Second Layer

After traveling downward for some time, Daisy finally reaches the bottem and finds herself in a rather spacius area. After looking around a bit, the navi heads off to explore her new surroundings.

((Battle 1))
From the haze of the furnace panels, Diasy spotted a mighty three-headed hound that raced towards her. No, wait, it was just three regular hounds; they still looked plenty mighty though. A few coal panels spread around here and there dotted the landscape but there was nothing much else of interest.

Spikey2A: 190 HP [furnace]
Spikey2B: 190 HP [furnace]
Spikey2C: 190 HP [furnace]

Terrain: 80% Furnace, 20% Coal

Daisy.EXE: 175 HP [furnace]

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
"What is with all of this steam? I can barely see what is ahead of me thanks to this." Daisy went, trekking across the field of furnaces and steam.

"I don't know, but chances are it is because of that strange terrain you're walking on." Virgil responded. It was at that moment that Daisy spotted something in the distance.

Something that was getting closer fast.

"What is that?" Daisy asks, squinting her eyes to try and get a better look. "It looks like it has two, three heads. Do you know what it is Virgil?"

"Two or three heads... Shit, Daisy! Grand blood guard now!" Virgil nearly shouted, grabbing two chips from his pack hastily. If that turns out to be, or even be as close to powerful as, what Virgil thinks it is, then Daisy needs to get her defenses up before it gets all in her face.

"Huh, is it that bad? Alright." Daisy responds, now bleeding from her hands. Daisy's blood begun to flow from her hands across her body, covering the navi in a sheet of crimson. Once the blood covered Daisy's entire body, it dried and hardened into an armor of sorts. Right now few attacks will be able to bring harm to Daisy, and hopefully the three headed monster would have none of them.

"Wait...It isn't three heads, it is just three viruses." Daisy said after the beast(s) got close enough for her to make that revelation in the steam.

"It looks like Spikeys but... the fact that their color is off worries me. I'm going to send you a wideshot and buster up, so make sure to steamroll over those wolves." Virgil tells his navi, slotting in the two chips.

"But how am I going to make the steam roll over them?" Daisy asks Virgil, looking slightly confused.

"...Just take them out."

"Alright." Daisy responds, raising her hand and pointing it at the middle Spikey. With a simple thought a wave of blood wide enough to catch all three of Daisy's foes gushed out of her bloody hand. Even if the attack manages to hit its targets, it would not be enough to take them out in a single blow and Daisy knew this.

Then the navi used the buster up chip, having her buster become slightly more powerful than before. Considering that Virgil won't give her more chips for the time being, she would need that slight boost.

Daisy looked to the spike to the left, and pointed at the beast. The navi begins to concentrate, and the tip of what appears to be a spear begins to form on Daisy's hand, pointing towards the Spikey. Then suddenly, a spear was fired from Daisy's hand. The blood-crafted projectile flew through the air with enough force to pierce trough most defenses.

Quickly, Daisy moved her arm to between the two spikeys, still concentrating. She began to concentrate harder, and three blade tips poked out of her hand. With one final thought, the three blades shot out of the blood covered hand. Each blade zoomed towards the middle Spikey with the exception of one blade, which went towards the Spikey on the right.

While Daisy could bring forth more defenses then she has active at the moment, she felt she didn't need to. While this might end up as a bad move, Daisy won't find out until later.

((1 Grand Blood Guard: Shadow + self slow
2 Wideshot Spikey2B: 60 aqua + wideshot + 60 elemental weakness = 120
3 Buster Up: attack goes to 4
4 Blood Attack Spikey2A: 80 Aqua + 80 elemental weakness = 160 damage
5 Blood strikes: 2 bustershots at Spikey2C, 1 at Spikey2B: 40 aqua + 40 elemental weakness = 80 per shot))
((Don't forget, your Wideshot gets an additional +15 damage because Daisy is an aqua navi over level 20.))

