Me Versus You

Hello, everyone. My name is Valience. Some of you may have heard my name, most of you probably not.

I've recently been very interested in testing the combat abilities of my navi. As such, I've thrown her into several battles, each trying to test a different aspect of her fighting style and experience.

The problem lies within the fights themselves: virus simply aren't as intelligent as a human and navi team. As such, I'd like to issue a challenge to any interested parties.

I'd like the honor of a fight against various navis in various battle environments. 1v1, 2v1. 2v2, etc. Of course, to make each battle worth everyones' time, I'm willing to bet 1000z for the winner of the match, or a chip for the winner. Both myself and you would ante up, of course, and should you want some other type of bet, I'd be willing to negotiate.

Any interested parties should reply here, stating when they are available for battle and what they are willing to wager, if anything.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
I wouldn't mind my navi to fight another in the arena, your on Valience, but currently, my navi got involved in the netpolice versus netmafia war and i don't knowhow much longer it's gonna rage on at this rate...Hope you don't mind a bird navi fighting you.
Sounds good. Gives me time to wrap up my current venture.