Chad's Chip Purchasing Corner

Will purchase any chip you want to get rid of, with prices as shown below:

Cannon: 500
RageClaw: 600
Recovery10: 400
Shotgun: 600
Sword: 1200
HeatShot: 700
MiniBomb: 350
EnergyBomb: 400
Vulcan1: 400
Thunder: 900

All prices are negotiable, and I will always purchase one of your chips for the displayed price -guaranteed- so long as I have the money.
Oh wow, someone that would actually by the HeatShot chips I have that do nothing for me but take up space. I have four of them, so how many can I interest you in?

-Sabrina Jetto
The price is a promise, therefore I will accept all 4 for 2000 and a minor chip from my collection, say a cactball1?

Unfortunately, I do not have enough on me to purchase all the ones that you have on you with pure zenny.

If this isn't alright with you, then the best I can do at the moment is 2075 for 3.
Not really into CactBall...make it a MiniBomb and 2075z and it's a deal for all 4. Otherwise, the latter works, and I'll remove the data for one of the HeatShot.

-Sabrina Jetto
Attachment: HeatShot Battlechip data x 4
Done and Done

Attached: 2075z, MiniBomb
i have about 3 rageclaws that take up a little space, but i'm willing to sell two for 1200z.

*nikko.exe just met a new navi!*
Unfortunately, I am currently tapped out of my ability to buy things, however, if you come back in a week I should be able to help you.

alright then.
Alright! It's about time someone besides Shigeru used the Trading BBS...

Heatshot x4 -------> Chad
2075z, Minibomb ----------> Sabrina

There. Done. Enjoy your four Heatshots.
I now have recieved an infusion of capital. The auto-buy service is back up, for now. Sell while I still have money to give you.
two rageclaws for 1200z.

Attached: 1200z
good, here you go, hopefuly they will be better in your hands.

Timmy... Timmy... why does that name ring a bell?
Oh. Right. You're one of the recent traders. Selling chips now, are we? It's a crying shame. Almost.

Rageclaw x2-----------> Chad

At least someone realizes the value of battlechips... then again, you're selling them, too. *Sigh* Will the madness ever end?
Updated list:

Cannon: 475
RageClaw: 450
Recovery10: 400
Shotgun: 600
Sword: 1200
HeatShot: 725
MiniBomb: 350
EnergyBomb: 400
Vulcan1: 400
Thunder: 900
WideSword: 2000
Hi-Cannon: 1700
MarkCannon1: 1300
Guard1: 250
Guard2: 350
Cactball1: 600
ElementalSwords: Give an Offer
(DISREGARD THIS POST! it was a mistake on my part)

Preferred customer credit

For ever exchange you make, you now will gain 200z credit with me. Money that you can borrow and pay back as you wish. The service is retroactive, so anyone who has sold to me in the past or purchased my goods now automaticly has credit.

Remember, buy more and your credit increases.

***only available while money lasts.
Selling 1 Rageclaw Battlechip. Any price is acceptable.

300 then?



-Rageclaw (1)