Taking a moment to bolster her defenses, Daisy coated herself in a protective, sanguine suit before sending a wave of blood to the middle of the wolf pack. The virus attacked with a fiery blast while the other two Spikeys split away to the left and right. The fire bolt and wideshot struck almost simultaneously onto their respective targets but only one of them was effective. The virus staggered out of the red mist, heavily injured (150) but still alive. The other two viruses seemed to take note of Daisy's armour and strafed around her without attacking. Through the haze of the furnace panels, it was hard to pick out her targets and her bloody spear harmlessly struck the ground in another crimson burst of steam. Her small blades were just as unsuccessful, though one of them seemed to strike viral flesh as a yelp sounded from one of her targets (80). As time wore on, her armour began to deteriorate and slowly shattered away, revealing the vulnerable navi hidden beneath it. By then, the three Spikeys had her surrounded in the middle of a large triangular formation.

Spikey2A: 190 HP [furnace]
Spikey2B: 40 HP [furnace]
Spikey2C: 110 HP [furnace]

Terrain: 55% Furnace, 20% Coal, 25% Metal (scattered) (vapor: 1 turn)

Daisy.EXE: 175 HP [Buster Attack +1] [furnace]
"Atleast you managed to wound some of them." Virgil said over the PET, taking note of what was going on. From what he can tell trough the now thicker steam, Daisy was being circular by the wolves. He also made a mental note about how this new terrain reacted to his navi's aqua based attacks. It seems that they not only changed to a different terrain when hit, but released more steam into the air and reducing the visibility by a great amount. While he had an array of chips that won't cause more steam to appear, the netop figures that even with the steam, his navi could handle the viruses without needing to resort to using mostly chips.

Daisy watched the viruses circle her, and noted the state of her current defenses. Her armor had started to dry out, and was cracking in places due to the heat. Without much thought, Daisy made some fresh blood cover parts of her armor. Then, the armor turned back into a liquid form, and expanded to form a bubble around the navi. The bubble had some holes in it, if only to allow Daisy to look out of it. Blood then flowed out of her left hand, and created some sort of buckler and strapped to Daisy's arm. Of course, the viruses could actually get through these defenses with a bit of ease, expectably if she stood still. So the navi shifted her body a bit, and made a mental note to try and move out of the way of the foe's fireball like attack once her barrier ends up being destroyed.

Of course, there is the matter of this steam. She didn't have the best of time hitting the spikeys before, and she sure isn't going to have a great time hitting them now. She began to think a little on a way to incresse her chances of hitting, and then she remembered two of the chips her netop has.

"Virgil, can you send me those markcannons? I need them to make my odds of hitting them better." Daisy asked her netop, tracing whichever spikey she can see at the moment with her eyes.

"The markcannon1s? Sure." Virgil responded, taking two of the said chips from his folder. "Once you use those, you might be able to compensate for how hard it is to see them by just attacking as much as possible. It'll at least clear out the terrain." The scarred man added, slotting in the two chips.

"Alright" Daisy responded, now receiving the chips' data. For some reason it became a bit easier for Daisy to see trough the steam. Looking at the one virus that was closest to being deleted, Daisy pointed her right hand at it. A small amount of blood oozed from her palm, and started to float in the air right in front it. After making sure it lined up with where the virus, Daisy sent the blood flying at the virus with just a mental command. Of course, there is the chance that she will miss the virus. So the blood wielding navi created another floating thing of her crimson liquid, and sent it flying at the same virus she had just attacked.

Assuming it was still alive of course.

After her second attack, her clearer vision faded back to the way it was. But before it had completely gone back to the way it was before, Daisy spotted the other spikey that was damaged. The bloodied navi pointed at the virus this time, and from her finger fired out a small amount of blood at a high speed. Keeping note that her netop seems to think that she would have a better chance of hitting her foes if she kept attack, the navi decided to fire a second shot at her target. After her attack, the navi was about to lower her arm, when suddenly another shot of blood came out of her finger. This left Daisy with a look of minor bewilderment.

