Seeking Blades's the thing...

My navi is usually the type to attack long distance, but lately, this hasn't been so. I think she'd quite prefer melee chips over her usual items that shoot from quite the range, but RageClaw just won't cut it all the time. Perhaps some good samaritan can do good to trade us a sword, yes?

Well, I have a Sword I don't use much. What would you give up for it?

-Sabrina Jetto
Ah! Good of you to reply! Yes?

Yes indeed it is! I have a set of chips that I wish not to majorly disrupt the flow of, so I'm willing to trade at least one and a set amount of Zenny with. I heard many adore the use of Zap Ring, so may I offer that as well as a set amount of Zenny of your favor? If not you can always choose from my library of chips, but some may I have some restrictions as I deemed them quite useful, yes?

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Yeah...I'm not one of the people that love ZapRing. Actually, lemme rephrase that. My Navi isn't one of the people that love ZapRing. He hates Elec chips, so that's out the window. So let's see what you've got.

Well, there's sort of a problem. Most of the chips I see that I'd be interested in aren't anywhere near Sword in value, at least I think so (basically all your Break chips). But, I'm also interested in one of those Boomerang1, since I could use a Wood chip that, uh, doesn't feel that Wood-like. So, how would my Sword and 800z sound for it?

-Sabrina Jetto
Ah! I see!

The customer is always right, but sadly I've already promised that Boomerang1 Chip to a dear costumer of mine as well as Magbomb1. Though I haven't heard from him in so long, I guess you do take privillage at this point.

But since this is however the case, along with the Sword, I'll have to ask for the absolute value combined with the item and Zenny to lock this deal as the other recipient does have a better offer than yours.

Uh...what? You lost me with that last part. Could you be more clear about that 'absolute value' and stuff?

-Sabrina Jetto

Undershort circumstances, the 800 Zenny and the Sword will do nicely, Yes?

[Attatched: Boomerang1]
Works for me.

-Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: Sword battlechip, 800z
Argle... let's get this over with.


Shadowess LOSE: Boomerang1. GET: Sword, 800z.
Sabrina LOSE: Sword, 800z. GET: Boomerang1.

Have a nice day.
Your services are well appreciated Linkman, as well as valued customer, yes? Although I must say this was more of a bargain for you, but nevertheless, I am satisfied.

Until we have any future business, but knowing my reputation, let's hope not!

Yo you have a PickPocket Chip! I was wondering if you'd sell for 500z. Thanks!

PickPockett? That useless chip?

I have had it for quite a while. It has become defective and I really don't care for chips that are no use for me. It isn't even fit for my NetNavi.

I'll trade it for 510 Zenny. Those little values will greatly help my cause if you don't mind.

[Attached: PickPocket1]
It's defective? What? Ah well whatever, maybe I can fix it or something.


[attached: 510z]
What? That thing? Hm... weird, you should've just put it in the chip trader. Which is a neat thing we put right next to the store! Try it out sometime!

Shadowess LOSE: PickPocket1. GET: 510z.
Des LOSE: 510z. GET: PickPocket1.

Have a nice day.

Ah! I shall remember that next time when I have s faulty chip! Thank you very much Linkman!