Massive group for a mission.

Hey man, whatever. I don't believe in that fate crap that most people believe in, and if someone doesn't believe in it. It doesn't happen Mr. Anon, not like fate will just change what's already going to happen. I can't tip the scales in my favor so that later on in life because of fate something magically happens. Hard work and determination dude, thats the only way to live in this world.
I have received an update:

1. To answer your question Bones, it would seem that this mission is being counted as an official request and, as such, you should all be receiving GMOs for your participation. Granted, if some of you do not wish another GMO, then I am sure that some other form of compensation can be awarded.

2. This may not be some simple meet and greet after all. I have been informed that the analysis program, while quite sophisticated, has been known to glitch from time to time. If it is buggy and becomes hostile, we have been authorized to delete it with impunity.

~ Det. Espial
Well, whatever it is, I think it's about time to start putting this together. The netsquare seems like the best meeting place, so how about we meet there. I'll send Pianissimo over as soon as he can get out of Yumland.

~Duke Rigel
sounds like a good idea. i'll send my navi out as soon as i get what i am paying for.

what my net-op said.
Blah, I'm stuck in a shop until Suitachi gives me my stuff.
I'm shopping for some subchips afterwards, so I might take a while, or not, depends. I'll send my navi down later.
-Fujiwara Shin

Nice to meet you all!
"I'll be there, but I might be a bit late. I'm stuck on a few peices of coding on my latest processor upgrade, and it requires my computer's full resources to figure out what I'm messing up. As soon as I get it all squared away, I'll be able to join you guys."

I'm ready anytime you guys are ready boys and girls, just taking a break while you punks get your last minute gift shopping done.
--Bones "Bo" Pasimontito--

Sounds good, a little R&R before the war is best for a soldier.
Also, I'll be in SciLabs if any of you want to meet up there for the duration of this. Look for my portable shelter, it looks like a blue box...thing. I'll probably be in or near it.

~Duke Rigel
If I may, I shall draw up a roster for you all.

    [li]Duke Rigel & Pianimissimo.exe
    [li]Area Darkholme & Divinity.exe
    [li]Anonymous & Crimson_Royale.exe
    [li]Fujiwara Shin & Red_Riding_Hood.exe
    [li]Sieg & Valkyrie.exe
    [li]Polonius Carbodium & DNR.exe
    [li]Timmy & Nikko.exe
    [li]Zan Espial & Runeknight.exe
    [li]Bones "Bo" Pasimontito & American.exe
    [li]KoF&T & His_navi.exe
    [li]Steve & Druidman.exe
  • Winnicot and Edgar.exe
Notify me if I missed anyone, or if some of you got new navis in the last week.
-Fujiwara Shin