Selling some chips.

i need to sell some of my battlechips so that i can have the money to buy some upgrades in the future, anyways, anything is up for grabs EXCEPT my sword battlechip unless you are willing to buy it from me for what it's worth.

attached:chip folder.dat
I'll buy your Guard1 for 300 Zenny.

Hmm... here is a list of the prices I am willing to pay for any given one of your chips:


Obviously I want some more than others, but I am not in any great need of chips at the moment (hense the prices).
All amounts are negotiable, however it is my base-line.
hmmm....i'm not selling my guard1 anytime soon, it's saved me big time a few times. also....for you who listed those prices......i am no fool, unless you added chips to your prices i would NEVER sell them for so little. anyways, i am not selling my recovery chips, my markcannon1, just yet, my guard1 and my sword, everything else is fair game.
I did say prices were negotiable, but again, I am in no desperate need to by anything you have. If you don't want to sell at the admittedly low prices I offered, that is fine. Mostly was there in case you happened to not want any of the chips or need money fairly badly.
Oh sorry, I was thrown off by you saying anything was up for grabs, save the sword. Apparently, you meant more than that. And by the way, Guard1's are so common, they are only worth like 200 Zenny, but I've had some bad luck with them, so I was willing to take a loss. Oh well.