Take a Gamble with Ante's Chips!

Hello there, good visitor. Despite the enthusiastic intro from Miss Teruko, I will actually be writing the rest of this posting, as my operator's typing can be a bit difficult to interpret at times. I don't do a lot of trading, but every now and then I chance upon something that might be of use to the many of you of the net, each frequently engaged in net battles, virus busting, and the like, who need the greatest arsenal you can muster. Especially powerful chips sometimes find themselves in my hands and, while I am a capable fighter, I am a gentle lady first; these chips might find themselves drawn more regularly into battle. Recently, I've come upon one such chip: Strike, a powerful lightning attack, that I believe one of you may be interested in trading me for. Please let me know if you have a suitable offer you'd like for me to consider and we may be able to perform an exchange.

Thank you for your consideration,
Oh, you could not be more right about that. How about this: I'll cough up this Sunshine chip, you hand over that Strike chip, and we all leave happy.

- ???
ATTACHMENT: Sunshine BattleChip data

(OOC NOTE: ??? is, in fact, LightningMan. Ooh, mysterious question marks, spooky stuff.)
The trade is acceptable. We'll have LinkMan mediate our trade. I hope you're pleased with the performance of the chip; I've not had a chance to test it out just yet, but it was a recent acquisition from a charitable cause, so I expect nothing to be amiss. If you have any concerns, however, feel free to voice them hear and we will discuss our terms again.


*Strike BattleChip data attached*
Mystery names and hidden identities? Oh well, I'm just here to trade the data, let's see. right, that all looks in order, consider yourselves traded!

AnteGET: Sunshine BattleChip
AnteLOSE: Strike BattleChip

Mystery TraderGET: Strike BattleChip
Mystery TraderLOSE: Sunshine BattleChip

All done! Enjoy your chips.