I only wanted to fire twice right now, so why did a third... Daisy asked herself. The navi wasn't use to her current subtype, and didn't realize that it can cause her to fire a bit more rapidly than normal when she was using her buster.

((Passive: Shield on self
Passive: 30 HP barrier on self
1: Dodge
2: Markcannon1 Spikey2B: 70 + Seeking + Lock-on
3 Markcannon 1 Spikey2B: 70 + Seeking + Lock-on
4 Buster Spikey2C : 40 Aqua
5 Buster Spikey2C : 40 Aqua
Free: Buster Spikey2C : 40 aqua
Daisy regrew her defenses just in time for the viruses to simultaneously blast her with V-shaped bursts of flame. One missed entirely, and the others colliding on the shield and barrier at the same time while Daisy moved out of the way of any ensuing attack.

Raising a finger, Daisy utilized the specialized functions of the MarkCannon data to negate the steam's effect on her vision and fired at one Spikey, blasting it out of existence.

This seemed to startle the other Spikey viruses as Daisy fired another blood blast and the Spikeys barely managed to avoid it. It seemed that they were acting more on their own though.

Taking this chance, Daisy peppered one Spikey with quick, bloody shots, incidentally raising more steam in the process.

The last, lone Spikey whimpered and growled at Daisy as it stood to take her on by itself.

Spikey2A: 190 HP [furnace]
Spikey2B: SNIPED

Terrain: 50% Furnace, 20% Coal, 30% Metal (scattered) (vapor: 1 turn)

Daisy.EXE: 175 HP [Buster Attack +1] [metal]
Just one left.

The navi thought, looking at the lone virus. Her assault had managed to hit more then she thought it would, given how much steam was in the air. Taking note that she now had no defense up, the navi started to bleed out more. First, her blood flowed through the air around her, and eventually encased the navi in a giant bubble yet again. Then, a section of the inside of the bubble came off and floated towards Daisy's arm. It then strapped itself to the arm, making a shield similar to the one before.

"Alright, seems like you managed to decrease their numbers." Virgil said into the PET, taking a chip out of his folder. "Want to do the same as you kind of did earlier, and try to overwhelm the thing with as much fire power as you can muster?" The netop asked his navi.

"But, how will a single firechip overwhelm the thing?" She asked, slight confusion showing on her face.

"I meant attack it as much as you can, not use fire." The netop responded, slotting in the chip that he held in his hand.

"Oh." Daisy said, tapping her head with her fist. She then opened her hand and placed it on the side of the bubble facing the virus. Using the chip data that Virgil had just sent her, ripples started to form on the outside of her barrier in three locations. Then, three long needles of blood burst out of the bubble from the ripple's origin points, all three flying at the wolf like virus.

Figuring that not all of them would hit, Daisy sent more data into her wall of blood. Keeping her hand facing towards the Spikey, the navi cause more sets of ripples to appear on the other side. One set, two sets... three and four sets! Then, one more set of ripples formed on her probably now destroyed defense, making a total of 5 sets, each with their own point of origin. Then after a short amount of time, a stake of blood fired out of the bloody barrier from the origin point of the first set of ripples. The stake flew towards the Spikey at an alarming speed... Then another stake fired from the rements of Daisy's barrier, then a third and forth stake fired out as well. Then finally, a fifth stake was fired.

With all the shots that the bloodied navi had fired, odds are that the Spikey wouldn't beable to avoid all of them.

((Passive: Shield on self
Passive: 30 HP barrier on self
1: Aqua Needle Spikey2A: 3 hits of 35 aqua
2: Buster Spikey2A : 40 Aqua
3: Buster Spikey2A : 40 Aqua
Free: Buster Spikey2A : 40 Aqua
4: Buster Spikey2A : 40 Aqua
5: Buster Spikey2A : 40 Aqua))
With all the steam in the area, Daisy could not exactly see straight, and her initial few shots did not hit the canine virus at all, with the Spikey dodging her attacks as well. However, as time went along, things began to look up for her, as shot after shot blasted the Spikey, and finally laid it to rest.

