The Great Trade Thread!

Okay, since I have a feeling I'm going to have chips I want to get rid of on a more regular basis from here on out, I'm going to put up a list of all the chips I want gone in this thread. However, I want a full folder at all times, so if my chip total gets down to 30, I won't accept any trades/sales until that number goes up. Got it? Good. Now, here's what I'd be willing to part with, among chips I have right now:

-Cannon x 4
-Recover10 x 3

Interested in one of the above chips? Then make an offer, duh.

-Sabrina Jetto
If you wish to debate any of the prices, feel free. All are negotiable.

Cannon: 500
Recovery10: 400
MiniBomb: 350
EnergyBomb: 400
Vulcan1: 400

How much money do you want for the DBLBeam and the Magbolt1? i'll offer 4200z for both.
Hey, Sabrina. You'll know me pretty easily, as I am currently obviously using my holo-screen as a keyboard to type this out.

Either way, how much do you want for that Energybomb? Binary and I could use a simple damage-dealer like that, plus you can't get any off viruses. I'll pay, maybe 500 for it?

-Brought to you by the guy standing right beside you-

-1001.EXE is saying hi-
Timmy, your offer's fine. Chris, for a couple of reasons, I'll make a one-time exception to my 'no less than 30 chips' rule, and sell you the EnergyBomb for 500z.

-Sabrina Jetto
Attachments: MagBolt1 battlechip data, DBLBeam battlechip data, EnergyBomb battlechip data
thank you. here's your zenny.

(i call bump on this, can we get this trade finished now? please?)
Gah, how boring...

Sabrina GET: 4200 zenny
Timmy GET: Magbolt1, DBLBeam
ummm....Persephone, i don't get the energybomb, it was for someone else.'s the energybomb back.

*Energybomb data returned*

Damn idiots, attaching everything at once.
<Energybomb stuck back up for trade with Chris>

Sorry, almost forgot about this.

Attached: 500 zenny.

-Chris Lemrock-
(slight bump for the gigantic trade of EnergyBomb for 500z!)
<(5-day or so bump. Energybomb to me, 500 zenny to Cereal)>
What is WRONG with you people, forcing me to work on my day off...

500 zenny ===>Jetto
Energybomb ===>Chris
Oh. If it were your day off, I might not have forced you to commence the trade. Thanks anyway.

Emphasis on "might."

-Chris Lemrock-
Humm...I would like to purchase two of your recovery10 chips. Since I am in a good mood today, I would like to propose 1000 zenny rather than the original price of 800. Sound fair?

Well, as of now, I'm only willing to part with chips if I've got more than 30 of them. Right now, I've got exactly 30 of them. So for now, I've gotta pass on your offer. Sorry.

-Sabrina Jetto
Up to 31 now, so here's an updated list! And I also now have another good chip I'm willing to deal, so make those offers!

-Cannon x 4
-Recover10 x 3


-Sabrina Jetto
Trading off that ElecReel you just got in that last fight?


I'll pay as much as you want for it; I'm pretty flush when it comes to zenny.

Oh, and if its chips you want, I'm afraid I have no Aqua chips, but I'll attach my chip folder anyway.

Attached: Zenny Balance + Chip Folder

-Chris Lemrock-

-Binary.EXE is unavailable for comment-

Heh, never expected you to be interested in that ElecReel, Chris. (/sarcasm) Let's see...ElecReel1's a dang good chip if you can get over the whole 'can rip your Navi apart from sheer power' thing. I sold a DBLBeam and MagBolt1 earlier for 4200z...and considering their combined effects, that sounds about right for ElecReel to me. Is 4000z all right? Of course, I'll take more if you want. (wink, wink)

-Sabrina Jetto