Selling Aquaneedle1

Right, I'm in need of a bit of cash, and since Pianissimo's a bit busy at the moment, I can't earn it the way I usually do. So I'm selling this extra Aquaneedle chip that I don't have too much use for. What say...1200z? I'm not entirely sure what the running price on these things is.
~Duke Rigel
Sure, I'll buy it. The more chips I have, the more chances I have to type trump opponents.

Edit: Sorry. I'm actually going to wait on this one. Kinda low on cash.

Well, since Shigeru decided to pass on it, I'll take you up on this offer. It's a chip I don't have, and it has Aqua in its name. That's all I need to know!

-Sabrina Jetto
Attachment: 1200z
Wow, easy to please, aren't you? Well, okay. Also, I'm almost glad Shigeru backed out. I hear his name is mud with Persephone these days.
~Duke Rigel
Attached: Aquaneedle1
What the ####. I'm getting more customers than Soryu. Just my ####### luck... OK OK, I'll get on with it.

Sabrina gets: 1x AquaNeedle1 chip.
Duke gets: 1200 zenny.

Oh, I've got another trade waiting. OH ####, IT'S SHIGERU! Take care now, bye bye then!