2 Operators' chips.
- The following chips may not be included in this selection: AquaBalloon, Timebomb1
- The use of Support Programs will not be allowed.
-There will be no reward or loss for the winner or loser of this battle

I accept the above conditions, as well as the rules of the Colosseum.

~Rose Dunrae
I accept all the rules and conditions of both the battle and the colosseum rules.
-Kedamono Kodarashi
The Colosseum accepts these terms and will take the necessary measures to enforce them.

Please place your chip folder data into the system for randomizing.

As the decks randomize, we will also set up an arena for you.

Also, we have a special offer, today only, for those of hard will and tough constitution. Two previous customers today commented that it was "EXTREEEEEEME" and enjoyed participating in it.

So, you can choose, today only, the special "Extreme Deathmatch" option! Or you can choose the normal match one too. Regardless, you will still face off in the designated area we've set aside for combatants.

Now, attach your chip folders, your decision on whether or not to take this exclusive offer can wait until you are in the ring.

Ok, here is my chip folder. And...I don't know about the extreme death match option...
-Kedamono Kodarashi

Attached:Chip Folder.dat
Before I agree to an Extreme Deathmatch, I must know: Will it cause any permanent damage to either navi (My opponent's or my own)?

As in, will the Emergency Jack-out feature still work, or does "Death" imply deletion?

However, either way the chip randomization still requires me to post my chip folder, so that's what I'll do.

~Rose Dunrae

[ATTACHED: ChpFldr1.dat]
Thank you.

Please wait as we randomize your chips.

[insert flashing screen here]

Your chips have been randomized.

Rose Folder: Sword, Guard1, Heatshot, Shotgun, Ringlog1
Kedamono Folder: Guard1, Cannon, Spice1, Recov10, Ringlog1

We will keep the other chips in our custody for the duration of your match. We have also placed barriers that prevent Support Programs from being summoned in your arena, or... actually, we will once you jack into the area.

As for the "Extreme Deathmatch" option, it is simply extremely dangerous terrain scattered about. Navis will not be deleted unless you want us to put that option there, which I doubt.

Have a nice day.


((Make your own topic, and Put the chips that you're using at the top of your signature. Choose your type of match at the next modpost in the arena))