Spikey2B: SNIPED

Terrain: 50% Furnace, 20% Coal, 30% Metal (scattered) (vapor: 1 turn)

Daisy.EXE: 175 HP [Buster Attack +1] [metal]



[Heat-V] Battlechip
1000 Zenny
After collecting the leftover data, Daisy decided to continue further into this new area.

((Battle 2))
Walking further into the volcanic and unstable Hades Rogue network, Daisy happened upon a not-too-rare sight; a recent lava flow moved along slowly in front of her, like a giant river of molten rock. There was already some cooling lava to the sides of the flow, but it seemed the flow itself wasn't going to halt any time soon. Across the flow, some viruses could be seen shuffling around; a couple of drill-headed Drixor chased each other around, while two Volcaners watched from the side. One of the Drixor noticed Daisy's presence, causing all the viruses' attention to shift to her!

Drixor A: 170 HP (Normal)
Drixor B: 170 HP (Normal)
Volcaner A: 150 HP (Coal, other side)
Volcaner B: 150 HP (Coal, other side)

Daisy.EXE: 175 HP (Sand)

50% Lava (Large lava flow)
20% Coal (Cooled lava to the sides, 10% on each side)
15% Sand (Daisy's side of the flow)
15% Normal (Viruses' side of the flow)

Atleast I know how to deal with this terrain. Daisy thought, spotting the lava and sand. Residing on the other side of the river of lava Daisy saw four viruses. Two of them looked familiar to her, as they resembles the three volcanoes she took out before she headed down here, but the other two she didn't know about. The two volcanoes she remembered her busting working quite well on them, and it might work just as well against these new ones.

But then there are the other two. Because she had never fought them before, she has no idea how best to handle them. And since they seem to have a drill attached to them, it could very well mean that they could rip her defenses too shreds. She would defently need to be careful here.

Mine as well take care of those volcanoes first. the navi thought, bleeding from her arm. Her blood floated through the air and surrounded the navi in a cocoon of blood. "Virgil, can you send me a wideshot please?" The navi asks her netop.

"Just that?" Virgil responded, grabbing the requested chip and slotting it in.

"For now at least, ya." Daisy told him, a round shield of blood forming on her arm. It was now time for her to try and reduce the number of viruses in half.

Daisy placed her right hand on the part of the cocoon that was closest to the volcaners, and sent the chip data into her barrier. With a ripple appearing on the outer shell, a wide wave of blood came gushing out of the side, and flew towards one of the volcaners. Since this attack could miss, Daisy decided to send more attacks towards the volcaners as she can. Sending more commands to her blood, Daisy fired three daggers of blood at the volcaners. Two of them aimed at the one she fired the wave at, and the last one was aimed at the other volcaner. Of course the Navi only meant to fire two of them, but something was causing her to fire one more then she attended. Of course, it really didn't bother Daisy all that much. Afterall, it meant she was slinging more attacks at her foes.

Daisy then prepped herself to move out of the way of an inevitable counterattack. Afterall, she did manage to sling four attacks at the viruses. The navi then raised her hand at the volcano, and pointed her palm at it. Then, her palm started to bleed and three daggers made of blood fired out of her palm.

Hopefully this all managed to at least take out the volcaners so she wouldn't have to deal with them as she figures out the best way to take out the dill like viruses.

((passive 30 hp barrier on self
Passive shield on self
1Wideshot1 VolcanerA: 75 aqua + wideattack
2 Bustershot VolcanerA: 30 aqua
3 Bustershot VolcanerA: 30 aqua
Free Bustershot VolcanerB: 30 aqua
4 Dodge
5 Blood Strike: 3 hits of 30 aqua on VolcanorB))
Making short work of the enemies, Daisy used her ample blood-manipulation attacks to decimate the Volcaner opposition fairly quickly. However, the Drixor were a lot more aggressive in their attacking, flying up to her and drilling here and there. Fortunately for her, the Drixors seemed to be unaware of her exact position, and missed her quite a few times. One did manage to pinpoint her, and attacked her twice, but the first attacked was dodged, and the second blocked by her blood barrier.

