I need cash.

I need some money to buy chips. I'm willing to practically trade away any chip for money at a reasonable price, but there is one chip I need to get rid of specifically. My RageClaw chip. My Navi dislikes this chip greatly and we want to just buy a better one. Don't think this means I'll trade. I will just buy a chip. What are RageClaws worth lately?

- A. Darkholme -

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Hahahaha!! A knight can't be too careful with his weapons!! There can be a time for mistakes, hence, losing your precious weapons!! I would like to purchase that claw of yours!!

what he saed, exceot the whoiel thing about careful thing and stuff

Trade Proposal:
700z <===> RageClaw x1

700 zenny... That'll do and I have no ideas about the current price of this chip. My Navi dislikes it and I need to get rid of it. 700 zenny it is.
And let the one who wrote as second get some grammar lessons, it'll do him or her well.

- A. Darkholme -

A fine deal!! Also, I'll my best to fix my operator's grammar skills!


Attachment: ZennyBalance [700[s]z[/s]]

Another trade with KoF&T today, they're busy. And with a family member. It can't get any better...

A. Darkholme receives 700 zenny
KoF&T receive 1x RageClaw.CHP

Enjoy your new items, fellow NetBattlers.