Hal Belfast and Teethman.EXE

Name: Hal Belfast
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Appearance: Hal's appearance is still remarkably similar to his appearance 7 years ago: his brown hair is still typically messy and uncombed, and his skin is still the same light tan as before. His eyes, though sharper now than at his young age, still have the same cheerful look to them and the same pale blue color. The most notable difference in his face, though, is the lack of the huge corrective dental device that used to inhabit it: now, Hal has a stunningly impressive smile and a face that has contributed to his image as a posterboy for the company. A bit surprisingly, his wardrobe is much the same as well. He still wears a red tie a bit too large for him and an untucked white dress shirt, though this one is tailor made and actually fits him, along with khaki pants that fit well thanks to a belt he now wears, but are still anything but tight. In addition, he wears more expensive looking red and white sneakers.

When required to dress up (as his job sometimes requires), he typically wears an overly flamboyant white suit with a black undershirt. He also typically wears white gloves and dark, shined shoes, mostly for appearance. His combed over hair gives him a much different look.

Personality: When he was 15, Hal experienced the lost of his only major parental figure, his grandfather. In his grandfather's will, Hal inherited his company and nearly all of his assets. This is how he became the head of Belfast Avatars. Despite the complaints of company executives, Hal was determined that he was the only one capable of running the show and decided to do it himelf. Thus, he discarded his Netbattling life and studied for three years non-stop, learning how to run the corporation. At the age of 18, he has rejoined the Netbattling scene for his own purposes, as well as to promote his company's image.
Hal's personality seems very much the same as it was seven years as well: rather than being an 11 year old too mature for his age, he is now an 18 year old too young for his age. Though he is constantly forced to answer his work phone and attened much-despised conferences and meetings, outside of the office Hal is still as optimistic and cheerful as ever. He has become much more confident speaking with women, though, and he is a bit less naive than he used to be. He can still be uncharacteristically dense, though, and still emphatically sticks to all of his beliefs. He is also a huge fanboy of the same cartoons and games he enjoyed as a kid, and concerning Netbattling in general.

PET Modifications: As one of the major sources of advertising for Belfast Avatars, Hal's PET uses all of their fanciest updates in technology, mostly concerning comfortable gribs and durable frames. Other than that, he actually has his modified to use the old wire link, which he never grew out of. It's a very polished PET with Belfast Avatars in red cursive on the front, the company logo.


Name: Teethman.EXE (officially Teethman2.0, but never goes by it)
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: N/A


Teethman's appearance was remodeled by Hal after some other higher-ups in Belfast Avatars suggested that the original design might not accurately reflect the company's purposes, being seen as "comical" or "childish." Hal agreed, saying his old design was still buggy as a result of his old work. Thus came the new and improved(?) design, which unfortunately doesn't seem to have quelled the official opinion of Hal's peers.
Teethman's new design sports a metal, blocky helmet similar to his old one, with more thick, defined teeth in front of his blue face, with no eyes and only a mouth. His torso armor, one of the biggest changes, is sea blue and bears his Navi emblem, a black, zig-zagging line across an orange backdrop, in the center with a silver frame. Between this shoulder-blade area and his belt, the same sea blue as his chest armor, are two rows of teeth-like light panels, which randomly light up from time to time. The section can open to reveal a thin connecting part between his shoulders and waist. His shoulders are each covered by a shoulderpad modeled after a row of teeth. His arms extend from dark-blue ball joints beneath these shoulderpads, going into metallic arms that end in linked rows of three plastic-textured teeth. His legs actually seem more human-like, with a dark blue navi suit the same color as the shoulder joints. They run into huge sea-blue metal boots, the same color as the rest of his armor. A strange pack is visible on his back, though it has no obvious purpose.

Personality: Teethman doesn't seem to have changed much at all since we last saw him. He still has his strange broken speech and feedback-meshed voice that Hal originally programmed him with-- the company suggested it was in the interest of their pursuits, since people would recognize Teethman from earlier events in which he saved the world mostly by virtue of his unique voice anyway. So far as his personality goes, he remains more naive than his operator, extrememly loyal and characteristically dense, though within his mind he often seems to know more than he lets on. Nearly all of his beliefs are influenced by Hal's own beliefs. Teethman feels marginally uncomfortable around women, and tends to become confused. He becomes depressed sometimes when Hal has to take time off to do his work, but he understands and normally leaves his operator alone.

Custom Weapon: Tooth Puller- launches one of the three-tooth links of his arms at the opponent. Can fire all 3 with charged shot (stays connected, counting as one hit).

Signature Attack: Sparkling Whites- Teethman detaches the links that compose his arms, causing them to float seperate of him and each fire a laser beam at one specific point at once before returning. 60 damage, non divisible, 3 turn cooldown.

As for legacy items, can I keep the same old? >>; Shield and two vouchers?

As a small request, also, I believe I should have recieved 1000 zenny from participating in Albel's training thread with PassionMan, right? Since I never even added that to my account, can I retain that here? ^^; No problem if I can't, just curious.
The new Teethman design is rather awesome. Nothing seems wrong to me, though I am not sure about your Legacy/zenny requests. Hmmm...Perhaps Rayth can kidnap Hal and hold him ransom. And then Area/Divinity run in to save him and...yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, just wait for one of those official types to run on by.
Sanction, and the chap of incisors proceeds![/teeth speak]

I'm just no good at it...