Looking for "pirate" chips

I have an Elecreel and a Wideshot for anything that you could image a pirate using. Normal guns and bombs would be great. A sword would also work.

What, a pirate...? Like, a modern day pirate? I dunno, wouldn't a pirate use whatever weapons they could get their hands on?

Well, nevermind that. I'll assume you mean for some sh*tty cosplay session or theater performance. If you're asking for guns, I've got a Shotgun and a Machinegun I'd be willing to trade. The Navi I'm training has already demonstrated she's not exactly sturdy enough to handle the recoil.

-Lyn Clarke
Yeah that's what I would think too but pirates are apparently pretty superstitious and my navi doesn't like using what he calls "black magic" so I'm kind of stuck. Too cheap to get a new navi and I guess he's growing on me a little.

...Which might be a bad thing. Anyways, I think the two I'm putting up are fairly strong so do you have anything else you can offer?

1700, then. I guess I'll think of it as an investment on improving my Navi training service in the future, since...

Well, nevermind. Anyhow, that's my final offer.

-Lyn Clarke

[Attached: 1700z, Machinegun1, Shotgun]
Oh. Okay. That is acceptable.

[Attached: Elecreel, Wideshot]

Yer navi thinks he be a real pirate, aye? Well then, I be knowin' just tha' things ta be givin' him. Ye should give 'im lots o' sword an' gunpowder, really play up tha' piratey pomp and circumstance-- piratin' be half about raidin' an' half about strikin' fear inta the hearts o' yer victims, after all-- an' if'n ye can, elemental blades be a nice way ta' spruce up yer navi's arsenal. If'n he thinks it be devil magic, ye should be explainin' ta him that thar be blacker things than magic in this here world!

Arr har har har har harrrr!
-Anonymous Poster/Pirate
Arrrrrr! Cap'n! There be a trade off the starboard bow!

R.G. GET : MachineGun1, Shotgun, 1700z : Lyn LOSE
Lyn GET : ElecReel1, WideShot1 : R.G. LOSE

- LinkMan.EXE

I'll just be taking my stuff and going. Thanks Lyn.

Geez, I never thought I could get so f*ckin' sick of pirates. Thanks for your business, though.

-Lyn Clarke
I have acquired a Treebomb, but again I don't think it would work well with my navi. I haven't used it myself but found the following description online:

Quote ()

Damage: 60 / 60 + Group Attack + Ground Attack (next turn) / 60 + Group Attack + Ground Attack + Aqua Boost 30
Accuracy: C / D / C
Description: Throws a tree seed that powers up when hit with Aqua.
Duration: Varies
Element: Wood
Special: Throws a seed at one enemy. If the seed misses, it will remain on the field until next turn. If the seed is untouched, it will execute a Wood Tower attack on a random group of enemies. If the seed is hit with an Aqua Attack, by anyone, while it is on the field, it will explode into a deadly Wood Tower attack on a random group of enemies. (Aqua Boosted damage is 90 Wood.)

I am looking to trade it for another bomb chip.

[I suggested exploding coconuts with a cartoony fuse and everything. I'm up for trading Cracker bomb for tree bomb 1.]

Is this what you are looking for?

Cracker Bomb: Damage: 80 + Panel Crack + Blast 2 Accuracy: D

Treebomb1 would be perfect.

-Kari Sullen

[Edit: Sorry about the OCC, I shouldn't have made a post at 2:00am ><]
A Crackerbomb! I have one of those and they work great. Thanks a lot for the fast reply.

[attached: Treebomb1]

Building up your arsenal! That's the way to be!

R.G. GET/Kari LOSE : [CrackerBomb] Battlechip
Kari GET/R.G LOSE : [TreeBomb1] Battlechip

That's great. Thanks again!

Found a Fan and Shadow2 chip. I think the Shadow2 chip is rare so I'll only consider reasonable offers.

How about 6,000 zenny for that Shadow2? I'm sure you won't find any better offer than this.

-Marius Eirenikos

Are you serious? This better not be a scam.

...Well, I wasn't using the chip anyways. 6000 zenny right? Three zeroes?


[attached: Shadow2]
Three zeroes I see right there. No mistaking it.

R.G. GET : 6000z : Marius LOSE
Marius GET : Shadow2 : R.G. LOSE

- LinkMan.EXE
Oh wow. This is definitely 6000 zenny. Thank you.

I still have a Fan for trade. I am still looking for a sword of some kind.