Lyn's Available Trades

I didn't have one of these before, but I decided to open one as I've taken some interest in trading my chip stock to try and get better tools for my business.

Willing to accept reasonable amount of chips and/or zenny in trade.

Currently available for trade:
-Fireknife [60 + Slashing, FIRE, B Accuracy, 6 swings]
Hello, my name is Mazer Patrovski, and my Navi is Machman.EXE. I would be willing to offer a pair of Bubbler chips for your Fireknife. Please let me know if you're interested.


--Attached: Bubbler x2--
Fine, that sounds like a good deal to me. Those ought to be significantly easier for my Navi to use.


--Attached: Fireknife--
Remember kids, you can buy Bubbler and FireKnife at your friendly local Soryu's, located in ACDC Town!~

Lyn GET: Bubbler x 2
Mazer GET: FireKnife

- LinkMan.EXE