Medical Equipment Emporium

Hello there, this is Polonius Carbonium, needing some assistance. Basically looking through my wares, I'm in dire need of elemental chips: Electric, Wood, Fire, Aqua, any of those I need dearly.

Chip List:

x1 Cannon: does 40 DMG
x1 Shotgun: Hits twice for 50
X1 Rageclaw: creates two claws that do 40 DMG or can be thrown for 20
x1 Ringlog1: Creates a log that hits 50 dmg
x1 Zapring: Yellow ring Zaps with electricity for 40 damage
x2 Guard Reflects one attack, bouncing back a maximum of 60 damage
x1 Guard2: (Reflects one attack, bouncing back a maximum of 120 damage)
X2 Sword A basic sword (80)
X1 Thunder1 (40,Elec) Paralyzes the enemy
x2 RiskyHoney Bees Swarm the enemy (5X10,Wood)
x1 Marublaster (20, Normal, May cause bug)
x2 Heatshot (Fire. 40 + Spread 1)
x1 Magnet Zone (Field, elec. Creates a large zone of Magnetic Terrain, centered on you)
x1 Icewave1 (80, Aqua Creates a wave of ice to one enemy)
x1 MistConv (100, Aqua. Steaming hot hand of mist crushes an enemy)
x1 Aquaneedle (3X20, Aqua. Three needles drop on enemies)
x1 Drillarm1 (60 + Breaking + Knockback + Piercing. Long power drill punches through enemies and armor alike. Can hit a single enemy twice, and a second enemy once.
Duration: 2 Actions.)
x1 MagBolt2 (110 + Stun)
X1 AirRaid1 (Summons a fighter plane to strafe your enemies.)
X1Firebomb2 (100 + Burn fire damage.)
X1Hi-Cannon (80 Normal damage)
X1Powershot (50 damage fast energy beam)
X1 FireTower1 (100 + Piercing + Ground Attack + Group Attack. Low Accuracy)
X1 Katana1 (Damage: 60 + Slashing Accuracy: B Description: Double attack sword. Swings with Widesword (3 targets), then swings with Longsword (2 targets). Only 1 target may be struck twice)
X1 ColdPunch- 70 + Impact + Knockback Aqua element - 12 swings

Oh! I am also willing to buy chips!
Note: Just because a chip isn't in the willing to part with section doesn't mean I'm not considering trades, you just have to give a better trade ^^;
I am currently in the market for chips that causes bugs to an enemy, your marublaster would be nice to have, please check out my folder and see if there is anything you want to trade for. But the Wideshot and Sidebamboo are going to someone else.

*Siren.exe is currently fighting in the dark*

Attached: Folder.dat
Let's see... the Flame line looks scrumptious... Ah the Fireshots look just as good too, it'll be handy to defeat firey foes... I think two of those would be rather nice... the boomerang too... Those are the one's that seem to reach my intrest... name your offer Timmy and we'll haggle.
How about the two heatshots? I would like to keep my boomerang and flameline, because, they are not very common chip drops unless you can keep your navi from deleteing the chip datas in the viruses that hold them. So, ya, the two heatshots and maybe some zenny once my trade with steve goes through?
I've seen RiskyHoneys in action a couple times, and they seem really useful. I've got a couple various doodads in my possession; what would you want for one of them?

ATTACHED: Chip Folder, Zenny Balance

-Chris Lemrock-
@Chris: It'll probably be a lost battle but that Elecreel would be great to have in my equipment arsenal... otherwise I'd be pretty interested with the Cactball and the Boomerang...

@ Timmy: How much zenny are you willing to part with? Marublasters are quite difficult to find...
Sorry, Polonius, but the ElecReels are pretty much the base of my entire folder. The CactBall(s), however, I'd be willing to part with.

CactBall for RiskyHoney? Seems like a pretty fair trade to me. Or if you want we could do a full switch and go two-for-two. Either way's fine with me.

-Chris Lemrock-
What i'm gonna get from steve is about 1000z, so that, if not, maybe I can add in another chip or something.
Any way you'd give up AquaNeedle1 or IceWave1? I've got a pair of CactBall1 myself, but since you might be about to get some yourself, I've also got a Thunder1 and RollingLog1 to trade. I can give up some cash, too, but if it's preventable, I'd rather just do chips for chip.

-Sabrina Jetto
Heatshots, a Ringlog, and a cactball are available for trade.

Heatshots I would be selling at either 900 or A cannon+300 or a shotgun+100

Ringlog for 200 More than that, cactball for the same as the heatshot.

Feel free to estimate anything else based on this, I believe you will find me reasonable.

Let's see... my instincts tell me you guys are going rather low...

@Timmy: See the Marublaster was a hard battle to get it from, around 20 Marus... this chip is rather helpful, if you could really add up also the Boomerang or even the flame line, I'll consdier it...

@Chris: Oooh... it seems close... but I really don't wanna give up elemental chips, I mean I'm trying to get more...

@Sabrina: I'm really sorry miss but I can't give those away...
I'm not quite sure if I should take that as an insult or not.

So is the deal off or something? No CactBall for RiskyHoney? [Y/N]
Hey Polonius,

If you want to keep all your elemental chips so bad, you might want to update that list on the top with the chips you're only willing to part with. Or put a Up for Grabs section in addition. Couldn't hurt, you know?

At any rate, want a Wideshot1 for Guard2? :'D

I'll put up a 900 zenny too, if that's not enough.

-Fujiwara Shin
Well, I'm taking 'give them away' as an insult. But would you at least consider buying some of the chips I mentioned? It's not like I ever use them anyway, and I could use a little extra cash.

-Sabrina Jetto
@Sabrina: Om my gosh! Sorry sorry! But uh let's see... 800zs for each cactball?

@Shin: Mister Shin, even though I'd gain more elemental chips, that one is off limits... I'll set it up as you say so..

@Chris: mmmh... I guess it is off sorry...
Sorry then. But I am not willing to give up my boomerang or flameline. Guess I'll have to take my business elsewhere.
Well... I'll think something over in the meantime. Hm, which chips should I do myself, I wonder?

-Fujiwara Shin

I've got a Wideshot and Heatshots as far as elemental chips go. That's really about it. If you're interested, offer me something, but I warn you: it's going to be tough getting me to part with 'em.

--Ceres Notara
@Ceres: I would think you should offer me, and then I'll judge for myself...

@Chad: Interesting... How about a Heatshot for a Cannon and 300? I'd be good with that.
In all honesty, I don't know what you're OK with. That, and I have very few chips to begin with, so I'm sort of an amateur with this sort of thing.

--Ceres Notara