Present Alms to Counterinfectualism!

Counterinfectualism. It's a religion with an ideal. It requires devotion. Faith. Diligence. And most importantly: tools! I'd like to discuss the tools issue with all of you here.

You see, Counterinfectualism is all about deleting viruses. My disciple requires the cutting edge of weaponry to take out the net's many devious denizens. At the same time, other would-be Counterinfectualists are out doing the work every day without the best tools they could potentially acquire. We all have a lot to gain from trading our tools around.

So, with no further adieu, let's help each other out!

(To learn more about Counterinfectualism, please contact me at )


Currently looking to trade:

MistConv1 x1

That's it!
Ah, that HiCannon sounds like a chip I could use! Would a CactusBall1 and 600z suffice as an offering for it?

- ZephyrMan.EXE
ATTACHMENT: CactusBall1 BattleChip data, 600z
Of course, my fine anonymous patron! My end of the bargain is attached.

-Burt J. Blanchard

*Hi-Cannon attached*
ZephyrMan is anonymous? I don't know if that works... But hey, trade time

Burt GET: CactusBall1 + 600z Burt LOSE: HiCannon
Ariel GET: HiCannon Ariel LOSE: CactusBall1 + 600z
K, so, that MistConv looks like a chip my Navi could really use. Any chance you could cough it up for this Wood+20 I just got?

- Leslie Battle
ATTACHMENT: Wood+20 BattleChip data
Well, of course! I'm sure her face will light right up when she sees this and when it does, I'll have my PET set to record!

-Burt J. Blanchard

*MistConv1 battlechip attached*
Heh. Getting wood. Heheheh.

Burt GET: Wood+20
Leslie GET: MistConv1

- LinkMan.EXE clearly needs a Caffeine NCP