Drixor A: 170 HP (Normal)
Drixor B: 170 HP (Normal)
Volcaner A: DELETED
Volcaner B: DELETED

Daisy.EXE: 175 HP (Sand) (1-Hit Shield)

50% Lava (Large lava flow)
20% Coal (Cooled lava to the sides, 10% on each side)
15% Sand (Daisy's side of the flow)
15% Normal (Viruses' side of the flow)
Something rammed into Daisy's barrier...

After Daisy easily took out two of the viruses, the last two decided to go on the attack against her. One of them managed to miss completely, but the other one narrowly missed her. Then something rammed into her barrier, and Daisy could hear something trying to drill trough it. But her barrier managed to repel it somehow, but whatever had attacked it managed to leave a large hole in the structure.

Daisy at least knew how they attacked, kind of, so she would have a better knowledge on how to deal with the drixors. And since her barrier can at least stop their attack, her defenses should be fine. Should be fine after she repaired them off course. Luckily most of the barrier was still there, hanging in the air with a large hole in it and slowly falling apart at the tick of each second. Daisy managed to will the defense to put itself back together, causing the parts to fall back up towards the barrier and reattach to it. Daisy even transferred some fresh blood to it, just to make sure it was repaired. Once her defense was back to top knotch condition, Daisy decided to request two more chips from her netop.

"Virgil, may I have the bighammer and the bamboo sword please?" The navi asked her netop, looking at the two viruses. Should be enough to finish them... The navi thought, just moments before Virgil responded with a 'gotcha' and slotted in the requested chips. A massive hammer made of blood appeared in Daisy's hand. The hammer managed to be large enough that the hammer head poked out of the barrier, causing it to create a hole large enough for the hammer to get trough, and stayed centered where the handle would be. Daisy gripped her weapon, and charged the viruses.

Daisy flew at one of the viruses, the hammerhead positioned under her. Once she had gotten close enough to the virus, she stopped, and used the momentum to swing the hammer upwards and to the side in an attempt to slam it right into her foe. But that wasn't the end of the navi's assault. The blood that formed the head of the hammer turned back into a liquid state, and slid down the hammer's shaft. It then shifted around and turned the weapon into a mighty blade, which started to glow green once it had fully formed. Using the remaining momentum from her pervious attack, Daisy spun around several times with the sword in an attempt to finish off the viruses as quickly as she can.

((Passive: 30 HP barrier on self
1 Move to DrixorA
2 Bighammer1 drixorA: 160 + break + impact
3 Bamboo sword DrixorB and A: 80 wood+slashing + wideattack
4 Bamboo sword DrixorB and A: 80 wood+slashing + wideattack
5 Bamboo sword DrixorB and A: 80 wood+slashing + wideattack
Reforming the blood barrier around her, Daisy awaited the Drixor's attacks, then counterattacked with a heavy hammer blow. Slamming into the virus with extreme force, the Drixor was blown back before trying to attack again. During this, its ally was drilling away at her blood defenses, trying to get in. The barrier held fast for only a while before breaking, but that was when Daisy ramped up the attack to hit both her enemies. The Drixor were immediately eliminated, but not before one got a hit on her. (60)

Volcaner A: DELETED
Volcaner B: DELETED

Daisy.EXE: 115 HP (Sand)

50% Lava (Large lava flow)
20% Coal (Cooled lava to the sides, 10% on each side)
15% Sand (Daisy's side of the flow)
15% Normal (Viruses' side of the flow)



[DrillArm2] Battlechip, 1600z
After gathering the data left over from deleting the viruses, Daisy jacked out of the network.