Trades and Similar Nonsense

Hey, Chris Harper here.
I've been looking for some chips, mainly Bomb chips, but I wouldn't say no to a Fire or general Blast/Spread/Splash chip. Here's my current list of chips:
[Attached: ChrisChips.txt]
Let me know if you see anything that sparks your interest, and we'll hammer something out.
Would you be interested in either LineOut or Heatshot for that Magbolt?

-Rania Firebrand
Hmm... maybe that Heatshot, but with a bit of Zenny or something. Maybe... 250?
Thanks, I'd be fine with that. I'll attach what you asked for.

-Rania Firebrand

*Heatshot + 250z attached*
Alright, here's my end of the bargain.

*Magbolt1 attached*
Rania GET : MagBolt1 : Chris LOSE
Chris GET : HeatShot, 250z : Rania LOSE

Have a nice day~!

- LinkMan.EXE
Chris again, thought I'd bump this, in case anyone's still interested in my chips.
*ChrisChipsUpdated.txt attached*
My fire/blast chips are off limits, unless you can offer me something good for them.
You know, that Thunder1 looks kinda about trading it for Cannon? ...Actually, I'll add 100z, so now there's no way you can say no!

- Ariel Fuujimoto
ATTACHMENT: Cannon BattleChip, 100z
A Cannon? ... Eh, what the hell, I don't have much use for the Thunder anyway.

-Chris Harper
*Thunder1 attached*
Ariel GET: Thunder1 : Chris LOSE
Chris GET: Cannon, 100z : Ariel LOSE

There you go! Enjoy!