Camillia Ranbard Chip-Trading Thread.

[Attached: ChipFolder.DAT]

Salutations, everyone.

Above attached is a list of chips that I currently own. Given the correct trading terms, I am willing to part with my chips for good offers.

I hope to hear offers on any sword-related chips for my Navigator, Rhea.EXE.

Thank you.

-Camillia Ranbard
Well hello there.

My names Rei Tylien. I just happened to be browsing your post when two chips happened to catch my eye. They would be quite useful to my navi, I'm sure.

I speak of Drain1 and MarkCannon1.

Unfortunately I don't think i can part with any sword related chips at the present time, aside from maybe my Kunai1, but i can keep you in mind for the future. I do however, have some good chips available otherwise. If you happen to see anything you might like, let me know.

[attached List of ChipFolder.Dat]

Thanks for your time.

- Rei Tylien
Greetings, Rei. In response to your post, I am willing to trade my Drain1 and Markcannon1 in return for the Kunai and ElecShock found in your chip list. I shall attach the data if you do accept this offer.

[Attached: MarkCannon1, Drain1]
That sounds reasonable to me. Hopefully you can use them better than myself. Glad to do business with you, Camillia. If i find anything that might interest you, i'll be sure to stop by here again.

[attached Kunai1 + ElecShock]
Two for two, sounds fine to me!

Camillia GET: Kunai1, Elecshock; LOSE: MarkCannon1, Drain1
Rei GET: MarkCannon1, Drain1; LOSE: Kunai1, Elecshock

Have fun!

La la la, I'm processing a trade!~

Camillia GETS: ElecShock, Kunai1
Rei GETS: Drain1, MarkCannon1

La la la, all done!~

- LinkMan.EXE
Hello. I see you have a Kunai1 Battlechip. I was wondering what you would take in trade (+zenny)?

-- Destin.

[Attached: SINNBAD's Chips.]