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Hey all,
Mazer Patrovski here, I've been getting quite a few battlechips as of late, and I feel they could be better used if I traded/sold them to others; otherwise they'd just be collecting dust. So, here are some chips I'm putting up for auction:

BugChain x1 (Inflicts one enemy with all bugs and glitches the user is currently inflicted with) (S) Rare
Panic x1 Trap((Negate Confusion) Then (Confuse + To-All-Clause)): When targeted by a Confusion Attack.
Spice2 x1 (110dmg + Confusion + Ground Attack + To-All-Grass {Only affects enemies on Grass terrain}) (A)
ElecSword x1 (80 + Slashing + Wide Attack) (B) [3 uses]
DoubleShot x1 (60dmg x2 + Variable Targeting + Terrain Change {10% Broken}) (B)
LavaCannon2 x1 (120dmg + 40dmg Lava Panel Boost) (B)
BurnSquare2 x1 (90dmg Blast 2 + Ground Attack) (B)
Arsenal2 x1 ((60dmg Elec) + (15dmg Elec x4)) (A)
SolarShield2 x1 (1 Hit Shield) + (Counter Fire/Elec (70 Fire Shot + Piercing + Solar Boost): On-Hit)
RiskyHoney1 x1 (1-Hit Wood Element Shield) + (Riposte(5x10 + Homing): On Hit) (A)
MagBomb x1 (30dmg + Blast2 + Stun) (C)
AirShot1 x1 Null (40dmg + Microburst) (A)
MachineSword x1 Null (60dmg + Slashing + Wide Attack)x2 to each stunned enemy (B)
Team1 x1 (Summon 200 HP object, retaliate with 10dmg Null + Seeking whenever user is hit by enemy) (A)
PileDriver1 x1 (40 x 2 Melee Attack + Impact + Break + Knockback) [2nd hit does double damage if first hit connects as well] (B)
Quake1 x1 (100dmg Null + Impact + Medium Cracked Terrain) (C)
Cornshot1 x1 (50dmg + Trick Shot Spread1) (A/A)
Boomerang1 x1 (60dmg x3) (B)
Shockwave x2 (40dmg + Ground Attack + Line Attack) (C)
Catcher x1 (Steals 1st chip used by enemy Navi or copies virus's attack to use next turn) (B)
PhoenixShot1 x1 (70dmg + Wide Attack) (A)
AirHockey1 x1 (50dmg Null + Break + Ground Attack + Reboundx3) (B/F)
PowerShot x1 (50dmg + Impact) (A)
Shotgun x1 (50dmg + Spread1) (A)
IronShield1 x1 (2-hit Shield)
Guard1 x1 (1 Hit Shield) + (Reflect(up to 60 + Piercing + Line Attack): On Hit)
TwinFang1 x1 (70dmg Null x2 + Multi-Target) (A)
CactBall1 x1 (20dmg x2-4 + Ground Attack)
FireHit1 x3 (60dmg + Impact + Double Attack) {Can be close or long range} (B)
Wideshot x1 (60dmg + Wide Attack) (A)
SnowFort1 x1 (Stand Alone 1-Hit Ice Shield + Snow&Ice Terrain Boost(+1 Hit) each turn)
BubbleStar1 x1 (20dmg x3 + Bubble Trap x3) (A)
Fan x1 Null (100HP object + Fan Effect To-All-Clause (enemies))

I am either looking for Zenny or other Chips. I hope you find something you like!

-M. Patrovski

P.S. Don't tell Mach I'm doing this, he's kind of possessive of his chips.
The Zapring1 and Flashbomb1 battlechips interest me. Please, take a look to see if any of my battlechips are likewise interesting to you.

-Shigeru Yamada

[Attached: ChipList.txt]
Im also intrested in your FireBurn1. Take a look at what you want.


Oh yeah, and AquaNeedle1, Shotgun and Guard1 are OFF LIMITS unless you are willing to trade another something. And im paying 1200 of my Zenny for some upgrades,so you can only piggy out minus 1200 of my zenny. In other words: 205 zenny.
Mr. Yamada,
You certainly have a good amount of powerful chips, it's hard to see what I'd be willing to chose from. Are there any chips in particular you would be willing to part with?

To Anonymous Person,
I don't see any chips of interest to me, and 205 zenny is a bit low for a Fireburn. Maybe if you had some more chips/zenny, we'd be able to find a deal. I'll have this BBS up for a while, so check back later; the Fireburn may still be available.

-M. Patrovski
Sorry for not posting my name. And im sorry to have taken your time. Bye.

-Cole Isei
Ah, of course. For those chips in particular, I offer... a Cactiball1, a Twinfang1, and an Energybomb. Satisfactory?

-Shigeru Yamada

[Attached: Cactiball1, Twinfang1, Energybomb]
Hm... those three for the FlashBomb and ZapRing1? Sounds good to me.

-M. Patrovski

[Attached: FlashBomb, ZapRing1]
Here we go.

Shigeru LOSE: Cactball1, Twinfang1, Energybomb :Mazer GET
Mazer LOSE: Flashbomb, Zapring1 : Shigeru GET

Have a nice day.

I have modified the current selection of chips, so please take a look and see if there is anything interesting to you!

-M. Patrovski
I have updated the chip list again, this time I placed our Bubbler and AirHockey1 chips in as well.

-Mazer Patrovski
I am interested in your AirHockey and Bubbler chips, but the Bubbler seems to be more needed for my wood navi, so, what from my folder would you like? I also have about 1300z of of right now.
-Jack Magi

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Mr. Magi,
I would be willing to sell the Bubbler for 1000z, if that's within your budget.

-Mazer Patrovski
Yes, that is acceptable for the bubbler, Mazer.
-Jack Magi

Attached: 1000z
Alright then, good to go.

-Attached: Bubbler
And away we go!

Mazer GET : 1000z : Jack LOSE
Jack GET : Bubbler : Mazer LOSE

Approved by your local friendly LinkMan!

- LinkMan.EXE
Chip list updated: Added Sword, Boomerang1, and RageClaw1
I am willing to offer you a tidy sum of 1860 zenny for that boomerang. I can already see my navi's face lighting up when I add to her Counterinfectualism arsenal with a shiny new boomerang!

-Burt J. Blanchard

*1860 zenny attached*
Hm... sounds good to me. I hope you and your Navi enjoy the boomerang! We definitely had some pretty good fortune with this chip
-Mazer Patrovski

*Boomerang1 attached*
This shouldn't take long...

Burt GET : Boomerang1 : Mazer LOSE
Mazer GET : 1860z : Burt LOSE

Done! Have a nice day, all!

- LinkMan.EXE
Hello. I am interested in your three heatshots and fireburn battlechips. As such I am willing to trade my two bubblers, a wideshot1, and 100z. What say you?

-- Destin.

[Attached: Bubbler x2, WideShot1 x1, 100z.]