Road to Adventure

((From Chauliac Memorial Hospital))

A red-tinged beam of energy rocketed down from the ceiling and crashed down to the floor before disappearing, leaving behind the motorcycle-themed Navi in its place. RiderMan's visor glowed a healthy green from inside his helmet-shaped head, and his engine purred smoothly as he stood on two wheel-shaped feet. He began to roll forward, and skated amongst the crowd, deftly weaving through the groups of Navis and other associated programs as he moved in towards the central hub. He planned to head there first, then find a "directory" to explain the different networks to Chuck.
With a haphazard slapping on the side of a wall, Honoo dusted her hands as she finished putting up the last advertising poster for the Crimson Blossom Inn on the Netsquare. "There's the last one, now I guess I can take a break until Kiri comes back..." She said to herself as she stepped back to admire her "handiwork". Satisfied, she brought her tools and the bucket used to carry the "glue" to paste the posters up to a nearby washing area. While cleaning her tools, she glanced around the netsquare, observing the hustle and bustle of the netsquare from the many navigators that occupied the space. It wasn't long before she noticed a commotion in the distance. She heard a few gasps and yelling going on in the distance, and wondered what the noise was about.

It wasn't long before she found out exactly what the commotion was, as a Navigator suddenly on what looked like a pair of skates suddenly whizzed past her just as she was about to leave. Caught by surprise, Honoo lost her footing as she started falling backwards. She flailed her arms wildly in a desperate bid to maintain her footing but it was too late, and almost like a scene from a comedy show, she found herself crashing to the ground. The bucket she had been using to store the glue that was used to paste up the posters ended up landing on her head while her brush-like tools clattered all over.
((From Yoka>Riverrun Rapids))

A bolt of red lanced down onto the portal from Yoka, reforming into a red armored navi as it hit the ground. Delta stepped off the platform and started walking towards the location of the mission BBS.

Partway to his destination however, a fast moving navigator bolted past another navi, knocking her over. Delta immediately started sprinting towards the other navi's. "Hey! Watch where you're going!" However, he broke off his pursuit of the fast moving navi to check on the one who had been knocked down. "Miss, are you alright?"
As RiderMan made his way amongst the crowd, he apparently had been cutting it too close with some of the network denizens, as a few reacted with gasps and yells of surprise as he passed by. RiderMan didn't run into anyone, and he wasn't trying to make a scene, but after spooking another Navi into falling and scattering her poster-placing implements on the floor, he indeed made quite a mess. He slid to a stop with a few light chirps of his rubber-like tires on the network floor, then reversed course to reach the fallen Navi.

As he approached, another Navi came to the bucket-headed one's aide as well. "Oh, my sincerest apologies! I guess I was a bit excited; are you okay?" he called out as he continued to roll in a walking pace to the Navi. He saw the myriad of brushes strewn about, so he took the opportunity to reach down and scoop them up along the way.
Delta pulled the bucket off the other navi's head, before turning to RiderMan. "My apologies. For a moment there, it looked like you weren't going to turn around."

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Lifting the bucket over her head, Honoo glared at the Navigator that had just barely crashed into her, but was interrupted by another Navi who suddenly appeared in front of her to render assistance. "No, it's... fine. Just my pride's wounded, that's all." She replied to him as she lifted herself up, dusting herself off in the process. The navi who had been weaving and dodging had apparently taken pause, and turned around to apologize about his behaviour. Honoo simply scowled at him as she started picking up the tools littered all over the place.

"Yes, well, watch where you're going the next time, would you? What are you in such a hurry for anyway?" She inquired as she returned the smaller tool implements back into the bucket.
Thankfully the fallen Navi wasn't injured, though she was expectedly agitated by the event. After RiderMan picked up the brushes that were in his path to the Navi, he rolled to a stop a few feet in front of her as she stood up. During the last rotation of his wheeled feet, the slats that made up said wheels folded outwards and shifted positions to form makeshift "feet" for him to stand on.

"I'm terribly sorry for that, I'll be more careful next time," RiderMan apologized before he handed whatever brushes he had, handle-first, to the Navi. His slat-shaped fingers were careful to not get any glue on them from the bristles, though a few specs of the adhesive would be easily removed. After handing the tools off, he checked his right hand to make sure it was clear of glue residue before he extended it to her, if she still had a free hand even after picking up her bucket. "I'm RiderMan.EXE, is there anything I could do to make it up to you, miss? I was just on my way to pick out a network to go busting, but that can wait."

