Research for the Netpolice

Hey, everyone. My name's Shigeru Yamada, and my navi is Volt. We're on the Sharo Recon team, and I was wondering if any of the other navis' operators participating in this mission would like to meet up.
I'll be outside Suitachi's Navicustomizer Shop in Scilabs, wearing a black sweatshirt with a lightning bolt on it.
I'm looking forward to meeting any of you who decide to show up! Just please give me a little warning here beforehand, so I know who to look for!
See you there! Er... here!


(Thread name is "In Scilabs")
The name's Rigel, Pianissimo's operator.

I'm already over there somewhere. Look for the guy in mostly blue with a cape and slicked back silver hair.

-Duke Rigel
Hey, this is the netop of that navi with the glasses/shades in Sharo. I wanted to check and make sure that that Stryder navi is fine. My navi was a bit worried, so I want to assure him that no permenant damage occured.

"Hey, I'm in Scilabs too! Too bad my navi is on the Netfrica squad. How are you guys doing over there?"

You know what?
I'll give you one word that is possibly plural for all of our situations.
That is all.
<shows video feed of current battle>

<Red_Riding_Hood.exe is currently engaged in battle>
Oh... my... god...
So you mean... we're going up against a Cybeast?
We'd better get some good strategies...


Cybeast? Psh. I'll take it on.



I suspected as much.

And if they're in the same areas as last time, our group'll be up against Squalo. I saw Squalo last time, back when I operated Swing. He had recently finished battling Drauchen. But we still saw Squalo and the three battling him.

He's anything but a pushover. I'll need to work on a few strategies myself.
I wish for good fortune on your battles, and that we may all survive against these monstrous entities.
Squalo? Is that what this shark is called? It sounds right...

But yeah. We all need to band together or we're royally f***ed. Teams banding together!