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Hello folks and welcome to my trading topic, Jack Magi here and I wish to trade away some chips I've recently been given since they don't really fit my navi and I doubt she'd use several of them given her body structure. I'm looking for zenny or aqua/wood chips.

Attached: Chip.DAT

I am also willing to take Navi Customizer programs, but not preferred.

*Freya.exe is currently out on the net*
I have updated what I am willing to sell/trade with if anyone is interested.
-Jack Magi
I have updated my first post with my chip folder, many chips for sell/trade but there are a couple that I do not wish to trade, but make your offers.
-Jack Magi
Trade offer: DoubleNeedle x1 for Bubbler x1.

-- Destin.

[Attached: DoubleNeedle x1.]
Very well, I accept your offer.
-Jack Magi

Attached: Bubbler
Everyone's being straight to the point today, so so will I!

Destin GET: Bubbler
Destin LOSE: DoubleNeedle

Jack GET: DoubleNeedle
Jack LOSE: Bubbler


Pleasure doing business with you.

-- Destin.
Likewise Destin.
-Jack Magi
I have a light update on what I'd prefer for chips. If you have any chips that can "break" or "bypass" defenses of foes that you do not want, I would greatly appreciate it if you would trade them to me, I am not picky.
-Jack Magi