If she accepted his handshake, he'd give her a confidently firm shake then extend the same to the other Navi who went to the woman's aid.
Delta is interrupted in his efforts to help clean up by Henry's voice, "Delta, I'm going to run down to scilabs and grab some upgrades, alright? I'll be back in a bit."

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"I'd accept the handshake but I'm afraid I'll accidentally break your arms in the process, no offense," Honoo replied to the Navi who introduced himself as Riderman, while raising her gauntlet hands to accentuate the fact that her hands weren't exactly the most delicate. Her interest, however, was piqued when the navi mentioned the word busting. Though she was still annoyed at the fall earlier, she thought that perhaps a busting partner would allow her to make further progress in her training later.

"Busting, you say? Where would you happen to be heading to for this?"
Delta.exe does accept Riderman's handshake, as Honoo asks about the other navi's intended location for hunting.

"I was just doing that, actually. Are you looking for something in particular?"
RiderMan took the rejection from the female Navi with stride, her heavy gauntlets did look substantial. His own hands were deceptively strong, but he was fine with erring on the side of caution. "None taken, miss." he nodded energetically before shaking the other Navi's hand. Though neither of the two introduced themselves, RiderMan assumed the helmeted one was "Delta," from overhearing his NetOp.

Thankfully the woman's focus was grabbed by the prospect of busting, same for Delta. RiderMan put his slatted hands on his hips confidently before he replied. "Charles and I hadn't yet picked out an area, but we've been to BeachNet and NetopiaNet so far, so we haven't ventured out very often. Regardless, we're looking for adventure and evil-doers to vanquish, and always happy to team up with like-minded comrades!" he declared and flashed a 'thumbs up' in a non-sarcastically cliched manner.

"As long as there's some room to stretch my legs, Charles and I will go anywhere!" he then concluded with an energetic revving of his engine with a two-beat howl that rumbled through his twin exhaust pipes.
Delta shrugs, and offers a suggestion, "We might want to consider Dentech or Netopia then, if neither of you have any preference for area."
Honoo nodded in approval to Riderman's enthusiasm to keeping himself active and dedication to self-improvement. She still disapproved of his rather reckless way of navigating through pedestrians, but perhaps he would learn to keep the safety of others in mind in the future, and that was enough to assuage her rage regarding the incident. "Both of those locations sound good for training," She added, before suddenly realizing what Riderman had just exactly said, "...Though I must admit, I am somewhat wary of travelling around Beachnet."

RiderMan listened to the two make their inputs, and it sounded like Dentech was the most enticing suggestion. "I know what you mean! Last time we were in BeachNet we went up against a bandit hijacking a beach patrol officer, and trying to steal from a crime boss who was just lounging around on her yacht. It was quite the adventure for our first time on the net," RiderMan commented in response to the woman's wariness to visit the BeachNet, though a moment or two afterwards he realized it might've been due to her fire affinity, and how prevalent aqua viruses likely were in the area.

"DenTech sounds like a plan, how about we go there? Sound good to you, Charles?" RiderMan exclaimed before looking skyward, towards Chuck's point of view from the PET's display. ["Oh, sure."] he responded absentmindedly, shaken out of his little trance and reminded that this wasn't a movie or a TV show. RiderMan nodded in acknowledgement then looked to his two new comrades. "We're ready when you are!"

If the other two were ready to go, he'd start to make his way towards the closest Dentech portal, though much more slowly and carefully this time. He didn't want to leave his group behind, or cause another "incident."

Delta looked fascinated at the mention of bandits and yachts, but then shrugged and said "Dentech it is. I may check Beachnet out later on though. It sounds like an interesting place."

Delta is ready to go, and will follow RiderMan to the nearest portal.
It wasn't long after Riderman chose to head towards Dentech that Kiri returned. "I'm back, Honoo. I hope you weren't too bored while we were gone?" The operator chimed in. Honoo shrugged and looked at her with a wolfish grin, causing Kiri to put on somewhat of a worried look on her face. " didn't cause any trouble, did you?" Kiri asked warily.

"Quite the opposite, really... someone nearly bumped into me, things happened, and we're going on a busting run together somehow." Honoo responded with a cheeky expression on her face. Kiri simply sighed and shook her head. "So we'll be busting then? I suppose more training wouldn't hurt you... Which area in particular?"

"Dentech." Honoo answered, as she began walking towards the portal to that area together with the Navi named Delta and Riderman.
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