In need of cash

Selling any chip from my folder, preferably in exchange for zenny.

Yes, even the mega rare DrillArm1, if you are willing to pay a fair price.


RemoteBit1... Definitely RemoteBit1. Name a price and I'll work toward it. I have roughly 1900z, a FirstBarrier NCP, and various chips.


[Attatched: ZanzoFolder.dat]
Hmm... while I didn't particularly plan on investing into a FirstBarrier, you seem to be really intent about getting rid of it, so sure, why not?

So 1900Z + that NCP... hmmm, still feels cheap considering that this NCP isn't really strong. The RemoteBit1 on the other hand...

Maybe you could throw a few weak chips you don't need on top of it? I was thinking maybe a shotgun+ a zapring, considering you have multiples of both, and they are low level chips.

Heh, wasn't sure if you'd want the NCP, but if you'll take it, I won't complain. Yeah, tacking on the Shotgun and ZapRing sounds fair. Deal, then?

... I have a feeling that maybe I'm letting you off too easily, but whatever, I need the cash more than that damn chip.


[Attached: Remotebit1]
Ooh, DrillArm1 sounds neat. How about...3500z for it?

-Sabrina Jetto
Well thanks...

[ATTACHED: 1900z, FirstBarrier NCP, Shotgun x1, Zapring1 x1]
Alright, now we just need the trader.

And as for Sabrina... your offer doesn't really cut it. 3500 for a drillarm? This chip is capable of penetrating the gates of heaven itself... not to mention that it's very rare and hard to come by. I'd have expected 5000Z at least.
You know what else can break? Lots of other chips. And the damage, while not bad, can be outclassed by plenty of other chip combos. Sure, it's just one chip instead of two, but it's not exactly the godly chip you're claiming it is. If I want to spend 5000z, I'll go grab something like WideSword from the chip shop. I'll up the offer to 4000z to make things even, but that's it for a DrillArm1. Take it or leave it.

-Sabrina Jetto
Do not refrain from buying that widesword on my account. It deals less damage, and doesn't even penetrate any defenses, nor does it hit multiple times with a single attack... and it's not, you know, kinda rare either. But hey, go ahead.

4800, and if you have any vendor trash chips, I would accept one instead of 600z (bringing the price down to 4200). I really don't think that that's a bad price for a Drillarm...
...Now you're just waaay overrating DrillArm. Based on its description, DrillArm does 120 damage to one enemy, and 60 to another. In that same span, WideSword does 160 damage to three enemies. Both of those are maxes, of course, so they can do less than that if you're not careful. And though DrillArm has all those secondary characteristics, I would like to note that WideSword still has another use after that.

And I wouldn't talk to me about're talking to a girl that once traded a Magnum1 for a WaterLine1, despite Magnum's rareness. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat, since I've found WaterLine more useful. Granted, my Navi's Aqua element, but still.

So, yeah. When I said take it or leave at 4000z, I meant it. Maybe you'll find someone that'll pay that much for it, but it sure isn't going to be me.

...Um, with all that said, would you consider an offer of 2000z for Kunai1? That one sounds kinda neat, too...

-Sabrina Jetto
2200 for the Kunai? Still pretty good price imo.
Yo Sieg, I'd been thinking about what you said, and perhaps you're right. In keeping good ties between us, I'd like to boost my zenny amount to you from 1900 to 2420. Sound good?

You want to give me more money? Not gonna refuse that. Hah, the trade navi working slow worked out in my favor for once.

((Bump to get this deal done.))
((Alright, seriously. This is getting a bit out of hand, no offense. Could someone please finalize this deal? It's been over a week, and with multiple bumps...))
Oops, sorry for the delay, guys. Soryu made me recount every single inventory like a billion times. Anyway, the trade!

Zanzo LOSE/Sieg GET: 2420z, FirstBarrier, Shotgun, Zapring1
Sieg LOSE/Zanzo GET: RemoteBit1

Bam, bam! There we go!
Thanks Linkman, and of course you too Zanzo.

But I've still got a bunch of chips I'm willing to part with, so everyone else, speak up! My prices are fair and my wares are good, so what are you waiting for?

Well, you seem intent on folder destruction. I'm looking for eh, a recovery chip, and it seems that you have a leftover Recover10 right there. May I ask that you sell it for, say, 800z? 1000z is the stock price, so if you're willing...

Also, that FirstBarrier you had just obtained has my interest. Would you be willing to uh, give it up? Just considering. *twiddles thumbs*

- Harke Ezarith
800Z is a feasible price for a Recov10, so consider that deal done.

How much would you give for the FirstBarrier though?