Need Bookmark, ASAP

Found some really creepy ruins buried under Sharo, with some seriously annoying enemies and we are probably under prepared. If someone has a spare Bookmark Subchip in case I need to make a quick escape and come back here later, I'd gladly pay you 1500z for the trouble.

- Sylk.EXE
Owner/Manager of OBS
Sure, I'll sell it at 1500z. -- Destin Obscura.

[Attached: BookMark Subchip x1.]
Thank you very much! Pleasure doing business with you!

Owner/Manager of OBS

((attached: 1500z))
Oh, slightly unusal to see this kind of trade. Still, it works.
Consider yourselves traded!

Sylk GET: Bookmark Subchip
Sylk LOSE: 1500z

Destin GET: 1500z
Destin LOSE: Bookmark Subchip

- LinkMan.EXE
Pleasure doing business. -- Destin Obscura.