Selling a pair of Shotguns

Hey all, Steve here, with another chip deal.

I've gotten a few spare chips recently, which, normally I'd toss into the chip trader in the hopes of getting something better, but as of right now, I'm in a more pressing needs of funds. So, I'm hawking my two spare Shotgun chips, good chips, just not my style. The need of the zenny takes precedence, so I'm willing to maybe even get rid of them for a loss, so long as I get enough money to get the part I want.

My Navi could really use a couple of guns to fill in his folder. I'll offer you 1500 Zenny for the pair of them. I don't really have much more than that to offer. Will that be acceptable?

-- J.T.
1500 sounds perfect. Thanks a lot!


ATTACHMENT: Shotgun, Shotgun
It does? Awesome! Pleasure doing business with you.

-- J.T.

Attached: 1500 Zenny

Steve LOSES: [Shotgun] Battlechip x2
Steve GAINS: 1500z

J.T. LOSES: 1500z
J.T. GAINS: [Shotgun] Battlechip x2


All RIGHT. Thanks a BUNCH, J.T. and hell, you too, LinkMan.